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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY)– The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Officer says Ryan Scott Ellis is in a world of trouble.

Deputies say they wanted to talk with him after a woman called 911 claiming he had choked her twice.

Ellis led police on a high speed chase, at one point driving 100 in a 55 mile per hour zone.

Deputies said they had to taze the man and kick in his car window, which left the deputy with six stitches in his leg.

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  • ryan ellis

    to every one that dose drive those roads every day i am extreemly sorry to you all. no one knows me the real me all you see is that i am some raged criminal witch i did pay my dept to socity. i was mentaly unstable and intoxicated to the point my brain had shut off.witch is not an excuse it is just to let every one know. all i ask is for u to prey for me to get better and to live my life of sobrity. the reson i wanted it on my facebook was for my family and friends that wonderd where i was know what i had done it wasent for cool point in any way. also putting my hands on a woman is not something i would do in any right state of mind the woman that it was has found it to forgive me and i have to live with what i have done for the rest of my life. thank you all for your comments

  • Guest, just another

    Deputies said they had to taze the man and kick in his car window? More like GOT to! Hell yeah! He deserved it!
    My family drives on those roads, 100mph one direction against a family traveling 55 in the other equals no survivors.

  • guesty

    The way it would work is he would walk away from the crash unhurt and an innocent family would be dead. Criminals are like roaches and really hard to kill.

  • Seriously

    Omg the ones u wouldn’t think that would do such things or the ones that do I never thought he would put his hands on a women he’s a sweet person would have never imagined this its wrong to blast him on Facebook this way though !!

  • Guest04

    As someone who personally knows Ryan Ellis I just want to say…This is a case of how alcohol can turn the best person into a monster.

  • Guest12

    Seriously he blasted himself considering he asked for it to be posted there. Must be nice to get drunk and show your ass and be proud of your actions. Just saying.


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