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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County teenager is behind bars, facing sex charges for the statutory rape of another teen, according to the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office.

Joshua Gomez Albarran, 18, of Supply, is charged with statutory rape and indecent liberties with a child.

A spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office says the crimes happened with a 13-year-old girl, between the dates of January 1 and July 16.

Albarran is currently in the Brunswick County Jail under $101,000 secured bond.

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  • A citizen

    It’s statutory rape NOT aggravated.. Be realistic 13 year-old children are having sex and some become pregnant by 15. Their probably were in a relationship.

  • Guy

    Oh No, think of the girl! Even know she made the decision to have sex like nobody ever told her not too she must be scared for life. A 13 year old doesn’t know that of decision making! lmao this is stupid. She knew what she was doing, at 13 you know what you are going when you open your legs there will be no scaring for life there will be no ended lives except for the young man if he is convicted. They made the decision, he broke the law yes he deserves jail time but not much.

    Her parents should have either thought her better or she should have known better.

  • Thats Life

    I don’t think you aware of the part of the country you are speaking of. This is the rural south, as in back woods, cut off shorts and heavy dialects. Nothing’s changed here in a couple of hundred years. Many of these girls great grandmothers were married at 14 and 15 and raised families. It doesn’t excuse what happened but you don’t know this area and you are being highly theatrical.

  • breanna

    I know josh and I know he wouldn’t do something dumb like this he didn’t rape her she wanted it 13 year old little girls are having sex yeah that’s how bad the world is getting wish that little girl would stop telling lies and keep her legs closed.

  • CapeFearFIRE

    “The girl wanted it” ?!?! A 13 year old?!?! What type of comment is that?!?! Where was the judgement of this 18 year old? What was he even doing with a 13 year old?

  • Guest45678

    Imagine how this effect this girl. Even if she was willing he was a man she was still a child.
    How do you thinkthis girl will look at her self every day. She probably already feels used.
    And again if they was friends.he should have cared enough to wait for her. I have three daughters and I promise if anyone comes near or even touches my daughters wrong. The guy or boy will never see the light of day again.
    So sad that we have more sick people in this world then honest and caring.

  • Guest4567

    This is what happens when parents lack parenting skills. This girl will have this forever in her mind of use and abuse regarding if she was willing

  • Guest6789

    Wow! I can’t believe how many on here have already condemned the guy. Girls are evil too you know. Until the whole truth comes out none of us know what really happened. How about ask where the parents were of these two people? How about ask why there is such a long length of time in between? January 1st through July 16th??? Sounds to me like these two people had a relationship. Bet you $10.00 the parents KNEW. Now the young girl is knocked up and the parents are pissed. So guess what we go down and talk to the magistrate and file statutory rape on the situation. Guess who is going to pay for the baby? US!!!!! As far as morals, are you kidding?? The pubic school system has taken everything away from parents. I send my children to school for 6 hours a day. Can any of you say you have gone there and just watched what is going on? I am not saying that it is the schools fault. Just saying things have changed and these kids are starting things way to fast. Being a parent and a kid doesn’t come with a manual. The day and time we all live in is in a sad situation. When, the adults are acting without morals the kids will follow.

  • NIknik

    Josh isn’t like that. Josh and I are bestfriends and he wouldn’t do this. I know he wouldn’t so don’t talk bad things about him if you don’t know him. Thanks

  • PublicAvenger

    This young man just destroyed the life of a 13 year old girl. That could have been my precious daughter. He should be killed. But he needs to do, at least, several years in prison.

  • Sue

    I feel sorry for the young man having to go to jail at such a young age. The story does not tell you that this was a consensual relationship. It does not tell you that this young man may be in prison for a long time and when he gets out he will need to sign up as a sex offender maybe for life. This story does not tell you how often this happens across the USA. Young man (boys) still in High School most of the time. Having girlfriends having sex. Now since Jan of 1995 and Jan 1997 this law Statutory Rape is a serious crime a felony. Statutory Rape charge does not take in consideration if it was consensual sex or if the girl lies about her age. It does not take in to consideration that the girl has false ID making her age a lie. Not known by her male counter part. This Statutory Rape charges are causing a lot us tax payers lots of money. Having innocent people in jail. Then being released as a sex offender having trouble going to college finding a job. These young boys lives are now ruined. And for what being teenagers having sex! I would love to see Statutory Rape taken off the laws. You all take a look at the definition of Statutory Rape and you decide if teens having sex if this is a crime punishable by Law

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