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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The North Carolina Department of Commerce is launching a website it says will help employers and people looking for a job.
The site at www.ncworks.gov will pull jobs from thousands of websites and can send text and email alerts to people when new jobs matching their skills are posted.
For employers, the site will provide real-time labor market information that the agency says will help them make competitive offers to the most talented people.
The agency says the new website will save the state $2 million a year as it consolidates eight different information systems into one.
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  • Vog46

    and a technological leap.
    The problem we need 465,000 job openings to eliminate unemployment.
    They’re not here now, and won’t be in the immediate future and so long as state governments are playing “Pay to Play” by offering incentives, Gov McLiar would do well NOT to play along.

    We shall see if the new “business climate” ranking helps but THAT has been low before……….



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