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Board says Common Core leaves more questions than answers


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The beginning of the school year is just weeks away, but the New Hanover County school board is already questioning the new Common Core curriculum and how it will impact your child.

"I've had concern expressed to me that it is watering down the curriculum and that we're lowering the bar instead of raising the bar,” said Don Hayes, Chairman of the New Hanover County board of education,” said Don Hayes, Chairman of the New Hanover County Board of Education.

Following the lead of Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, Hayes asked for a resolution to pause curriculum changes at Tuesday’s board meeting.

"To me there's a concern about testing; there's a concern now that there's too much testing going on," Hayes said. "There's concern about the expense associated with Common Core as there are hundreds of millions of dollars that could possibly be spent. There's just so many things that we don't have answers for."

While board members across the state continue to question Common Core teachers say the best answer is on display in the classroom.

"It is about emphasizing skills that are workplace ready, college ready life skills that mean that my kid or the kids that are in my classroom are going to have a more likely access to success in the workplace later,” said Laura Hunter.

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I don't take issue with the

I don't take issue with the state trying to raise the academic standards of our school. Heaven knows we need it. I do take issue with the likelihood that they go back to keeping all students on the same level in order to maintain this standard at least until the educators figure it all out. That means that students who are capable of advanced work are going to be held back and not given the opportunity to reach their potential. North Carolina is making an idiotic move of implementing it all at once, rather than phasing it in and allowing the students already in the system to adapt to the changes. They are setting it up for failure before it even gets started.

I wonder if this changes the "pathways" that high school students are required to follow. My daughter took Vocal Choir I the first semester of her freshman year. She signed up for Vocal Choir II in the second semester and was put into Theater I instead. As a result they put her in the performing arts pathway. She had no interest in performing arts. Her interest in Vocal Choir was to learn how to control her singing voice. She is going to be a nurse. She hates speaking in front of a group of people. She kept at the guidance counselors and they finally changed her pathway in her senior year. I'm all for having classes geared toward what the student plans to study in college, but forcing a pathway for the sake of having a pathway is not productive. As long as the student meets the academic requirements for graduation, it shouldn't matter if they followed the "career" pathway.

I think Hayes is correct

NY's testing results show a few problems:

Perhaps we should wait:


Why wait? The old standards

Why wait? The old standards were so low it was pathetic. We need to start preparing these kids for a successful life as opposed to pushing them through the system and straight into a fast food service job.

Why wait?

Because the NY test results indicate he program may not work and it's the first large scale testing of this program.
Instituting it now without seeing positive results will only make it fodder for Libs to say McCrory and crew didn't make the right decision.

I happen to think waiting another year or two is far better.


Hogwash. All the NY results

Hogwash. All the NY results showed was the kids were not up to the task yet. Instead of waiting and delaying improvements the system needs lets get down to actually teaching these students at a level that will make them globally competitive. So it will be hard on the students. About time.

Awesome timing school board.

Awesome timing school board. Way to try to wash you hands of this last minute and leave the teachers and principles holding the bag. This has been in the works for over a year now, so now its time to get behind the schools and help them do whats best for the students instead of complaining and throwing your hands up in the air.

Who is Laura Hunter? Why is

Who is Laura Hunter? Why is that quote included without context?

If I was grading this 'article', I'd give it a 'D'