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ONLY ON 3: Wilmington's 'worst offender' speaks out about chief 's statements


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Wilmington man is speaking out just days after Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said he was the city's worst offender on the streets.

At a news conference last week about the progress of a cease fire on gun violence, Evangelous singled out Rashawn Hines as one of the most dangerous men on the streets of Wilmington. But Hines and his family tell us that's simply not true.

Hines, 18, is no stranger to the law. After spending a little over a year at the Dobbs Youth Development Center for robbery and other charge, Hines was released. But last month he once again found himself behind bars. This time for a probation violation that he says is bogus.

"They lock me up for a bogus charge for a probation violation," Hines said. "I go to court. I beat it.”

He says his probation officer was changed without his knowledge, so when he missed a meeting with his new probation officer, he was arrested. But he was released from jail after a judge ruled Hines did not violate his probation.

Just days later, Chief Evangelous said this about his release.

"A visiting judge dropped the ball and released one of our worst offenders back onto the streets," Evangelous said.

Evangelous also said now that Hines is out of jail, shootings have started up again.

"They let me go. They get on TV saying I'm the worst criminal, the day I got out I was shooting," Hines said. "I was in here, in the bed."

Hines says it was impossible for him to have been involved in the recent shooting, because he was with his family at the time, and he says he doesn't even own a gun.

"The things they say I'm doing, I have nothing to do with," Hines said.

Hines says at one point he was involved in a gang, but now he says he's turned his act around and his mother says she wants police to stop harassing them.

"You're making it look like my child killed somebody or he's in a mob, mafia or something," Fredericka Hines said. "He's just doing this type of terrorist stuff. That aggravates me, because that's my child for one, yes, you're talking about."

Hines's parents say their son is not perfect, but they say he does not deserve to be treated like this.

Rashawn's mother says if he does something wrong, he will face the consequences, but she says police need to base accusations on fact, not hearsay.

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Wow, so this is where journalism is at these days?

Interviewing a criminal, giving him a platform to air his grievances with our law enforcement community. You guys just lower the bar with every story.

After Rashawn enters the wrong house to rob, please be sure to interview his family so I can hear about what a great guy he was and how the Castle Doctrine is racist and should be abolished.

I think it's a great, real,

I think it's a great, real, story. It shows the type of monster, thug, criminal, and their attitude, the police have to deal with, everyday.

How this robbing thug, and his mom, blame everyone, but him. This guy's been through that revolving door, at the courthouse, a few times. Very Interesting. It speaks for itself. Just look at all the responses. Good reporting job Alyssa, and WWAY.

Thank you! Amen!

Thank you! Amen!

"Rashawn’s mother says if he does something wrong -----

----- he will face the consequences". Never mind that someone else may then be dead.

Oh well, we'll just wait until he does something wrong. Like murder.


Lets see if he can stay out of jail for the next six months. I bet he will be back in jail again for doing nothing wrong. What a joke. But momma will still love him, and blame the police for "putting" him back in jail.


This man is getting press coverage is beyond me


Awwwww they are picking on

Awwwww they are picking on him. The jail is full of innocent people. If you don't believe it, go ask them!

So foolish, if your such a

So foolish, if your such a big boy to commit the crime then be a man and take what you deserve from society. You shall be judged, you should have thought about that before acting like you were above it all.find a job and pay your way like the rest of us. No sympathy from us tax payers, get use to it, its life.

What does this 18 year old do to be productive?

Is this 18 year old in school? Did he graduate high school? Does he have a job? After being in jail does he need to come home and "go to bed"? What does he do on a daily basis with his life? What does he do to be a help to society? Does he get food stamps? Is he on welfare? Exactly what does this 18 year old do with his life to be a productive citizen?

We are waiting for answers

Hey, 18 year olds Mother. . . Where are your comments now? Why isn't he responding to this comment? C'mon. . . let us hear your response to this. It's very fair questions and he should be able to answer these questions. We're waiting.

tats my child daz talkin

tats my child daz talkin about

Interesting .....

Most people who go on camera to "speak out" and defend themselves would at least take a moment to correct any hygiene issues and put on a decent shirt ...