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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington man is speaking out just days after Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said he was the city’s worst offender on the streets.

At a news conference last week about the progress of a cease fire on gun violence, Evangelous singled out Rashawn Hines as one of the most dangerous men on the streets of Wilmington. But Hines and his family tell us that’s simply not true.

Hines, 18, is no stranger to the law. After spending a little over a year at the Dobbs Youth Development Center for robbery and other charge, Hines was released. But last month he once again found himself behind bars. This time for a probation violation that he says is bogus.

“They lock me up for a bogus charge for a probation violation,” Hines said. “I go to court. I beat it.”

He says his probation officer was changed without his knowledge, so when he missed a meeting with his new probation officer, he was arrested. But he was released from jail after a judge ruled Hines did not violate his probation.

Just days later, Chief Evangelous said this about his release.

“A visiting judge dropped the ball and released one of our worst offenders back onto the streets,” Evangelous said.

Evangelous also said now that Hines is out of jail, shootings have started up again.

“They let me go. They get on TV saying I’m the worst criminal, the day I got out I was shooting,” Hines said. “I was in here, in the bed.”

Hines says it was impossible for him to have been involved in the recent shooting, because he was with his family at the time, and he says he doesn’t even own a gun.

“The things they say I’m doing, I have nothing to do with,” Hines said.

Hines says at one point he was involved in a gang, but now he says he’s turned his act around and his mother says she wants police to stop harassing them.

“You’re making it look like my child killed somebody or he’s in a mob, mafia or something,” Fredericka Hines said. “He’s just doing this type of terrorist stuff. That aggravates me, because that’s my child for one, yes, you’re talking about.”

Hines’s parents say their son is not perfect, but they say he does not deserve to be treated like this.

Rashawn’s mother says if he does something wrong, he will face the consequences, but she says police need to base accusations on fact, not hearsay.

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42 Comments on "ONLY ON 3: Wilmington’s ‘worst offender’ speaks out about chief’s statements"

Guest, just another
2015 years 10 months ago

So let me get this straight, this is a fine upstanding, multiple felon, out on parole, innocent youth? BS. I can’t imagine the public subsistence or support he’s raking in. Sitting on his backside speaking nearly in tongue with his pathetic “english”, should be out working. Doubt that’s going to happen.
Makes me proud knowing that I’m not only working hard enough for my family but him too. Not.

2015 years 10 months ago

Actually the red points to the bloods. They will use teams like the Chicago Bulls to represent their gang under the radar. The red and black are tell tale blood indicators and the B-U-L-L-S can stand for body unity love lust and soul which can represent the five pointed star that they also use to represent.

Guest 00000000
2015 years 10 months ago

First off understand that everyone makes mistakes, but we must remember that the environment we provide for our future will be that. Wilmington wants the lower class community to oppressed but once they see that these young men have power they want to take it from them instead of teaching them how to use their power in a more positive productive way.

2015 years 10 months ago

I was thinking the same thing about color!!! You couldn’t have said it better! But couldn’t we all agree that both races has its lows and it ups! And not just white or black it’s all races…every race has its trash and it has its great, lets stay positive and look at what our race has accomplished not degrade each other…I’m sorry what year out we again??? What are we teaching our kids, because I would hate to be your children! I am blessed that my children can see beyond color and into the heart and what a person is….and they are all under 10…says something doesn’t it, yes we have to follow my husband around the country on his duty tours which helps with making friends! But seriously guys lets not talk trash, we all have it but we all have good too!

2015 years 10 months ago

but his brother get away with murder and he supposed to be the worst in the city


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