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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington man is speaking out just days after Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said he was the city’s worst offender on the streets.

At a news conference last week about the progress of a cease fire on gun violence, Evangelous singled out Rashawn Hines as one of the most dangerous men on the streets of Wilmington. But Hines and his family tell us that’s simply not true.

Hines, 18, is no stranger to the law. After spending a little over a year at the Dobbs Youth Development Center for robbery and other charge, Hines was released. But last month he once again found himself behind bars. This time for a probation violation that he says is bogus.

“They lock me up for a bogus charge for a probation violation,” Hines said. “I go to court. I beat it.”

He says his probation officer was changed without his knowledge, so when he missed a meeting with his new probation officer, he was arrested. But he was released from jail after a judge ruled Hines did not violate his probation.

Just days later, Chief Evangelous said this about his release.

“A visiting judge dropped the ball and released one of our worst offenders back onto the streets,” Evangelous said.

Evangelous also said now that Hines is out of jail, shootings have started up again.

“They let me go. They get on TV saying I’m the worst criminal, the day I got out I was shooting,” Hines said. “I was in here, in the bed.”

Hines says it was impossible for him to have been involved in the recent shooting, because he was with his family at the time, and he says he doesn’t even own a gun.

“The things they say I’m doing, I have nothing to do with,” Hines said.

Hines says at one point he was involved in a gang, but now he says he’s turned his act around and his mother says she wants police to stop harassing them.

“You’re making it look like my child killed somebody or he’s in a mob, mafia or something,” Fredericka Hines said. “He’s just doing this type of terrorist stuff. That aggravates me, because that’s my child for one, yes, you’re talking about.”

Hines’s parents say their son is not perfect, but they say he does not deserve to be treated like this.

Rashawn’s mother says if he does something wrong, he will face the consequences, but she says police need to base accusations on fact, not hearsay.

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  • Guest 00000000

    First off understand that everyone makes mistakes, but we must remember that the environment we provide for our future will be that. Wilmington wants the lower class community to oppressed but once they see that these young men have power they want to take it from them instead of teaching them how to use their power in a more positive productive way.

  • Guest333

    but his brother get away with murder and he supposed to be the worst in the city

  • Guest910

    him and his brothers/friends are satan kids…. and they need to be behind bars (the whole blood gang crew)need to sit they ass down and get an education and do something productive with they lives robbing people and killing people….the first impression that people have of you are usually what they think about you period until they SEE (key word) that you changed like going to school do he got his diploma? do any of them (his crew) have theirs….I DONT THINK SO there it is no good little boys with no education

  • Guest000000

    That’s the point I was trying to make with the above “white, trailer trash, meth head…” comment. It’s very dangerous to deal in stereotypes, from either side. Parents of all races face many problems raising their children, no matter what “community” you’re in.

  • Guest-o-matic

    Rashawn has had many opportunities to “change” and it hasn’t happened. It’s obvious what his future plans are. We’ll all be reading about Rashawn more in the future and it won’t be because he was elected mayor (although, he may be a viable candidate)! So how many more Felony crimes do YOU think Rashawn should be allowed to commit as a “mistake” before he gets figured out?

    Congratulations on your efforts to become a successful and productive member of society! As I’ve posted on here many times, I don’t have a problem with my tax monies being used to help others get back on their feet. I DO have a problem with it being used to support generation after generation of lazy, inept, drug dealing leeches that make a career from farming babies at the taxpayers expense! If you aren’t in that category, move on. There’s plenty that are!!!

  • Guest123456789

    Really people?? I dont agree with crime but what they are doing to him is wrong. If you keep telling someone they are trash and no good then there is no reason for them to change. Yes i know many dont change but…. what if we hinder one person who does. By looking at his record he was a troubled teen who did mess up and he served his time. His recent run in with the law looks to be at no fault of his own. So are we now all saying if a teen messes up then they can never change? Also to blame someone for something they didnt do is slander. I dont care how emotional Wilmington is over all the shootings but you cant cast guilt without proof.

    I would hate it ( just like everyone else ) if i woke up to someone claiming I was the cause of all destruction of a community If I didnt cause it. Im not taking up for this man’s crimes ( I dont know him ) but what was done to him was wrong. I wish the best for him and i pray that he can change and get his life together.

    And to those who spew Obama’s name, food stamps, and goverment housing. shame on you!! Im a white 29 year old woman, who grew up very poor in Brunswick Co. I lived in a HUD home, we recieved food stamps and free lunch. But guess what I have an amazing job, I have my own home ( I pay everything alone )and recieve no goverment help. Dont put us all into one little box…its an insult that you say we are leaches of the system and never change.

  • Borderline

    I was thinking the same thing about color!!! You couldn’t have said it better! But couldn’t we all agree that both races has its lows and it ups! And not just white or black it’s all races…every race has its trash and it has its great, lets stay positive and look at what our race has accomplished not degrade each other…I’m sorry what year out we again??? What are we teaching our kids, because I would hate to be your children! I am blessed that my children can see beyond color and into the heart and what a person is….and they are all under 10…says something doesn’t it, yes we have to follow my husband around the country on his duty tours which helps with making friends! But seriously guys lets not talk trash, we all have it but we all have good too!

  • Gangs

    Actually the red points to the bloods. They will use teams like the Chicago Bulls to represent their gang under the radar. The red and black are tell tale blood indicators and the B-U-L-L-S can stand for body unity love lust and soul which can represent the five pointed star that they also use to represent.

  • Guest, just another

    So let me get this straight, this is a fine upstanding, multiple felon, out on parole, innocent youth? BS. I can’t imagine the public subsistence or support he’s raking in. Sitting on his backside speaking nearly in tongue with his pathetic “english”, should be out working. Doubt that’s going to happen.
    Makes me proud knowing that I’m not only working hard enough for my family but him too. Not.

  • tke1

    OK Wilmington and New Hanover County residents. Leave those pesky elephants where they are or we won’t have a rhino to rent out to the movie folks.

  • I am so disappointed in WWAY for helping Rashawn and his Mama have a prime spot on their news cast saying how sweet and innocent he is. Sure you did show Cheif Evangelous on prior broadcast but then you try and zero out his comments with this type of trash-talking????? Thank you Chief Evangelous for “trying” to keep our communities safe. But as long as there are TV Stations with reporters like WWAY it really appears our community is just a bed of roses as “not me” is doing nothing wrong! But then who will be the first on the spot reporting when someone like these “innocent” folks kill someone. Oh, maybe that is why they want this caliber on the streets in the first place? If our police are allowed to clean our neighborhoods of this criminal element then guess WWAY and their reporters won’t have anything “Breaking” to report???? Much less being in contention for a journalism award.

  • Next they’ll be trying to sue the city for telling the truth and/or plan a “justice” march and call Rev. Al. No personal responsibility. But it doesn’t surprise me….his mama doesn’t take any either.

  • Truth

    Rashawn Hines is most likely speaking out because he wants out of the streets. Every single racist comment makes me feel bad for this young man. You people are the cowards and the ones who are the monsters! You talk about this young man like he isnt even human.But you are really terrifed of him and would never say it to his face. Yes he has made some mistakes in his life but who are you to say he is a monster or should be put in prison for the rest of his life. How can your police department make accusations that he is “the most dangerous man in Wilmington”? No new charges except a bogus probation violaton! Basically your taking his rights away because you cant find any new charges to bring up. Either he has stopped doing crime or “your” police department is getting out smarted by a 18 year old. Time to look at WPD!!!!!!

  • Guest, just another

    With this article you’ve lowered yourself to the level of the “Enquirer” or “Globe”. This piece is trash.

    I’d like to comment on this mutt out on the street, but sadly, I doubt he’d be able to read it.

  • WilmingtonTruthTeller

    Did Rashawn’s mother sign him up for the “Four Felonies A Year Program” ? I bet he’s a regular at the Courthouse, on “Felony Friday”.

    I guess he’s a good boy, if he don’t get caught, killing nobody, And if he brings home a pocketful of $20 bills, every morning. He’s just like his daddy, in the early 90’s.

  • Guestsfndi

    Boy has a record already with prison time. Who is going to give him a job, he can barely speak English. He is another failure in the black community, when are they going to figure out how to raise honest citizens?

  • whiteblackorangepinkblue

    You can tell what color someone is by reading the words they type..odd

  • Guest-o-matic

    Mammas baby, Rashawn here is only 18 years old. So far, he’s accumulated four Felony convictions and one Class 1 misdemeanor. Simple little things, no big deal, just Common Law Robbery, dealing and posession of illegal narcotics and posession of a firerm by a minor. We know you didn’t mean to do it Rashawn. You were framed, right?

    Good answer Rashawn! “I don’t even own a gun…” If ya did, that’d be called possession of a firearm by a convicted Felon, now wouldn’t it? You’re getting smart!

    But lookah heah Rashawn and Rashawns mamma, here’s the ticket. Rashawn has managed to royally screw the remainder of his life up by becoming a convicted felon by the age of 18. You’d best walk the straightest line you’ve ever walked from here on out! In my opinion, people like you should remain in prison for the rest of their lives as you’ve shown us exactly what your intent with society is. My best guess is, we’ll be seeing your name in the headlines again soon. Nobody to blame but yourself!

  • tke1

    And just because Hines said it and wway reported it—it is the God’s honest Bible truth.

  • Daawud

    I have listen to the comments and they are eye opening. My question now is do you want to help me sovle the problem or just talk about it. You are effected by the actions. You cannot escape the Rashawn Hines of this world, WE created them….Support me at nocovers.org here is why I need your help

    William Raspberry
    Some years ago, South Africa’s game managers had to figure out what to do about the elephant herd at Kruger National Park. The herd was growing well beyond the ability of the park to sustain it.

    The two-phase solution: transport some of the herd to the Pilanesberg game park and kill off some of those that were too big to transport.

    A dozen years later, several of the transported young males (now teenagers) started attacking Pilanesberg’s herd of white rhinos, an endangered species. They used their trunks to throw sticks at the rhinos, chased them over long hours and great distances and stomped to death a tenth of the herd — all for no discernible reason.

    Park managers decided they had no choice but to kill some of the worst juvenile offenders. They had killed five of them when someone came up with another bright idea: Bring in some of the mature males from Kruger and hope that the bigger, stronger males could bring the adolescents under control.

    To the delight of the park officials, it worked. The big bulls, quickly establishing the natural hierarchy, became the dominant sexual partners of the females, and the reduction in sexual activity among the juveniles lowered soaring testosterone levels and reduced their violent behavior.

    The new discipline, it turned out, was not just a matter of size intimidation. The young bulls actually started following the Big Daddies around, yielding to their authority and learning from them proper elephant conduct. The assaults on the white rhinos ended abruptly.
    The young elephants are the young black males
    The white rhinos are america at large
    The big bulls are the older black males are our solution!

  • SurfCityTom

    statements should be based on fact and not suposition.

    That said, if he has “turned his act around”, he could answer a couple of questions.

    Did he graduate high school or get his GED while incarcerated?

    Does he have a job? How does he support himself?

    What does he do with his time beside hanging out in bed?

    Answer those three questions for starters and perhaps you wil not be judged solely on your past.

  • Me, Myself, and I

    This monster was robbing, and other serious crimes, and was back in a year, trying to come across as a victim. Give me a break. I’m glad the Wilmington Police and Probation are paying special attention to him. I wish the courts, and NC Prison System would.

  • Gramps1935

    If Ms. Hines’ son is so innocent, why is he wearing red colors, and has tattoos all over his neck ? That is one cocky attitude, for an 18 year old.

    I’m glad the Chief stands up for the community, and speak out against violent, robbing, thugs, like this.

  • PublicAvenger

    Where does innocent, misunderstood, Rashawn work ? My bet is…. He’s never worked a day in his life. Someone needs to tell Rashawn that the rosary, red hat, and red shoes, are tell-tale, Crip colors.

    He needs to dress differently. It would be a shame if someone mistook him for a gang banging, thief, coward. That goes around, packing up with other flunkies, attacking people.

  • Deputy25

    I think the facts have been spoken . He was once a thug and until time tells he had turned his life around then he needs to reap what he has sewn which is trouble which leads to accusations. Its like your car not cranking up. First thing you do is check the gas. So police check the trouble maker first. Process of elimination. I blame parents for not taking care of his criminal ways first instead of POINTING THE FINGER JUST BECAUSE HE WAS IN BED ONE NIGHT OUT OF A HUNDRED NIGHTS.

  • Guest000000

    Whenever you white folks stop raising all these Meth Head Trailer Trash Rednecks with thirteen teeth in their entire mouth (6 of which are black)whose most prized possessions are their Rebel Flag Bikini and their cammo Carrhardt jacket.

  • GuestTim

    I’m sure that Rashawn and his family are card-carrying, loyal Democrats who worship Obama. The radical morons who have taken over the New Hanover Democrat Party should recruit Rashaen for their weekly marches on Senator Thom Goolsby’s law office. He’ll fit right in.

  • Terrified of him?? You are SADLY MISTAKEN. I fear no man. I fear only God. No one is taking his rights away. He gave up his rights when he decided to commit crimes in this community. I believe YOU are probably more dangerous than he is though. There are none so blind as those who WILL not see.

  • Guest2020

    Based on his prior convictions, I wouldn’t say that he is one of the most dangerous men in Wilmington. I don’t condone the criminal behavior. I hope he is serious about getting his act together. Believe it or not, it can be done.

  • Who is “WE?” I didn’t create anything that looks or behaves like that!! Nor did the white society. Take responsibility for your own failings….I will not.

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