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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Police are investigating after they say they are getting more reports of shots fired in Wilmington’s Creekwood community.

They say just after 1 a.m., they got a call from a woman who lives nearby, saying she heard at least 6 shots fired in the area of 30th and Emory Streets.

Dispatchers say that several hours later, one of the residents in that community found bullet holes in the side of her apartment building.

Police who responded to the reports of shots fired overnight say they noticed a tan Ford Taurus leaving the area just after they arrived to the scene.

They say they were unable to find any evidence in the area where the crime was reported.

Police say they not sure yet if the car that fled the scene is related to the crime reported.

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  • Guest4396

    Bullet holes in a building in the Crackwood Community????? How could this be? Must be a mistake.

  • guesty


  • Guest2020

    I was more amazed that they found bullet holes after shots were fired. What are the odds?

  • tke1

    They must have been from out of town and didn’t know about the “cease fire”. Not to worry. They will hear about it at Wednesday night prayer meeting. They will go sell their guns and buy some knives.

  • Monkey Junction

    Since you seem to comment on these shootings, what are you personally doing to stop the violence there and make it a better place? We all want Wilmington to be a better place and we are all in this together. I volunteer at schools and with Habitat for Humanity. What do you do?

  • GuestTaco

    I don’t shoot at people.

    you’re welcome!

  • SurfCityTom

    many look for WHA and its over priced Executive to do a proper job and weed out the residents who attract this type of activity.

    And while it is commendable you volunteer at schools and with Habitat for Humanity, how do either activity curb the violence in the city — especially at the projects managed by WHA?

  • Guest-o-matic

    …Victoria’s Secret. Then I serve meals at the soup kitchen, tutor students in mathematics at a local middle school and serve as a judge at elementary school science fairs. I also contribute to certain charities through my employer and support my employers volunteer activities that assist the unfortunate. I hear the stories from the children, talking about their crack mamma Ho’s, violent drug dealing dads that stank and being left alone way too much of the time. Nobody to call for help, nobody to depend on, even for just a little bit of security. The sad stories are tear jerkers, nearly endless and so unnecessary.

    That’s what I do.

    I do NOT shoot people.

    I do NOT intentionally put myself in any circumstances where I will need to shoot people, but do not force me into that circumstance.

    I WORK hard for a living and pay taxes for those that
    don’t. The government forces this, it isn’t my choice.

    That’s what I do! And I’m very happy that you asked…

  • guesty

    I’m raising my son to be productive member of society. Yay, I’m so proud you volunteer. Gold star for you.


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