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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington’s economy could see a boost in the near future.

Wilmington Business Development says it is in the early stages of courting a major company to the Port City.

“Anything that would bring more jobs here, I think would be good for the city,” Wilmington resident Greg Goble said.

A leading worldwide organization that has been representing fortune 500 companies for 30 years is considering locating in Wilmington, according to a posting on the city’s website.

“It is very preliminary,” Wilmington Business Development CEO Scott Satterfield said. “They are considering wilmington and other locations for a customer service center.”

The posting on the city’s website includes a link to a job application and a survey.

“They’re determining if the labor force can meet their needs,” Satterfield said.

If the company does decide to call Wilmington home, Satterfield said it will bring more than 100 jobs to the area.

“People are always looking for jobs,” Yuliya Loshinsky of Wilmington said. “People really need jobs around here.”

Although the company is looking here in Wilmington, it is also looking at other cities as well.

Satterfield said he does not have a timeline for when he expects to hear from the company.

“We should be excited about any major company that is considering Wilmington as a possible location,” Satterfield said.

We reached out to City Manager Sterling Cheatham to get his thoughts, but he told us he was not the person to talk to and had no comment.

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  • SurfCityTom

    that is another term for telemarketeting.

    Good to see jobs coming; but realize call centers are normally performance based and have high turn over.

    Don’t do any celebrating just yet.

  • ChefnSurf

    Lots of companies use call centers to provide customer service for their clients. Verizon’s got one in Wilmington that provides decent employment for a large number of people.

    Telemarketing is generically defined as outgoing sales calls, most of which are unsolicited. A call center receives calls, usually for the purpose of servicing clients and sometimes prospects.

  • Lulubal

    Not necessarily. Verizon has a call center here for their customers. Call Centers support most large companies and their products. Would you rather this call center go to India or another foreign country? Better than no jobs at all and this may help lure other companies in the future.

    Glad to see companies are looking at Southeastern NC. Hopefully more will come this way and help keep the college graduates local rather than them having to always move to Raleigh, Charlotte or other Metropolitan cities.

  • Guest1984

    Glad to see SurfCityTom WRONG about something since he seems to think he’s God’s gift to mankind! Eat those words and learn the correct definition of the two MR!

  • SurfCityTom

    you certainly added nothing to the conversation. What’s the matter? Afraid a new source of jobs will peril your entitlements?

    If you’re going to post, post something intelligent.

    And it will remain to be seen just what type of call center this will be.

    And just for the record, I know what God’s gift to mankind is. Been to Church lately?

  • Guest2769

    Tom… one of the wonderful things about this country is free speech. Not “intelligent” speech. So many times people are made fun of because they may have misspellings, have grammatical errors, or use the wrong meanings of words. But people know what they mean and cannot debate them on the substance, so they go after the low fruit.

    Sometimes “nothing” is worth more than drivel from someone who likes to pontificate.

  • Snarkmeister General

    Well said, 2769! All you have to do now is wait your turn for Postor Pontificus Maximus to accuse you of being an entitlement recipient too.

  • Guest9743

    I hope this company will locate here too, along with Titan….that will mean maybe at least 300-400 jobs rather than just several hundred.

  • taxpayer

    “that will mean maybe at least 300-400 jobs rather than just several hundred.”

    Huh? I guess “several hundred” is less than 300?

  • Guest45

    If NC can stay the course and stay under Republican control NC will attract a lot of business’s and employment in the future, in order to attract business’s you have to have something to offer, which in year’s past we didn’t.

  • Guest1993

    I just went through the survey to see what kind of questions they ask. If you select that would be interested in working as a customer service agent the next question asks what pay range you would expect. It starts at $7.50-$8.00 and goes up in 50 cent increments. to the last choice of $11.00+ Technical support agent is a little better starting at $9.01 with a top choice of $13.00+ an hour.

    It looks like Management is the only option with a decent wage but I would almost bet that if they are relocating from elsewhere they will bring a lot of their management in from there. That is what VZW did when they came to Wilmington.

    While it is nice to see jobs coming these are not jobs that will support a middle class family. These jobs will not replace the types of jobs lost at Coty, Terex, DAK, InVista & other factories in the area that have closed in recent years.

  • TwoCentsWorth

    “A leading worldwide organization who has been representing Fortune 500 companies for 30 years is considering locating in Wilmington NC, and currently recruiting for Customer Service and Call Center Management opportunities. Competitive wages and generous benefits would be available to enthusiastic, service-focused professionals who go the extra mile to satisfy our customers.

    If you possess a high school diploma and are at least 18 years of age, take advantage of this outstanding opportunity TODAY!”

    I will not speculate beyond what information the link provides. I have first hand experience in the Verizon call center. The head of personnel confirmed turnover in the Wilmington center is 200% yearly. They complete their ten year contract next year and I suspect they’ll leave town. (They’ve already sold their building, and the head of personnel already said they have exhausted the pool of job applicants here.)


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