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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-7th District) has joined a Wilmington man’s fight to get rid of an old concrete platform near the mouth of the Cape Fear River.

McIntyre, a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, has written the Coast Guard requesting they assist in the removal of the abandoned quarantine station in the river near Southport.

“Removing or adequately lighting this structure will save lives and improve boater visibility at the mouth of the Cape Fear River,” McIntyre said. “It is critical that we do all we can to protect those who are using our waters for recreation or business purposes. This is a very serious safety issue, and it is important that a positive solution is found.”

Last year Barbara Pierce died from injuries when the boat she was in hit the platform in the dark. Her husband is trying to raise awareness of it to get it removed.

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  • AJ

    The remains of the quarantine station have been around for longer than most of us have been alive and I realize the loss of any life resulting from a boating accident is something worthy of discussion. I however feel removing the stations remains would be money not well spent. I have been running the Cape Fear at all hours of the night and day my whole life and rarely ever come anywhere near the quarantine station since its so far removed from the center line of the channel. I do feel lighting it is a good idea as is lighting all of the day markers in the ICW which have much more boat traffic passing nearby. They too have been hit by unsuspecting boaters causing loss of life. The money saved from not demolishing all of that concrete at the quarantine station would go much farther lighting up the intracoastal waterway and would make the whole area much safer for boaters.

  • Guest of the Century

    Buh bye….

  • Timothy

    Concurrent jurisdiction, Congressman. Why don’t you have the state of North Carolina remove it? It’s outside of the marked navigable channel…seems to me the state bears responsibility, too?

  • RSimmons

    Perhaps I’m a a bit harsh, but Ed Pierce has expended alot of energy in the media blaming a slab of concrete that no one has hit except for he in the 62 years it has been there. I don’t disagree with removing it but it would be a more fitting tribute to his wife if Ed was using that time and energy to talk about navigation safety and how his own actions and inaction were solely responsible for this tragic accident.

  • Guest999

    Did anyone report what caused the accident..Yes I know he crashed the boat into the platform, But was it dark, was alcohol involved, ??? I cant remember what if anything was reported about it? Its truly sad that someone had to DIE because of it….

  • Guest sicntired

    He didn’t just ask that the platform be removed as your headline stipulates. He asked that it be removed OR lit up.

    Geeze Louise!

  • Guest-o-matic

    If you really want to “…protect those who are using our waters…”, then educate those “users” about proper boating safety and navigation. There are far too many idiots with too much money and zero common sense or qualifications to be at the helm of a vessel!

    There are literally hundreds of unmarked hazards in the river and the ICW that can be impacted by an inexperienced vessel operator at night. There are hundreds of daymarkers alone without beacons, not to mention extended private piers and docks.

    If a vessel operator uses prudent judgement and common sense, they can easily navigate our waterways without running into an object, damaging their vessel and potentially causing injury or death. Remember, this platform has been there since the 1800’s. I’ve never heard of anyone else hitting it.

    Maintain a SLOW forward speed.

    Reference your charts/GPS to realize and understand exactly where you are at all times. If you do not know where you are and are confused, stop and figure it out.

    Consistently use a spotlight to sweep your intended course,to locate your aids to navigation and to identify any unmarked hazards.

    Maintain a slow forward speed.

    Go slow.

    Did I mention slowing down?

  • Guest 5555

    Let’s remove McIntyre from the 7th district in Nov. 2014.

  • ChefnSurf

    (2) Drunk driver blows a .19 … Let’s remove McIntyre !
    (3) Ashley Jacobs returning … Let’s remove McIntyre !
    (4) Lindsay Lohan filming in Wilmington … Let’s remove McIntyre !
    (5) Poll shows McCrory approval dropping … Let’s remove McIntyre !
    (6) McIntyrer asks Coast Guard to help … Let’s remove McIntyre !

    Teacher: “OK boys and girls, which one of the above should end in ‘Let’s remove McIntyre’?”
    Bobby: “None of them teacher!”
    Teacher: “That’s right Bobby, and why is that?”
    Bobby: “Because there’s no connection between any of them and removing McIntyre!”
    Teacher: “That’s right Bobby!”
    Bobby: “Well .. Guest 5555 thinks the answer is number six. Why?”
    Teacher: “Don’t worry about that Bobby. Guest 5555 only listens to internal brain thoughts and never pays attention to the actual topic that’s being discussed in the real world. If, or when, Guest 5555 ever grows up, 5555 will probably still be doing the same stuff only then you’ll be able to read it on the internet”
    Bobby: “But won’t reading stuff like that be a waste of time?”
    Teacher: “Oh Bobby, you’re so smart!”

  • GuestUSMC

    I suppose it won’t be long before we see a picture of Mike presenting a check to somebody to demolish the platform….at taxpayer expense.

  • Frances Reinsburrow

    I am very sorry that the gentleman lost his wife in a boating accident at the remains of the old Quarantine Station. But that is just one accident. This piece of history has been in the Cape Fear River for over 100 years, and I have heard of no other accidents happening there, though I could be wrong.
    My Norwegian Grandfather and that of my sister worked at that Quarantine Station as a Fireman, and other Danes, Swedes and Norwegians worked there making a living for their families who lived in Southport. Mr. McIntyre seems very quick to want to rip this piece of history from our part of the Cape Fear River, and does not seem to take into consideration the descendants of those who worked there. I for one am totally against removing the platform from our River. Why not put lights on it to mark it in the dark. It would most likely be much cheaper, Mr. McIntyre, and would enable descendants to hold onto another piece of Southport’s history, which is slowly being taken away. Think about this long and hard as to the historical significance of what activities that Quarantine Station and its workers performed for the world, in a time when disease ridden ships sailed and were fumigated at such institutions to stop the spread of disease and how many lives these stations saved, before a quick decision is made. Thank you.


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