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Deputies seize 14,000 bags of heroin


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office says its Vice/Narcotics Unit has made one of its biggest heroin busts ever.

After a six-month investigation, detectives say they found more than 14,000 bags of ready-to-sell heroin in two duffel bags.

Investigators say the suspects led them on a car chase that ended with the men ditching their car and running before they were taken into custody.

"Getting the drugs off the street is only half the battle, but also the arrest and apprehension of the dealers and being able to bring them to justice as well," NHSO spokesman Cpl. Jason Augst said.

Cousins Samuel Williams and Kevin Robinson are each charged with six counts of trafficking heroin among other charges. Both men are in jail under $3 million secured bond.

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Two grown men (mid thirties); cousins; living at home with their parents, driving a Cadillac, no visible means of support. Some facts from the Wilmington-Star article.
And nobody in the respective houses were charged or even knew what was going on?

They were shocked to learn about this, I'll bet the real shock will be the immediate loss of cash flow in the house.

I actually know one of the

I actually know one of the guys and there won't be an immediate loss of cash for his parents.. His mom and dad are pretty wealthy and live in one of the nicest neighborhoods in town.. They were really involved with his schooling and always have been.. I think they're more embarrassed and disappointed than anything.. My question is why would you have that much drugs in the car with you?

To answer your quetion...

They're dealers.

Great cop PR; irrelevant on the street

These guys were small change. Entry-level hoods. They're the very end of a network that's still totally in place. They've already been replaced.

14,000 bags? Chump change. Cost of doing business.

Who Sings?

This is going to fun to watch. One of these guys is going to jail for a long long time. The other is going to sing like a bird to save his B Hind. Wonder which one that will be?

Hell Yea!

Great Job by the Sherriff Dept! That's a whole lot of drugs that won't be further infecting our community. But the drug battle never ends, On to the next one!

How many dozens of lives did

How many dozens of lives did these two plan to destroy, by enslaving them with heroin ? Great job NHCSD. These monsters should be given lethal injections. They'll be back on the street, in less then 2 months, collecting welfare.


I guess your a egg before the chicken type of guy, the addicts are just as liable as the dealer.

They Chose to use drugs

They Chose to use drugs Grandpa. Quit blaming other low life's.