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Driver charged with second DWI in two weeks after hitting car, store


HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) -- A Pender County man is behind bars after his second drunk driving arrest in two weeks.

Cleaning up was not the kind of work the folks at Hampstead Furniture expected for their Thursday, but it's the aftermath an alleged drunk driver left behind.

Locals say it's not the first time they've heard of John Paulson drinking and driving.

"He was in an accident about two weeks ago, so he probably shouldn't have been on the road," Jeff Pitts, who lives in Hampstead said.

Pitts is right. Paulson should not have been on the road, because his license was revoked after he was charged with DWI July 31.

Troopers say Wednesday night Paulson crossed the center line on US 17 and hit a car head-on sending two people to the hospital. After hitting the car, they say Paulson slammed into the side of Hampstead Furniture.

"We saw a car lodged in the front of the building, and I figured I would be of some assistance," Pitts said.

Pitts, a general contractor. who only knew the owners in passing, came back to the scene with a truck full of lumber and tools to make sure the building was safe as crews pulled out the car Paulson was driving.

"Hampstead is a small town, and we have to help each other out," Pitts said.

Help that owner, who did not want to talk on camera, was extremely grateful for, calling Pitts an angel.

"I am not an angel," Pitts said. "I was just in the right place at the right time."

Highway Patrol said Paulson blew a 0.19 when he took a breath test after the crash.

One of the victims is out of the hospital. No word on the condition of the other person hurt.

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I believe it is against the law to sell alcohol to a known alcoholic. You should be able to report someone who is alcoholic and the government should put a red star on their driver license, then show your license to buy alcohol. Don't just cry about it demand something like this be done, alcohol is a direct contributor in 10% of all deaths...Get a grip you morons...

Your Belief

is incorrect.

Good point! Let's take it a step further and...

...have them tattoo a huge purple "D.A." on YOUR forehead! We all know that that stands for! Your post clearly shows how well you deserve it.

Drunk Driving

Someone will pay for the damage he did to the other car as well as the store front. The someone is us! We also have to hold accountable the persons car he was driving if it wasn't his.If you knowingly let a person who you know drinks borrow your car it should be a felony and you should pay the consequences. If he has no license,he has no insurance.I can't imagine how many people are on the road without insurance.That should also be a felony !

You've made

some false assumptions.

Someone will pay for damages. It may be the owners of the damaged property if he has no insurance.

Why do you assume he was driving a non-owned vehicle?

He could lose his license and still maintain insurance if he owns a vehicle. The probable fact is he has no insurance; with his attention to obeying the law, he likely does not give a rat's behind about insurance.

YOu need to go to the Legislature and make your case for all of these felonies you propose. That's the only way the laws get changed.

Since revoking his license

Since revoking his license didn't work, let's hope that this time they revoke his bond. Can't kill anybody on the road if you're in jail.

To me he's as dangerous as whoever's been shooting at houses out in Chadbourn and Whiteville lately. No bond. Stay in jail till you're sentenced. Impound the vehicle and put a monitor on this thug.

Someone shouldn't have to actually die before we recognize this threat to our community. Let him out and he will kill someone. No way. Keep him in till we're sure he'll never DRINK again. Until that's fixed, he can't be out in public. It's that simple.

If John Paulson needs help

If John Paulson needs help with beating this charge, he can call state senator/attorney Thom Goolsby, his TV ad says "I'll help you", so give him a call John and get the help you need.

If John Paulson needs help

Yes if Paulson needs help he can call Thom Goolsby. It does seem odd that a person who writes our NC laws is out there defending those who break them. What's wrong with this picture?

How about

48 hours in a stock on public display with passerbyers throwing rotten vegetables at him. That's 48 straight hours; no time off to go into the jail; no time off for good behaviour. That's first offense. Follow that with a big sign in his yard "Here Lives a Chronic Alcoholic Who Drives"

Second Offense -- big tattoo on forehead "Do Not Sell Me Alcohol" Also, make him wear a shirt with the logo "I Drink; Drive: and Could Kill You or Your Family"

Third Offense -- deport him to an Islamic nation where they have a very swift and certain cure for alcoholic consumption.

If the liberals and mamby pambies don't like that -- 1 year public service at the Carolina Beach Road zoo tending to the big cats in their cages.


Why don't yall just leave this poor guy alone. He deserves another drink just because of how yall hillbillies kick a man when he is already down. Typical for you folks around here..

You should look up the

You should look up the meaning of hillbilly. If you insist on using our language, then you should at least learn to spell our words properly. "Y'all" is a contraction, therefore it needs an apostrophe. Your words are typical for you folks who move down here.

The difference between humor and stupidity:

The difference is your post.

I'm hoping you were just trying to be either humorous or sarcastic but sometimes you're obligated to realize that posts like this are just in bad taste.

Thank you troll. Back under

Thank you troll. Back under your bridge.

I know this is sad to say

I know this is sad to say but at what point will this man not be aloud to drive anymore? This is the same guy that took out the light pole on hoover rd not even 2 weeks ago. Enough is enough and we need to protect our families and other drivers. We have enough wrecks in hampstead as it is we dont need drunks adding to it.

Drunk Driver

I saw the wreck at the McDonalds and it looked like if he could have gotten his truck off that pole he would have left the scene. Knew he had to be drunk, the way he hit it. Pulling their license does not seem to work, either, due to him still driving. Terrible. Our lives are in danger with people like him on the road.

Hampstead Community

It is unfortunate that we read articles just like this everyday. Hampstead has grown so much in the past ten years...there's a big difference between the sleepy little fishing village we used to live in and what Hampstead has grown to be... With that being said, there are more cars on the road, driving to and from work, or commuting from Jacksonville to Wilmington, at all times of the day. I worry every time my family goes out on the road. This kind of report definitely charges my anger and yes, I do feel like we need to get him off of the road. Stricter laws on driving drunk, and harder consequences may help, if only just a little. In my opinion, the best way to deal with these cases is to suspend the license and publicly, have each person convicted pay restitution, and be required by law to sport a new "I am a convicted drunk driver" decal on their vehicles... and make it bright orange so it can not be missed in plain sight... this would give other drivers an advantage as it's been proven that most dui's are repeat offenses, and people would be on alert for this "stickered" driver to make a wrong move... Kind of like the registered sex offender system... a registered intoxicated driver program.. just a thought.. Humility goes a long way... let's save some lives!!

Hampstead Community - stickers on dui's cars

Well the only problem with the sticker deal is he/she can always borrow a friend or family member's car. Are you going to make a list of all her/his family and friends and make them put the sticker on their vehicles too? The only safe way to keep people like Paulson off the streets is the keep them in jail until they have paid every penny back that they did in damage. If they are in jail they can't work to pay the victims off so problem solved!

I think you might be on to

I think you might be on to something here!! great idea

Hey! Both of you are on to something!

Why don't both you go hire Tinkebell, Peter Pan and the Tooth Fairy to go and apply all of those cute little "stickers" that mean so much? Don't really mean to cut into your "humility" strategy, but c'mon, at least do it with a little dignity.

You think a silly sticker will change behavior? Hardly so...

You can pull licenses, apply stickers and make new laws until the cows come home, but that isn't going to change the behavior. Proven fact, just like your "sex-offenders". They are what they are and do what they do. With a sex offender, you can at least remove the tools of the trade!

shoot him

It is well apparent he doesn't care about anybody so can we just execute this piece of trash?


How Christian of you.

What does "Christian" have to do with it?

This isn't about a "Christian" anything. This is about an ignorant oaf that has less sense than a one-celled organism. 2 DWI's and 2 major accidents in 2 weeks, in both cases almost killing people? This drunk cares about nobody but himself and satisfying his habit of gulping alcohol to the point of self-annihilation and putting other innocent people at the risk of unneccessary injury or death. That's a pretty "Christian" approach too, right?

Amputate his right foot and his left hand. Let's see how much drunk driving he can accomplish after that. This is a an old days "Christian" approach, intended to get REAL results, unlike the inneffective mamby-pamby PC law games in place today!

Thank you

I'm glad you agree with me. One day you might grow enough spine to speak out against trash like him.


How would you feel if this person had killed your family? I have a sneaky feeling you would have a different opinion had you been directly affected by someone's DECISION to drive while intoxicated.

"MJ" concern is not for the

"MJ" concern is not for the article just another opportunity to display bigotry towards a certain religion. Well the Christian religion only of course.

Where was he when he consumed the alcohol?

Before he got into his car and drove off drunk, where was he? Who allowed him to get behind the wheel? In other words, who enabled him to drive drunk?

Having almost been killed twice by drunk drivers, this kind of story resonates strongly with me.

The drunk drivers are out there speeding down our highways and careening down our streets.

Flawed Thinking Here

I'm pretty sure no one held a gun to his head and made him drive his car. Absent that, he owns the decision to drink and drive. Period.

He was "enabled" by his own stupidity. Don't give this person a pass by placing the blame on anyone else.

"Who ALLOWED him to get

"Who ALLOWED him to get behind the wheel"????????? Really Hannah? Then the next "who enabled him to drive drunk"??
Mindsets like yours are why we'll NEVER get people like this to admit they are selfish morons who don't give a rats ass about anyone but themselves.
You looking to play the "blame game" empowers people like this jerkoff to continue to act like a jerkoff while he blames ANYBODY else for his stupidity.
Next you'll be blaming the police department for the drunks "careening down our streets".
I sincerely hope if you have children they AREN'T harboring any kind of dependency to drugs or alcohol because if they are, I hope those you blame for it are smart enough to defend themselves.
Get a clue.

Hannah A

You seriously must be a liberal. How about accountability for one's own actions??? This man CHOSE to get behind the wheel and drive after drinking. No one, other than this man is or should be responsible for his actions.