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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The first two vetoes by North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory block a requirement that certain welfare applicants be tested for drugs before receiving benefits and an immigration-related measure.

McCrory said Thursday he vetoed the bills left from the General Assembly session that ended last month.

The Republican governor says parts of the drug testing bill are unfair and fiscally irresponsible. He says similar programs in other states show the tests would do little to fight drug addiction.

The other vetoed measure would have exempted employers from using the E-Verify system for temporary workers of less than nine months, compared to no more than 90 days currently. He says the bill would have made it easier to hire immigrants in the country illegally.

Lawmakers could override the vetoes.

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  • fed up

    Okay, just a few weeks ago, he was all about the drug testing… Now he vetoes it? Hey, pleases, me, I think it was a waste of resources that was tucked into a motorcycle safety bill, and could see what a mess it could make, infringing on privacy, racial profiling, etc…. But guess what? I still don’t like you, Pat McCrory… You can’t fool everyone! Your flip flopping won’t win you a vote from any informed person.

  • quin

    Curbing drug addiction isn’t the point, nc shouldn’t be giving out money to people who want to get high instead of work

  • Are you serious

    I don’t see how drug testing anyone to qualify for welfare can be unfair. Typical politician not looking out for the people of North Carolina.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    An idea to curtail free loaders…and as per usual…some idiot politician wants to go the opposite direction.
    The days of “Just Say No to Drugs” from the Reagan Administration was an attempt…but in reality…the beginning to an end of fighting back.
    Welfare recipients of good health…of a reasonable workable age that test “positive” for non prescribed addictive drugs, should lose the free handouts, should have been done a long time ago…should have/could have/all the above.
    This Governor of NC…is he nuts? Illegals are going to get work here regardless…so that excuse is out. His other excuse of “Unfair”…Laughable! Some form of blockade is better than none at all.
    “Lawmakers could override the vetoes”.
    Then Do It!

  • SouthEastNC

    Unless you test randomly/unannounced, the state just wastes money. If people know that they’re just going to be tested when they apply for welfare, they’ll simply not use for a week or so before applying for welfare. That’s why Florida has lost a lot of money on how much they spend on the tests vs only catching the people dumb enough to use right before when they know they’ll be tested.

    I have no problem if we knock on every door in Creekwood at random and say “pee in this cup now”… but I’m not sure how that would hold up when challenged in court.

  • Guest123

    Florida and Arizona’s laws have been a complete failure. They’ve have kicked very few people off the public dole and did it while wasting MILLIONS of tax payer dollars.

    If supporters of this bill want it in place because of their beliefs, that’s fine.

    But lets’ not kid ourselves it’s “fiscally responsible”

  • Guest-o-matic

    Picking and choosing who and when someone gets tested is buncha bull-hooie! Test them on the way in and put them on a random schedule, just like they do at work. There should be no difference. When you never know when you’ll be tested, you’d best remain clean! If testing is only done when “suspicion arises” whatever that smoke and mirror phrase is supposed to mean, anyone can get around that. A piece of cake. That’s a fake presentation of “drug testing” that proves zero and is a feeble attempt to pacify the taxpayers at best. That’s what “kidding ourselves” is!

    These folks can’t do that, they can’t stay clean and we all know it. Our leaders don’t have the guts to “effectively” enforce something they know will change things because it will take “votes” away from them. I get sick and tired of politicians these days. They are only out for themselves and their own pockets. To hell with everyone else…

  • tke1

    The idea of the drug testing is not to prevent drug addiction. It is meant to prevent the government from subsidizing drug addiction by blindly giving money to persons who would spend the money on drugs instead of food or other necessities of life.

  • Tracie C

    OMG! Will everyone who voted THIS idiot in line up for your slap now. (And no, I didn’t vote for the other idiot either)!

  • Vog46

    I think McLiar made the right choice – lets see of the Legislature over rides.
    If they do he can blame them if the program fails (which I believe it will). If it succeeds it’s no big deal and McLiar gets “off:.
    Now he can say he’s a “moderate” on a bill that has very little political consequence for him.
    A smart political move


  • fed up

    I couldn’t agree more, vog! Well said. He is full of it, that sneaky snake…

  • Rusty

    Oh Hell no.. I work 45 Hours a week and if I’m lucky I can afford some beer or Jack Daniels for the weekend. My tax $ don’t need to go to people buying even more expensive street drugs. The longer we enable people to be unproductive members of society and not contribute the worse America becomes. I say it’s time to end ALL “Social Programs”

  • Scott

    OBAMA told him to. Where’s my change?

  • Guest111

    The change is in your pocket.. too bad there aren’t any more $$ in your wallet!

  • Guest9743

    And I don’t have a problem with them knocking on every door in every trailer park and say “pee in this cup now”!!

  • southeastnc

    Are the trailer parks you refer to part of public housing?

  • Vog46

    As posted in earlier stories the Supreme Court has ruled that testing everyone who applies is unconstitutional.

    Like it or not thats what we have to deal with



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