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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — North Carolina State University has won a $60 million federal contract to partner with the National Security Agency on a new center dedicated to researching the challenges of collecting, sorting and storing massive amounts of computer data.

Chancellor Randy Woodson announced the deal Thursday. It is by far the largest research contract ever awarded to the state-supported university located in Raleigh.

The new Laboratory for Analytic Sciences will be located on N.C. State’s Centennial Campus. Many details of the university’s collaboration with the spy agency are being kept secret. But the university says the lab will create at least 100 new jobs and is intended to bring together some of the brightest minds from government, academia and industry to work at the new advanced data innovation hub.

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  • Guest7969


  • Guest notfernothing

    With all a them challenges a collecting an then sorting an then finding a place for putting all a them massive data piles an them piles being so massive this here state sure is a good place for it an Im thinking I know just were!

    The real best place for all a that security stuff could be on that island were all a them folks got all a that security stuff for checking on all a them license plates and running them background checks an all a them policemen running around with them tiny cameras for taking your picture an all a that stuff for already keeping out them terrorists. Them folks already got to know how all a that security stuff works with all a that they already got!

    Im thinking that Wrightsville Beach place would sure be right for that security stuff!

  • Guest9743

    Most folks aren’t outraged because they are smart enough to know that what you are saying is simply not true….most if not everything you have said came straight from Limbaugh. When people learn to think for themselves then they will be able to see through all the BS that is spewed on talk radio!!

  • Angels Aware

    Well folks, is anyone paying attention as Obama and the NSA continues to take your privacy away? He has been fundamentally changing America into a place I no longer recognize. The 100 jobs this contract may produce is nothing compared to the loss of our privacy and the harm from government spying on US citizens. why aren’t citizens outraged at our government using our children to solve the NAS data storage problem? We are lazy sheep.

  • Guest7969

    actually sad that WE THE PEOPLE aren’t marching on Washington to toss everyone out!

    NSA—please forward.

  • Guest 038875

    which he is, doesn’t make you any less of one.


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