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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — Three Wilmington pastors have agreed to offer their churches as location sites for the Proutey-Greene Gun Buy Back effort scheduled for Saturday, August 24 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The following churches have joined the community-wide effort:

Warner Temple AMEZ Church – 620 Nixon Street – Pastor Clifford Barnett, Sr.
Grace United Methodist Church – 401 S. Grace Street – Pastor Scott Dodson
St. Andrews AMEZ Church – 1201 S. 9th Street – Pastor Henry Gregory III

Individuals who turn in guns will be offered $100 for working handguns and $200 for assault weapons. The monies will be in the form of VISA gift cards or cash. Law Enforcement officers will be on hand to collect the guns.

The event is in memory of Josh Proutey, 19, and Demetrius Greene, 8; two young men who lost their lives at the hands of gunmen. The effort will be hosted by LINC Incorporated a local non-profit agency whose goal is to educate and motivate youth to make positive life choices.

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  • Guestguy

    I drove 45 minutes (each way) to sell these guys a piece of junk handgun only to find out they only had limited cash to buy back guns and had already run out. I was given the option of donating the gun, I declined. Way to include that info in the advertising guys.

  • Johnny Black

    Sounds like the start of a joke

    So a criminal with an illegal gun walks into a church

  • buyer

    I’ll pay more for your rifle. Why should you let your taxes pay for them to destroy your guns?


    something you NEVER paid for?? I think I’m going to setup down the street and offer more than they are, might pickup a few decent guns.

  • tke1

    I am sure the gangbangers will be lined up before daylight to sell their guns. Maybe these churches should have their buybacks on Sunday right before services so the thugs will have something to put into the plate when they go in for preaching. I am sure they would tithe their 10%.

  • Erlkoenig

    I should stop by and offer 300 bucks for a riffle.

  • Harry Balszack

    How is it a “buyback” when the church/cops never owned them to begin with?

    Do you see the problem with this craziness? Maybe the proper name for the State/churches buying guns is “Gun Bazaar” or “Gun Redistribution.” Why are churches being used as fronts for the State buying privately held guns? Why does anyone think this will stop one single crime? Why is this nation so fundamentally stupid this kind of activity gets press coverage drenched with reverence and importance, instead of being ridiculed and lampooned for the farce it is?

  • Rick Wilson

    Will the s/n’s be checked against stolen gun reports before these people are paid and allowed to leave? If not, these churches have become a way for thieves to get paid for stealing with no fear of arrest. These type of programs sound OK to start with, but upon further inspection are not. The killers are not going to sell their weapons, criminals are not going to show up at the churches, to believe otherwise is silly…….

  • Guest2020

    If I’m not mistaken, they are buying the guns, “no questions asked”.

  • Guest, just another

    I think I’ll stand just outside and offer 125 and 225 respectively. If you’re going to sell them, why not make a few bucks?

  • Jeremy R

    I’ll give $150 for the handguns & $300 for the AR and make the trip and use my gas to go get em lol I have my conceil carry permit so that ya know im not a felon so dont hand ya guns over and if ya do reply to me and make a few extra $$$ and save gas


    Let’s get a group of us together and we will “buy back ” the guns and then the cops can take the day off…pick a location and we will meet there. Heck we will get a whole group together.

  • cherokee kid

    I have a raven 25 and will sell for anything over 100in wal mart parkin lot to permit holders

  • guesty

    I said that when the program was first announced. What a good way to get a weapon on the cheap. Of course I wouldn’t buy any of the cheap boat anchor guns most thugs carry. I doubt you will find any of them with a Kimber.

  • Gun buyer

    I would gladly pony money to purchase these people’s unwanted weapons.

  • NotGettingMine


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