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PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Pender County teacher drowned earlier this week.

The Sheriff’s Office says the family of Amanda Perkins reported her missing early Thursday morning after she did not come home from paddleboarding along a creek off the Intracoastal Waterway near Hampstead.

Deputies and a neighbor with a boat found her body in the water.

Perkins was a teacher at Topsail Middle School.

A friend says she leaves behind two children.

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  • Guest867530P

    Paddleboarding at 1 AM in the rain?

  • Guest1971

    Have issues with reading comprehension?

    She left paddle boarding in the afternoon, and didn’t return. Family wanted to exhaust all measures before calling authorities, in which they called at 1:00 am. They found the body later.

    Family is devastated. This young lady was a local middle school PE teacher, and left a husband and two very young kids.

  • Guest1973

    We are all devastated. Amanda was well loved. Speaking of comprehension, did the Sheriff’s department get the time of the call right? Wasn’t it 1:00AM Thursday morning? Or did we all just get word of the tragedy yesterday?

  • GuestNY

    Maybe YOU have trouble with “reading comprehension”? Nowhere in this article does it say that she left in the afternoon. The only time it states is 1am.
    Something isnt right about this story. I hope the Pender County Sheriffs get to the bottom of what really happened. If my husband/wife/kid/friend ect. went missing in the water on a rainy day(or a sunny day!) I wouldnt wait till the middle of the night to call for help. I have a feeling we will be hearing about an arrest soon.

  • Troy

    The person is not simply commenting, they know the family, how about a little compassion? What did you accomplish by using this tragedy as a platform for your agenda? My family will be praying for the family of this young victim. I hope yours will too.

  • oneguest

    As someone very close to Amanda, and knowing all the facts as I do, I will not so politely ask that you shut the hell up! There is no foul play here. This is a horrible accident that all of the family and friends are trying to come to terms with. Your idiotic and crass comments certainly do not help this situation. Go back under your rock and let the family and friends grieve without ridiculous accusations!

  • Guess

    If you knew this family you would have posted what you did. Mind you own business.


    This is a well known family and no foul play happened here. SHOW SOME RESPECT!!!!

  • DStew1980

    I have to agree with the skeptic on this. This is not an elderly woman. It has been rainy and miserable all week – This woman was a PhysEd teacher, and the call came in at 1 am?????? This honestly doesn’t add up. No one is saying that it’s not sad or tragic, but seriously, It’s not a boating accident out by the gulf stream, and not a child caught in a riptide, it’s a physical education teacher paddleboarding in a tidal creek, in miserable weather, drowning, and not reported missing until 1am – Not one bit of this story is anything less than fishy to me. My prayers for her children.

  • Guest1971

    I read and comprehended the article just fine.

    Ask yourself how I knew she had a husband and two very young children. Ask yourself also how I knew she was a PE teacher before the media revised the story.

    Now put two and two together and use deductive reasoning to figure out that I personally know this family.

    This family is as good as they come. Both the husband and wife are teachers and avid outdoorsmen. Good people all the way around. This is nothing more than a horrible tragedy. My heart goes out to Matt and his family. He is left to raise a seven and two year old by himself.

    They need prayer and support, not a bunch of naysayers trying to second guess his motives and character.

  • GuestTopsail

    It does seem strange that one as physically fit as Ms. Perkins would die paddle boarding on a creek. Clearly, not all details have been divulged. Head injury maybe?

    She taught my daughter PE and my daughter loved her. I too, found her enthusiasm and vivaciousness refreshing. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

  • Todd Piper

    To whoever you are. This family spends more time on the water on one weekend then most do in a summer. I am sure that whatever happened it had nothing to do with her husband or family as you incinuated.

  • aj

    Do any of you who are questioning motives have a law degree I am positive that law enforcement as protocol will do an investigation. Why don’t you keep your comments to yourself and let the family and friends greive without such comments. I would not wish this tragedy on anyone but try putting their shoes on . My heart goes out to Matt and his children who are left now without a mother and him a wife which he truly cared about.

  • susie

    their oldest child is 5 not 7.

  • Guest2020

    I wasn’t going to make a comment on this story except to add my condolences to the family. However, you made two comments of which I disagree. First of all, you don’t need a law degree to call into question the circumstances surrounding a death. If it doesn’t add up, then it doesn’t add up whether you have a law degree or simply a high school diploma. Secondly, We live in a country where our freedom of speech is guaranteed by our Constitution. We may not like what someone has to say, but shouldn’t question their right to say it.

  • Steve

    Suicide sucks. No one has put it together on here, but that’s what it was…

  • Kellie

    Wow! God bless this womans loved ones…Rest in Peace, Amanda, God love you. And to the rest of you ” commenters”…Wow…just, WOW. :(

  • Monkey Junction

    Real sorry to hear about this, rest in peace.

  • Guest84

    I am sorry to read of the loss of this young wife, mother, much loved teacher.

    It’s a sad reminder that safety precautions are needed for even a physically fit person experienced on the water. With the increase in popularity of stand up paddle boarding, I hope more people will wear a life vest. You just never know what can happen. You may be the best swimmer or an expert paddleboarder but stuff happens: weather changes, your body seizes up, or a wave comes from behind. The scenarios are endless. Being prepared is your best protection. A leash on a Paddleboard is an amazing safety device too. It keeps the big PFD attached to you. Wearing a life vest or belt is always warranted when you are on the water.


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