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ROCKY POINT, NC (WWAY) — Not many citizens can say they have lived through the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movement, and even the inauguration of the first black president.

This weekend, family and friends from as far as Florida traveled to St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church in Rocky Point to celebrate the 100th birthday of someone who has seen it all.

“I’m a hundred young they say, but I have just taken their word,” said Beulah Armstrong. “I don’t know myself half of the time.”

At first glance, Beulah Armstrong seems kind and delicate. But it’s no surprise family and friends describe her as their rock.

“She is sweet, patient, and humble,” said family member Loreene Bland. “She is just a beautiful person.”

When I asked Armstrong what stands out the most over the past 100 years, she said she had some good ones and she had some bad ones. She said right now, they are the best ones.

It’s true, though, at Armstrong’s age things come and things go.

“I don’t hear well, but that’s alright,” said Armstrong. “I don’t care for hearing as long as I’m living,”

She says she is just happy for each day God grants her.

“I’m still living, that’s the greatest gift I have yet. I’m still here trying to make it like everyone else,” said Armstrong. “I thank God for that. That’s my best gift.”

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