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SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — Some Moral Monday protestors had some unexpected company when when they showed up outside of Sen. Bill Rabon’s office today.

For weeks the Brunswick County NAACP has planned to bring Moral Monday protests to the doorstep of Sen. Rabon (R-8th District).

“He has voted, as has the majority of the North Carolina Senate, to reduce the ability of the people of this district to vote,” protestor Jim McNeil said.

Protestors claim Rabon’s support of the voter ID law is an attempt to suppress votes for seniors, students, low wealth people and people of color.

“By reducing the number of hours that the early voting is open it makes it more difficult for people to get from rural places particularly to polling places,” McNeil said.

But the NAACP protestors met a little friendly opposition on this Moral Monday, and their message was clear: Tap the brakes on the runaway criticism.

“It’s just amazing to me that anybody would not want to have people identified and that people might not want every vote to count as a valid vote,” Rabon supporter Elyse Brown said.

Rabon’s supporters claim there is no reason not to have an ID, because they are needed for so many other vital parts of everyday life.

“In my opinion, people are against it, because they want to have a fraudulent vote,” Brown said. “If you go to the airport, you need your ID. If you go to the doctor you need your ID. Without it you can vote 20 times. You could vote for dead people, and you hear all sorts of stories about people voting for other people because you don’t have to have an ID.”

While the protestors were along the road voicing their opinion Sen. Rabon’s veterinary clinic was closed for lunch.

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92 Comments on "Moral Monday meets opposition in Southport"

2015 years 10 months ago

To stand in the driveway, parking lot, or entrance to a fellow citizen’s place of business to protest specifically against that citizen’s political position (whether that citizen is holds political office or not) is inappropriate and unnecessary. Why potentially disrupt someone’s livelihood? Does anyone really believe that is an acceptable form of political protest? Or is it vindictive and judgmental behavior aimed at punishing the targeted citizen?

To debate another person’s political view, whether on a specific subject or in general, is certainly within the rights of any American citizen.

Too many responders to this article are angry and they are venting their anger in personal ways. When I think of America and the people of America, I think of people that have the grace and maturity to respect another person’s views whether they have been expressed in speech, by vote, or, as in this case, by voting to pass any law as an elected representative of the people. That is the very essence of the American democratic republic.

2015 years 10 months ago

a reminder that the law will provide these ‘supporting’ documents for free for those that cannot afford them.

2015 years 10 months ago

I understand where guest123456 is coming from. Happy your person can find a ride, but i understand that not everyone can. so the ones that dont have friends and family, that depend on strangers or people who donate their time may not be able to help them all get to vote in just a day. so with that cutting the voting days does take voting rights away from a person. elder people get sick…disabeled people get sick..most nursing homes can only hold just a few people in a bus at one time ( sometimes it takes an hr to get a few people ready for a trip) i know bc my sister works at a nursing home. if there is 50+ people wanting to vote, in one day they will not have time.

2015 years 10 months ago

Agree with you guest123456. people keep saying *well i know someone who was sick and still was able to vote* but yet they do not understand that some people in homes do not have family or friends to pick them up. That most buses only hold just a few people and it take a long time to load them up ( i know bc my sister works at a nursing home ) i asked her if where she works could she get everyone where they need to be to vote in one day and she said no. dont let people bully you, they must live under a rock and know nothing outside of their life or better yet they are unwilling to think about anyone else other then themself. ~Carrie

2015 years 10 months ago

I am glad you have that opinion. If you believe so strongly in that right will you please go to the overpasses and protect the Impeach Obama protesters from police? Based on your belief, this should be the front lines of your fight, or is it “every right to peacefully protest” only when it fits your opinion?


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