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Moral Monday meets opposition in Southport


SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) -- Some Moral Monday protestors had some unexpected company when when they showed up outside of Sen. Bill Rabon's office today.

For weeks the Brunswick County NAACP has planned to bring Moral Monday protests to the doorstep of Sen. Rabon (R-8th District).

"He has voted, as has the majority of the North Carolina Senate, to reduce the ability of the people of this district to vote," protestor Jim McNeil said.

Protestors claim Rabon's support of the voter ID law is an attempt to suppress votes for seniors, students, low wealth people and people of color.

"By reducing the number of hours that the early voting is open it makes it more difficult for people to get from rural places particularly to polling places," McNeil said.

But the NAACP protestors met a little friendly opposition on this Moral Monday, and their message was clear: Tap the brakes on the runaway criticism.

"It's just amazing to me that anybody would not want to have people identified and that people might not want every vote to count as a valid vote," Rabon supporter Elyse Brown said.

Rabon's supporters claim there is no reason not to have an ID, because they are needed for so many other vital parts of everyday life.

"In my opinion, people are against it, because they want to have a fraudulent vote," Brown said. "If you go to the airport, you need your ID. If you go to the doctor you need your ID. Without it you can vote 20 times. You could vote for dead people, and you hear all sorts of stories about people voting for other people because you don't have to have an ID."

While the protestors were along the road voicing their opinion Sen. Rabon's veterinary clinic was closed for lunch.

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No ID, no vote

How the heck does requiring voters to show photo identification suppress votes of seniors, students, low wealth people, and people of color? What could be more basic to living in a civilized society than having a valid, government-issued photo ID? Everyone can get one at the DMV for free. You can't even get on an airplane without one. What the requirement does is suppress rampant voter fraud.

NC Voter ID law

I am canceling my vacation to NC, and will boycott NC goods and services.....I don't do Racism, and that is what the law is ALL ABOUT.

Several years ago the NAACP

Several years ago the NAACP boycotted SC for not giving into their demands to remove a Confederate flag from the grounds of the state capital. SC had a boost in their economy. So, by all means, boycott.

Please explain what is racist about proving that you have the right to vote.

Please stay away

NC doesn't want ignorant idiots like you anyways. So please stay away and don't ever come back as far as Im concerned. This has NOTHING to do with racism and you are purely ignorant if you think otherwise. Stay in OHIO and try to learn something.

Ohio law requires that every

Ohio law requires that every voter, upon appearing at the polling place to vote on Election Day, to announce his or her full name and current address and provide proof of the voter's identity. Cut- paste from the Ohio secretary of state website, do you not vote in Ohio or are you just a troll?

ohio libtard

Yeah right the last two people that came down here from Ohio and left were Wilbur and Orville wright. It seems you unemployed welfare seekers like a summer that is more than three weeks long.


Stay in Ohio don't buy any goods or services produced in NC either, we do not want or need your ignorance here. Since you feel this is about racism you are ignorant.

Don't let the screen door hitcha....

...where the good Lord splitcha! We don't need anymore entitlement recipients like you anyway!

Rampant voter fraud?

I think you've been hitting the kool aid a bit too hard.
Voter fraud as a percentage of the overall voter turnout is pathetically low.
As for voter ID? Lets do the SC thing. DMV goes out, gets seniors and those who are poor and brings them in to take their picture and take them back home. Heck lets make voting a REQUIREMENT for obtaining entitlements !!!!!
I don't have a problem with IDs.
I DO have a problem with limited early voting times
Not being able to use a government issued ID (Student photo) to vote (when in fact it allows you to access all sorts of government buildings)
And voting in your school residential area as opposed to absentee balloting to vote back home.

I believe the NC law will be over turned



Apparantly most of these people can't see the forest for the trees. While I believe in showing an ID to vote there is a lot more to this bill, and I am beginning to think that ID's are just a smoke screen to hide the rest of it.

There is no "rampant voter

There is no "rampant voter fraud." Besides, the only form of elections fraud that could be prevented by demanding that voters produce a government-issued photo ID in order to receive a ballot is felony in-person voter impersonation, the form of elections fraud that is almost never attempted because of its poor odds of success.

I'm not against ID but the

I'm not against ID but the DMV does not give them out free


...a'twixt you'n I...
It doesn't "suppress" anything. Everyone knows that.

Nobody else wants to hear it, Shhhh!

How many known/proven

How many known/proven fraudulent votes were cast in the 2012 election? I'll agree that even one fraudulent vote is too many but I think it's a stretch to say voter fraud was/is rampant!!!

Photo ID

You don't have a constitutional right to buy an airplane ticket or get a beer. It is your constitutional right to vote and there are plenty of ways to prove who you are without a picture ID.

And to deny a college student the right to vote with a college ID? Do you think colleges issues ID's without checking out who the student is?

Plain and simple - GOP Partisan Politics !

No student is being denied

No student is being denied the right to vote. Students from out of state do not always change their residency, therefore they are eligible to vote in their home voting precinct. Those students are still given IDs by the college and are ineligible to vote where they go to school.

And yes, the schools do give IDs without checking who the student is. There was a man who posted on this website recently who explained that his son received a notice in the mail to go to Brunswick Community College to get his student ID. The man and his son showed up with that piece of paper. The student ID was issued without the person verifying the identity of the student.

Just ask the folks who live

Just ask the folks who live in Bertie and other rural counties. Many older folks were born @ home with a midwife and don't have a birth certificate to prove who they are. They don't own a car so the church van must now travel across the county transporting only 10 people per trip to the polling place. The mobile DMV claims it can't issue IDs because its van is broken. How many more facts do you need? And for those who do qualify for an ID, taxpayers will have to pay for them. Voter fraud accounts for 0.00014% of balloting problems so I'd say this law is a solution looking for a problem.

How do they survive?

So all these old folks who were born without a birth certificate have been able to survive all these years with no legal form of identification? I guess they just stay in their house and never come out? No bank accounts, no drivers license? Nothing? Never once have these old folks had any kind of govt issued ID? I truly find that hard to believe.
If they have no birth certificate, they cant get an ID anyways so what does it matter that the DMV van isn't running?
Im not buying your pitty party story.
If one wants to be a productive member of society they will take responsibility for their own actions and find a way to get the required documentation that is needed for the activities that they wish to participate in.
If one wants to continue to mooch off of the government, not strive to be productive, and expect free entitlements....whats mine, its your fault not mine, I want more done for me, what are you going to do for me, attitudes, then they will sit where they are screaming...THIS ISNT FAIR...THIS IS DISCRIMINATION!!! Whah WHah whahh....
Cry me a flipping river and get over yourselves already

RAMPANT!!!??? Oh, no!

PLEASE cite the "rampant voter fraud" uncovered in NC? Prosecutions?

I'll seems there's been been TWO cases in NC within the last 10 years.

This law is not about ID-unless you're elderly and/or disabled, a student or too poor to own a car. And according to the the DMV, there is a $10 charge and you must provide 4 different documents to get one. (oddly, a valid driver's license being one!)

It's about turning away those likely to vote Democratic. Just admit it. ALEC/GOP leadership has said so.

If you call a pile of crap apple pie, it doesn't make it so.


I believe, with all my heart, that if anyone wants to vote and knows the issue and has decided on a candidate for whom to vote, they will make a way to vote.

If someone elderly needs a ride, one can be provided. If someone one elderly, of color, a student, etc. wants food stamps, welfare, etc. they certainly find their way to where ever they need to apply! They also do it when the doors are open. So there!

Voter ID

One part of the argument that no one has mentioned is that those that do not have ids are predominantly minority, poor and mostly democrat.

Now, you can say what you want, but what if we passed a law that said you must have an ID to walk on the sidewalk? There are at this moment probably at least 5 people in the country that have escaped from Jail and we need to find them so if you are walking on the sidewalk you better have an ID on you... Would you feel the same?

Unfortunately, this country has a history of trying to disenfranchise female and minority voters by putting undue burdens on them. People who defend this law say it isn't how many documented cases of voter fraud, but rather the law instills confidence in the "system". That's because the facts say that not one single election in the history of NC has been decided because of Voter Fraud. North Carolina estimates that it will spend $834,200 on voting IDs in 2013 and 2014. Only 1 in 15 million votes is voter fraud. 1 IN FIFTEEN MILLION! Is that wise use of taxpayer money, or is it political capital spent with retaining power in mind?

BUT, here is my real question. Lets require IDs. Fine. What is the reason for cutting short the voting days? Is that to secure "confidence" in the election? Or just a way to ensure that working class people have less time to vote. So those who are supporters, tell me the "non biased" and "non-partisan" reasons behind that part of the law?

Cutting back on the early

Cutting back on the early voting is probably financial. It was shortened by a week to ten days instead of seven. That still allows everyone the opportunity to vote without it interfering with their work. I was voting before NC had early voting and never missed an election because of work.

No one is being disenfranchised with requiring identification to vote. The law does not go into effect until January of 2016. Starting January 1, 2014, the NC DMV will no longer charge for ID cards. That gives everyone two years to get the ID needed to vote whether they are minority, poor, democrat, white, rich, republican, multi-racial, middle class, libertarian, independent or just plain unaffiliated.

Shame on you and NC ....

Shame on you and NC .... America is not about cheating, which is what the Republicans are trying to do....cheat on the backs of poor people who don't own cars, or are elderly and can no longer drive....shame shame shame...I will NEVER vacation in North Carolina again.


Cheating? Really?
Cheating on the backs of poor people? GIve me a break.

The people who don't own cars and the old folks who cant drive. Ok, so please tell me how these same people got to the polls last year? Probably the same way they would have the ability to get to the DMV to get a state issued ID?

Pure Ignorance at its best.

Please stay away, we don't like your ignorance in NC.

It is inconsiderate,

It is inconsiderate, immature, and vindictive to target a person's place of business for political protest.

Real Americans have more respect for each other.

Public protest -- at a place

Public protest -- at a place of business, at a place of leisure, in the streets -- is a legitimate forum for the expression of political grievances. Such expression is in fact guaranteed by the constitution. If senators support controversial legislation, they should expect the controversy to come to their front steps, wherever they may be. Such action is not immature or vindictive, though it may be bothersome to certain people. (Protest generally irks its targets.) But in the end, more than anything, protest is patriotic, wherever it occurs.


so since taxpayers pay for the legislative building, and the state house - I suppose it would be OK to protest on land the taxpayers own?
Why then were they arrested?
Its a free country and free speech by all sides should be encouraged.
Its how our democratic republic government works.

Real Americans yes, anybody

Real Americans yes, anybody that does not have enough responsibility to acquire a proper ID does not have enough judgment to vote in the first place. I for one have been very disappointed in Rabon and consider him a RINO in a lot of his voting, but this time I support him 100% and would have been in Southport today myself if I had have known there was going to be a protest and showing support for him. I hope he becomes more like Goolsby in time and we can get this state turned around.

Real Americans

Real Americans. I did not realize that the definition of an American was subject to your preferences. My understanding that the definition of a "real" American was written in to law.

When a person assumes

When a person assumes political office, they assume the responsibilities of that office. One such responsibility is accepting criticism, both public and private. Citizens have every right to protest outside the business of a legislator, as I recently did of my Senator, Pete Brunstetter in Winstn -Salem. I believe in courtesy, both professional, and personal, but not at the expense of free speech. The state legislature has infringed on the rights of citizens this year, and we are saying, no.

With regard to arguments for voter ID. There is no reason to deny students the use of their state-issued, school ID. Having had one, I see no possible way they could be tampered with, any more so han a drivers license could. The vast majority of students do not change their address on their drivers license to match their on-campus address because it is largely unnecessary and a hassle. Ifthey do not have an NC drivers license, they must provide other documents which are often kept at home with their parents, or cost money to replace, such as birth certificates.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court ruled in 1979 that students have a Constitutional right to vote where they go to school. I would love to see how it turns out for the Republican on the county board of elections in Elizabeh City who is trying to deny the student there the right to run for City Council on grounds that his on-campus address is not valid.

You provide identification when you register. That is enough. People are obsessed with the miniscule number of cases in which someone might try to vote twice, but are failing to see how in a misguided attempt to prevent it, are preventing hundreds of thousands of people from being able to vote at all. And before you say Im exaggerating, we have close to 300, 000 students in NC. Appalachan State just had their precinct removed, forcing people in Watauga County to vote somewhere inconveniently located in Boone that only has 35 parking spaces.