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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A New Hanover County woman said she was terrorized in her home by someone sworn to serve and protect.

Earlier this month, we told you about Darlene McGuire’s battle with a former friend over a dog. She said a New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputy broke into her home with a knife and forcefully detained her over the dispute.

McGuire said she was in her backyard when a deputy showed up and demanded she hand over the dog. When she called 911, she told the operator the deputy was threatening to break into her home.

McGuire said she gave the 2.5-pound Yorkie Maleah to a former friend’s wife. He gave it back to go on vacation. Then, he wanted it back. But, she said she owns it and has papers to prove it. So, the friend called the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office and reported Maleah stolen.

Dep. Paul McMahon showed up to track down the missing Yorkie.

“He then stated that he was going to bust in my door,” McGuire said. “He started jiggling the handle on the door so violently that one screw popped out.”

She refused to speak with the deputy, because she said he was harassing her, and she did not feel he had the right to be on her property.

“Then, the next thing I noticed is that the police officer’s on my front porch, and he took out a knife, and he started cutting into my doorway,” she said.

McGuire says she called the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office for help.

“I told them there’s going to be a murder here. He has a knife and he has a gun. I only have my little cane here, so there wasn’t much I could do,” she said.

Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer would not go on camera for this story, but he told us because a stolen dog was involved and McGuire threatened to use her cane, Dep. McMahon had the right to try to get into her home.

All the commotion was making McGuire sick, she said. She just had surgery and had a bad knee. So, dispatch sent an ambulance. McGuire said she told them she would only let one of the EMS workers into her house.

“I let EMS, one person in, and as the second person was trying to come in, an EMS person, that officer McMahon pushed his way. I tried to shut the door, and he pushed it so violently that I went flying back into the couch in my living room. And he grabbed me from my upper arm, and I have black and blues to show from that, the upper arm part here, and twisted it behind my back. And I’m screaming, ‘You’re hurting!” I just had gall bladder surgery, and my leg had a torn meniscus, so I was wobbling,” McGuire said. “And he handcuffed me behind my back so tight that I had bruises on both my wrists.

“I said, ‘What are you doing?’ And he said, ‘I’m arresting you.’ When I asked him why, he said because I called 911 on him,” McGuire said.

A day later, Sheriff Ed McMahon, no relation to the deputy, visited McGuire to inspect where the deputy had used his knife to try to get into her house.

She also requested to speak with District Attorney Ben David. She said he called her back and was rude on the phone. But, David said he’s never talked to her; rather one of his assistants did. McGuire requested a formal investigation. The Sheriff’s Office sent her a letter explaining it had looked into the matter, but could not tell her what it found or what disciplinary action had been taken.

“Now Sheriff McMahon admitted that they made a lot of mistakes, and he offered to pay my medical and he offered to pay to have my door repaired,” McGuire said.

Sgt. Brewer said the Sheriff only offered to look at an estimate for the door and never said he would pay for McGuire’s medical bills.

Late Wednesday afternoon, the Sheriff’s Office sent us a statement saying both it and the DA’s Office had done an internal investigation, and that both agencies concluded the deputy acted in good faith and no violations took place.

McGuire was never charged with any crime.

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  • Jlo

    It’s to bad WWAY didn’t think to do their job and trusted this women over the actual police report…. , a police report that was backed up by the other deputy on the scene. Sorry lady, but yea their were witnesses that backed up the deputy’s story and tore yours to shreds.

  • Guest1986

    You definitely need to find a new church!!!! Thats more drama than HBO, Cinimax, and Starz combined!!!
    And I will add that most people on here think the sheriffs department is above doing wrong.

  • Guest123456

    Does not matter how crazy people may think she is. If she has the papers then it is her dog… simpleas as that. Im trying to figure out when cops started to go into homes to take dogs?? Why was this officer alone? why was she not just served and gone to court?

  • Guest2020

    Who should police the police, the staff at Wal-Mart? Maybe some actors from the studio? I know, we should get Woody White and Brian Berger to police them. We could throw in Charles Warren from this side of the river and I would even give you Pat Sykes. I bet Columbus County would throw in RC Soles.

  • guesty

    She showed an AKC registration for the dog and it was in her name.

  • jj

    Did she have papers showing she owned the dog? If not was she arrested for stealing it or was the person who reported it stolen arrested for filing a false report?

    How about the 911 tapes?

  • Guest654654

    Did you actually read the article or watch the video…it’s clear this woman is lying through her teeth! She even laughed in the video as she was retelling part of her story where she was ‘thrown back onto the couch’… not even she could hide how rediculious her lies are


    Dear Harriet,

    Yes, I have heard Dee rant about being a Sunday school teacher many times, usually as she is getting placed into the back of a police car, having her mutts taken away by animal control, or some other brush with law enforcement. Every time I hear that line I feel guilty for not informing the church and its parents of the danger they are placing their children in, but in the end I know that no good deed will go unpunished.

    Even if I have never seen Dee before the video, I would not let her anywhere my children or those of my church family, just based on her own statements (1) she would not open the door for police, (2) the helter skelter nature of her accusations (3) she admits taking her friends dog and refused to give it back, aka stealing it (4) seeing her dart and flail about like a crazy woman in front of a news camera. ANY ONE OF THOSE ACTIONS WOULD DISQUALIFY HER FROM BEING ANYWHERE NEAR MY CHILDREN, of course, I respect that you may have not have children or simply parent by lesser standards.

    I don’t know what to make of your attack on your co-workers religion, but it does lead me to question your values and judgement.

    And now for the best and final offer. In addition to providing you with 20 gallons of “puppy-mill purple” paint, I will provide anyone who buy’s Dee’s house with 20 gallons of tasteful paint. And if you act this week, I will donate a couch from my own living room for Dee to use on her new front porch.

    I assume that as a church-family member, you will help relocate Dee from this undeserving community. Please let me know where to send the PUPPY-MIL PURPLE paint

    Yours Truly, VERY HAPPY

  • Math 101

    The “lap” dog had two?? How many did the other 19 dogs have? Easy Harriet (God is watching!)

  • Elroyface

    How could that be?

  • Harriet

    First of all who has this much time on their hands? Secondly, I have known this woman through church for years. Very dependable, trustworthy, HONEST, and a heart of gold. She teaches Sunday school, her passion throughout her life as she was an elementary educator. So your false claims on her towards a child- highly doubtful.

    The article stated she had many health problems and surgeries. As a neighbor- did you ever once offer to help her or are you too good for that? It’s a sad world that people like you would rather bully and make fun than help.

    We had an employee that was let go years ago on that lives on that street- a social worker type position. She was very two faced, totally hypocrite in religion and life. I’m sure you two are friends. Maybe even your partner in bullying ladies.

    And a puppy mill- Do you know the meaning? Her lap dog had 2 puppies last year- far from a puppy mill!!! No authorities have ever removed anything. More fabricated lies.

    I will pray for you, your hatred, & drama issue.

  • Guest2012

    Like you, right???

  • Happy

    Yes, we have called animal control. They don’t throw her in jail, they just take away dogs until Dee is at her legal limit, somewhere around twenty dogs (20)

    Here is my new offer…. If you help Dee relocate to your own community, I will personalty donate 20 gallons of “Puppy Mil Purple” exterior house paint for her new home. While this will make Dee feel at home it will also drive down your property value, in any case, you can look out your own front door at this lovely color.

    With Dee as your neighbor you can also enjoy shopping at her continuous yard sale, buy puppies and used clothing without getting in your car. Gosh, will this make your community a “Green Community” and reduce carbon footprint?

  • Guest2020

    I would not let her near my children either, but I do take exception to one thing you said. Her not opening her door to the police is not necessarily a bad thing. Under the Constitution we are guaranteed the freedom from unreasonable search and seizure. Unless the police officer had probable cause to enter the house, he had no right to do so. If he had a warrant to execute or if someone was in immediate danger he was legally allowed to enter the home. Otherwise, the woman was under no obligation to let him in.

  • Monkey Junction


  • tke1

    Too bad this lady lives in the county. She sounds qualified for the Wilmington City Council. I hear there is an opening.

  • Guest111

    You, as her neighbor, knowing she is running a puppy mill and has a history of having animals taken from her should be the one to call animal control and help these poor dogs out. You can do it without giving your name out. How about doing this good deed?

  • Guest2020

    You act as if church people and teachers are above doing wrong. They are no better than anyone else.

    Priests do a lot in church and some of them have proven to be unworthy of their position. I had a preacher that sexually assaulted a vulnerable female member of the congregation. There was a youth pastor who was carrying on an affair while married. I know of an “upstanding” member of a church who molested his stepdaughter. I knew a deacon who treated his wife horribly and had everyone at church fooled as to what kind of person he was. There was a church pianist who, within the past couple of years, who was convicted of statutory rape after being caught with sex toys in his car when he was on his way to pick up a fifteen year old boy from school.

    There have been a number of teachers over the past several years who have proven to be less than upstanding. There are some who have had sex with their students. There have been some with drug charges. I personally know teachers who treat their students like trash. One even told a student that giving him a math test was a waste of paper.

    I don’t know this woman. I cannot personally say anything for her or against her. I can say that not all people are what the seem, but they are most likely be themselves when they are at home. What the neighbors see is probably a more accurate assessment of what she truly is than what she does at church. And if she is what her neighbors say, then it isn’t a wonder that they wouldn’t help her when she is in need.

    When she had health problems and surgery, did you help her?

  • Guest654654

    LOL “Only on 3″… that’s because no other news organization would waste air time telling the asinine accusations of a crazy lady…

  • Guest1971

    Really lady the uniformed law enforcement official was there to murder you? He had a legal reason to be on your property and was trying to discharge his official duties not only were you hindering and delaying this Deputy you made threats to him. It’s aparent this lady should maybe move back up north.

  • Happy

    Dee is well known on our street and everyone I know would love to see her move. We were all thrilled to see her handcuffed and sitting in a sheriff’s car, this was better than the royal wedding and super bowl rolled into one. Yes, she has a puppy mil, she sells the dogs under cover and dogs have been taken from her home many times by authorities. This is the stereotypical bag lady living with 75 cats in squalor, except she has little rat dogs instead of cats. Your TV_3 reporting is slipshod at best, I suggest you call animal control for a history. With that said; I understand that “crazy’ makes sensational TV and that’s why you get out of bed every day. You may be pleased to learn that Dee has belched out to 3 year old children who live on our street, informing the little tykes that they are actually bastards and their parents don’t love them. There have been some reckless driving around the same little tykes, too bad Dee didn’t share her feelings about her neighbors, that would have been colorful. While we will be happy to see her move or go to prison, we will likely miss her because her spastic adventures give us something to laugh about when there is nothing good on the news. Hey, here’s an idea, ask any of your listeners who might believe Dee is a victimized little old lady to relocate her to their own community.

  • Debbie

    What a joke. Again police policing themselves. She had a cane, he had a knife, a gun and he felt so threaten he had to force himself into her home. Any rational person would have walked away when threaten and really he could have attempted an investigation another day with another officer for backup.

  • Guest-o-matic

    No law official has the right to act inappropriately during an investigation! I fully support the NHCSO, but they have definitely had their share of derelict officers to cull as of late.

    As a point of interest, what qalifications do you have that allow you to refer to another as a “crazy lady” aside from smelly armchair speculation?

  • Yiff

    NHC Sheriff Department…,You have some Splain’in to Do!

  • Guest111

    WWAY, why do you keep giving this woman publicity? She’s some sort of a nut case. Let it go.

  • Elroyface

    She moved here from up North – What part?

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