Man described as one of city’s worst offenders back in jail, mom talks ONLY ON 3

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Submitted: Fri, 08/23/2013 - 3:28am
Updated: Fri, 08/23/2013 - 12:59pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A man Police Chief Ralph Evangelous dubbed one of Wilmington’s worst offenders is back behind bars.

Rashawn Hines, 19, was arrested last night for a felony probation violation.

Earlier this month, Evangelous criticized a visiting judge for letting Hines go on a probation violation Hines told us was bogus.

“A visiting judge dropped the ball and released one of our worst offenders back onto the streets,” Evangelous said during a news conference Aug. 8.

A few days later, we asked Hines in an ONLY ON 3 interview what he thought of the chief’s statements.

“They let me go. They get on TV saying I’m the worst criminal, the day I got out I was shooting. I was in here in the bed,” Hines said.

Less than two weeks later, Hines is back in jail. This time it’s for another felony probation violation.

According to court documents, Hines violated the terms of his probation when he was convicted Wednesday of resisting an officer.

Hines agreed to do a jailhouse interview with us, but when we arrived, he refused, saying there was nothing more to talk about.

His mother spoke on his behalf instead.

She says since his release from jail, her son had been staying out of trouble and attending school every day working toward his GED.

“He told us he was trying to change, you know? But what can he do?” Fredericka Hines said.

She says the whole reason he pleaded guilty is because his lawyer quit the day before his court date, and he did not have the time or money to get a new attorney.

“So he went in there to ask for a motion. The judge didn’t want to give him a motion,” Fredericka Hines said. “He said that case was going to be tried today. He wanted to hear it today. It had to be tried. So it was either find your lawyer right then out there in the courthouse, or you’re going to take care of it yourself.”

Fredericka Hines says her son did not feel he would be treated fairly.

“So he just went on and took the guilty plea, even though he didn’t feel he was guilty, but he just felt that he wasn’t going to have a fair trial, so that’s why he took a guilty plea,” she said.

Hines is in the New Hanover County Jail under $500,000 bond. He is due back in court Monday.

“The recent arrest of Rashawn Hines is the result of a combined effort with the Wilmington Police Department, the New Hanover County Courts and our local probation office,” Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said in a statement to WWAY. “We are committed to removing repeat offenders from our streets who fail to obey the law.”


  • Eaglemania says:

    Anothet piece of crap blaming everyone else but himself. Lock him up for life and throw away the key. The city is better off without him!

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    The very reason the US has the highest incarceration rate is because the legal system is a joke! When prison is made to be a place one DOES NOT want to go, they would start thinking about those consequences BEFORE committing the crime. Three violent felonies and you’re in for the rest of your life, no questions asked, no “get out of jail free” card.

    Here’s a start:
    No TV
    No education. That isn’t what prisons are for. I had to work hard to pay for my education, not commit crimes to get it.
    No workout areas or basketball courts
    12-14 hr a day work schedules at hard labor. That will serve as their “workout”.
    Water only. No tea, no sodas.
    One 40 watt light bulb in each cell. No paint.
    Model the prisons identically after those known about in Mexico and Turkey.

    Criminals are criminals. Those that prove their intent is to commit more crime (3-time offenders) will never be free to do it again. THAT, Monkey dude is how you reduce crime! Not through a bunch of mamby-pamby, Koom-bye-yahh hand slapping crap you describe.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    The stuff you call “hostile to the American way of life” is exactly what’s causing the problem, we aren’t doing it. We need to adopt a few hard lines with criminals to start making a difference. What we do now is fully in-effective. There is nothing at all “anti-American about the post you commented on. Step away from praying to your Obama bumper sticker and get real. His “change” ain’t happnin’!

    Changes need to happen. The hammer needs to start dropping!

  • GuestRoland Stone says:

    NO NO NO!!! Not a work prison!….put him in a nursing home, so everything will be stole from him and molested at night!!

  • Fed Up says:

    I’m sure this is somehow the white man or the cop’s fault! This is so off of the news story subject but I have the chance to voice my feelings. I am one of the least racist people you will ever meet, in fact I am white and one of my best friends is black. However, I am so sick of everything that goes wrong in some blacks lives is because of the white man! Slavery was before our time and is no longer practiced so let it go and if you want to blame someone….blame your own, they are the ones who sold you to the white man! I guess we make them go out and steal, do drugs, murder…and so on! There ARE whites that do the same kind of things everyday but it is not the black mans fault. Every time something happens, the word racist is thrown out! Take responsibility for YOUR OWN actions and decisions ….black or white!!!!!!

  • Guest3293 says:

    You are so right..prisons need to be work prisons!!! Prison is where this thug belongs. The sad thing is he will more likely have it better in prison than he has had on the streets. Clean place to sleep, three meals a day that he doesn’t have to pay for, basketball court, exercise equipment, an education, free health care, and lots of other freebees.

    In the meantime, schools are cutting jobs and our children are taking the shaft and are being crowded in classrooms. Law abiding citizens are having to pay $50-100 dollars for school supplies to get our kids started on their education for the next year. They will have to pay $2 (in our county) daily to eat lunch. I know there is “free” lunch, but it is based solely on your income. It matters not that you make $50,000 annually, but that 100% of that income goes to mortgage, auto, health insurance, auto insurance, medical bills, utilities, gas, clothing, etc.

    Our “lawmakers” should seriously consider reversing the roles of prisons and schools. If the prisons were made a workforce and inmates were made to work for their food, housing, health insurance, and the luxuries were taken away, some of these thugs wouldn’t be so happy to become repeat offenders. And the money saved could support our schools in a better way.

  • Truth B Told says:

    There is a sure fire cure for animals like this thug and like the ones who killed the baseball player in Ok….a short drop, a sudden stop and a slow swing. Where is all the outrage like when Trayyyvon got shot? If things were handled properly, the cops should start blasting when they see somebody wearing gang colors or throwing gang signs….yes, the cure is available and the disease is spreading.

  • Wilmington Observer says:

    A “frequent flyer” of the criminal justice system and another example of why I would prefer my (tax) money be diverted to the building and staffing of more prisons instead of providing others housing, medical care, education, transportation, job training, daycare, cellphones, etc, etc.

    Wilmington Observer

  • Monkey Junction says:

    Why did you put all of those y’s in that name? Was that supposed to make a point?

    So now wearing gang colors and throwing gang signs in now punishable by death by the police. No arrests, no trials, no judges. Just shoot them in the street or in their homes.

    Take a step away from the computer and try to think about how anti-American your post is. That kind of stuff goes on in countries that we consider to be hostile to the American way of life.

  • Dave says:

    I know the solution. We buy his gun back.Then the city has funded this criminal. Stricter laws and punishment need to be placed. Prisons need to be work prisons. If you don’t work you don’t eat. You get out of line, you serve more time and more work. Also could have bad punishment that would put the fear of GOD in you. Gun buy backs is not the solution.

  • Monkey Junction says:

    The United States already has the highest incarceration rate in the world right now (take that China!) And now Wilmington Observer wants to build even more prisons. If your and my tax money is moved away from education and job training there will be most likely be an increase in the crime rate. Can you see how your logic is a bit off here? Why don’t we spend more money on job training and education so that we don’t have to build more prisons. People with jobs instead of being in jail help to stabilize families and lead to more productive (and tax paying) lives.

    Now this guy looks to be trouble and should serve time for his crimes but your view of America in my opinion will only lead to problems.

  • DP101 says:

    Lets vote for some changes, Prisons should not have TV’s in every dorm, no basketball court ad weights at their leisure. Prison should be a work, work, work camp. Put a chain around his neck and put him in the swamp or pull weeds from the side of the road. This thug needs some disciplinary action against him like some real punishment not a slap on the hand.

  • Guest12345 says:

    I agree Monkey Junction! How would Truth B Told feel if they or a loved one were shot just because they chose to wear red or blue on any given day?

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    Seems to me that’s a pretty impressive record for a teenie-bopper. He deserves the label applied to him and it’s HIS responsibility to shake it!

  • Guest2020 says:

    I agree that there is that possibility, but there is the possibility that the police and the judge have overstepped their bounds in trying to keep this man behind bars. And it doesn’t help that the police chief has dubbed him one of the most dangerous men in town, when his record does not bear that out. Granted, there was a murder, that they think he may, possibly be involved with. That is what initiated his being charged with resisting arrest. There have been no arrests in that case, and to me it looks like they are trying to keep him behind bars to make up for the fact that they cannot solve the murder.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    Chief Evangelous was absolutely right.

    In his WWAY interview, this thug was wearing gang colors, and acting just as cocky as can be.

    How many times do the police have to arrest this criminal, robber, before he goes off to prison, for the several years he needs to do ?

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    …it’s directly proportional to how many times the judges and the DA’s allow him to play with that revolving courtroom door like its a merry go ’round. Looking at the current stats, he has at least 15 more felony convictions coming before he’ll do any serious time. The unfortunate thing is, Ol’ Hines here knows this fact better than WE do!

  • person says:

    freaking amazing! I thought you were innocent and the cops had you wrong. Right. POS needs to stay in jail!

  • wilm here says:

    well. well…………………………

  • wilm tax payer says:

    well………… well,,,,,,,,,,,, well …………… so mom what u got to say about your son now…………………..

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    I knew it wouldn’t be long before your mug crapped all over my computer screen again!

  • tke1 says:

    I wasn’t there in court but from what Hines said and other statements in the article (if you can believe either one), a couple of things could be going on. First, it is an old thug game to lose your lawyer at the last minute and hope for another continuance for your case while you get another lawyer. Or, second, the lawyer ditched Hines due to “Rule No. 1″, also known as “State vs. Green”. The lawyer had not gotten paid. No pay-no work. Attorneys who do “credit cases” don’t do them for long. When there is no money coming in it is hard to pay the rent. It is cash up front when you hire an attorney for a criminal case.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I cannot believe that you are all overlooking the fact that this man had his Constitutional right to an attorney violated. The judge was out of order in the way he handled this. Hines needs to appeal.

  • Guesttoo says:

    You may be right…but only if you buy into what his mama is saying. I’m sure the court documents could prove that out one way or the other. His ex lawyer could also answer a few questions that would help determine the authenticity of the story.

    I’m a little skeptical and there’s always the possibility that mama just might be a little biased.

  • Lock him up says:

    Thats how long they need to keep him locked up

  • gramps1945 says:

    He’s a wonderful boy, who has just made a few mistakes. Now he’s trying real hard. The Police are the ones who are wrong. He never actually robbed anyone, and a better lawyer, and a nicer judge, could have made it right. Could have got him off.

    I can’t believe this. No wonder he’s such a criminal. Just listen to his mother.

    This is more then just a simple ‘Newsflash’. And I love the way WWAY is giving us a small taste of how these monsters are raised. We get to see more of a ‘Inside Story’. Many bloggers get mad at stories, like this, but I think they’re great. Keep up the great work, WWAY, and Alyssa.

  • Downtown Girl says:

    You’re not kidding. This news bit clearly took us into the minds of these monsters, and how they are raised.

    My impression was……….

    So what, if he actually robbed someone. The judge and his lawyer are the reason for his problem. He should have gotten off. He said he’ll go to school. You got to give him, at least, one more break. It is so unfair the way you oppress this poor boy.

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