NC legislature meets next month to consider vetoes

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Submitted: Thu, 08/22/2013 - 8:15pm
Updated: Thu, 08/22/2013 - 11:53pm

RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Gov. Pat McCrory has scheduled the session when the North Carolina lawmakers will return to Raleigh to consider overriding his first two vetoes on bills related to immigration and drug testing for welfare applicants.

McCrory issued a proclamation Thursday calling the reconvened session for Sept. 3. The state constitution required him to order one by Sept. 4 or his vetoes would have been canceled automatically.

Now, three-fifths of those present in the House and Senate will have to vote to override to enact each bill. Both pieces of legislation passed by wide margins. McCrory has been using video and Facebook to lobby legislators.

McCrory still has 34 bills on his desk from this year’s session. He must act on them by Sunday night or they’ll become law without his signature.

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  • Guestgr says:

    This Catawba College drop-out from OHIO and his ALEC cronies will drive this state into the abyss.

  • Maureen A. Wilson says:

    HB786 is a very bad bill for legal residents. Both Senators Goolsby and Rabon voted YES!
    The bill increases “seasonal worker” employment from 3 months to 9 months. Initially it was 12 months OR…permanent employment. The definition of “seasonal worker” includes jobs in our area; hotel, restaurant, landscaping, construction, etc. This is NOT just agriculture. Employers of “seasonal labor” are exempted from E-Verify LEGAL hiring. Therefore, they hire illegal aliens with no federal background checks, no Visa, no valid ID and REPLACE American workers. It’s that simple. Some companies will be held to the standard of LEGAL hiring and some will not…this bill will encourage a flood of illegals to seek jobs in our state. With this comes the collateral damage of document fraud, anchor babies, driving with NO license/insurance, social welfare benefits for these ANCHOR babies, interpreters, education, etc. The list is long and damaging to citizens. Tell our Reps NO – legal hiring only.

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