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UPDATE: Cyclist dead, driver charged after crash


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The driver of the vehicle that hit and killed a bicyclist faces DWI charges now.

According to a Wilmington Police Department news release, 59-year-old Christina Marcotte was driving the SUV that ran into 49-year-old Robert Byrd around noon Thursday.

The crash happened at 4th and Greenfield Streets when Byrd was riding his bike. Byrd was taken to the hospital where he later died from head injuries.

Marcotte is still in police custody and might face more charges.

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It's not the cyclist's fault

While I do agree that motorists are not sharing the road well with bicyclists, this motorist is just plum crazy. She lived in our neighborhood (Olde Towne in Belville) and it was clear that she had mental health issues. The whole situation is very sad!

I think I recognize that

I think I recognize that bike, does anyone know if this was the guy that hangs out at Books A Million? I just saw him.

Yes! He did go to books a

Yes! He did go to books a million daily as part of his routine.Robert work part time at Checkers where he did maintenance. He also picked up aluminum cans for extra money. As with a lot of others the economy cost him his Good job, But with the true spirit of an industrious individual he found something to do. He was my friend of which i will miss. RIP Robert

Has anyone seen an obituary

Has anyone seen an obituary for Robert?

As annoying as it may be to

As annoying as it may be to deal with cyclists, they still have a right to be on the road and we need to be mindful of them.

Another Cyclist Killed

Far too cyclists in this town are killed by careless or drunk drivers.

I do not know if this is the case with this driver, but "the driver of the car is in custody" suggests the driver is somehow at fault.

I don't know if alcohol is involved, but it is the cause of many fatal accidents here and around Wilmington. It is not for nothing that Wilmington has been named as one of the ten "drunkest" cities in the United States.

And more bars are opening downtown . . .

Wilmington, NC--one of the Ten Drunkest Cities in the United States!

Something for the chamber of commerce to celebrate!

Your Holier Than Thou Agenda!

Wilmington is not even in the top 25. However this is an article about something that happens far too often here in Wilmington.
Just get out and look around this town. Bicycle lanes that start and end in the middle of nowhere. Bike lanes made out of what used to be a sorry excuse for a shoulder lane. People running over the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge in the tiny shoulder. If there is a sidewalk it starts and ends much the same as the bike lanes. Give me a good reason there hasn't been a good size bike lane put down River Rd. Why aren't all the intersections well defined and lit? Why are there not more crosswalks at intersections? This is a town that could not give to cents about the safety of any type of pedestrian!!
I send my condolences out to the victim of this, yet another tragedy, in this very pedestrian unfriendly town.