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Cash runs out during gun buyback


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- If you didn't line up early, you didn't get a shot at cash for guns this weekend in Wilmington.

"There were so many people around that at one point, we didn’t know what to do with them," said event organizer Patrick Holmes. "But the Lord blessed us that we were able to reach into our own pockets to get some more money. People were also willing to take an I owe you."

Organizers scheduled the Proutey-Greene Gun Buyback effort from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, but the money was gone shortly after the event kicked off at all three locations. Organizers say they were surprised to turn away more guns than they could take in, but were happy to provide the community with an outlet for unwanted weapons.

"Even after the money was depleted, individuals said just take the gun," said LINC Executive Director Frankie Roberts. "They just really wanted to get it out of the house and did not know of a way to surrender it."

Deputy Chief Mitch Cunningham of the Wilmington Police Department said the buyback turned over 23 rifles and shotguns, and 44 handguns. The program spent around $4,000.

"While we are not necessarily going to tie this to immediate reduction in violence, it is immediate reduction in potential for violence with less weapons on the street," said Cunningham.

Organizers say that was the main goal.

"I think anytime you can get guns off of the street it creates an environment where people feel more safe," said Roberts.

LINC Incorporated and other volunteers will likely host another buyback this November.

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Surrender a gun??

People dont know how to surrender a gun? Put it in your car trunk UNLOADED, drive to the Police station, walk inside WITHOUT the gun (unless you want to die) tell them you have it in the trunk and want to get rid of it, they will walk out with you and take it. OR unload it and throw it in the river.


How does this "get guns off the street ". These guns weren't " on the street " to begin with. Criminals can't buy a gun for $100, why would they sell one for $100 dollars. Don't be silly !

Would love to see these

Would love to see these actually destroyed. Most likely these guns will be sold to private dealers and eventually some will end up back on the street or sold to some third world country. These guns would be valued at a minimum of $25,000 up towards $100,000. Either way a $4000 investment is wonderful.


I would bet a majority of these guns were stolen and that the police will not make an effort to do a background check on these weapons and return them to their rightful owners, if they were stolen. I guess the liberal anti-gun agenda of destroying all guns is more important than returning stolen property to their rightful owners. Gun buy backs do nothing but encourage criminals to steal more guns to make more money, while doing nothing real to solve crime.

According to the latest

According to the latest newscast, you are both wrong. There will be an effort to return stolen guns to their rightful owners and the others will be destroyed.

Ridiculous feel good silliness!

Hope this silliness makes these people feel good, but they will have to collect alot more than 68 guns to compete with the 10s of MILLIONS that have been sold in the last year to law abiding citizens, all thanks to Obamas rabid anti gun rhetoric. These dog and pony shows are pure stupidity, but they suit the crowd that is perpetuating this "buyback" myth that a handful of old junk guns will have any effect on crime.

Where do the guns go now?

What exactly are they going to do with those guns? Some departments have been reselling them to make the money back. So much for "getting them off the streets".


What a waste of money. Do you really think anyone that turned a gun in actually used it? LOL Yeah I am sure all the thugs were there selling their piece.