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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police are searching for five men they say are responsible for robbing two delivery drivers.

“During the late shift I feel sketched out going to some of the places around here,” driver Andrew Stathakis said.

Stathakis has never been robbed, but he says hearing stories of other drivers who have makes him nervous, especially after this past weekend, when police say there were two robberies of drivers just blocks away from each other.

Stathakis, who delivers for Jimmy John’s downtown, worries most about venturing away from the river.

“The further you go back it seems to get a little worse, but you just have to tough it out,” he said.

Police say Saturday night a female driver from Domino’s was robbed by two black males in blue jeans, one with a white t-shirt, the other with a red polo. The victim said the men were standing at the bottom of the front steps at a home on South 14th Street and pointed their fingers as guns. She called 911, but one man took the pizza while the other pushed her down, choked her, then took her phone.

“That’s about all you can do is give them what they want and get out of there,” Stathakis said.

Sunday night another driver was a target on North 13th and Grace streets. This time police say it was three masked men.

To keep safe, Stathakis says he tries to be discreet.

“I try not to draw too much attention to myself, like keep my money in my pocket; don’t ever flash all the money I have,” he said.

Police say they do not know if these two cases are connected.

Of course, this is not the first time this has happened in Wilmington. In one case, a group of young men is accused of killing and robbing a delivery driver last year at 13th and Queen streets.

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  • jj1111

    U are dumb

  • francesr3g@yahoo.com


  • Guest2020

    The solution is to either arm the delivery drivers, like the one in Florida who killed his would-be robber, or to quit delivering in the risky neighborhoods.

  • Tim

    The Democrat Party cannot afford to run the thugs and hoodlums out of town. Where would their votes come from in the next election? The Democrats bus them all to the polls to vote for more welfare and handouts. The fact that innocent citizens get killed from time to time means nothing to the politicians.

  • GuestAnswer

    The people of the community still need their food delivered and the food vendors have to make their living. This does not change. The solution? Force the food vendors (by city ordinance) to carry a 10 million dollar insurance policy on each and every delivery person, providing for their survivors should they be murdered or maimed, either physically or mentally. The family of the dead or maimed delivery driver get a payday, the economy continues to provide jobs for the food vendors and the needs of the community are met. EVERYONE WINS!!! YEAH!!!!!

  • Are You Serious

    That is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard. You obviously have lost touch with reality.

  • Guestwho

    No delivery for you! There is no way I’d deliver anything into neighborhoods like this. Proprietors of delivery restaurants should just cut them off. I mean…best case scenario delivering in the hood is getting a 25cent tip and not getting robbed..

  • NOW who is the racist?

  • Angewidert

    Although not everyone who lives there is a thug, there are now certain neighborhoods in Wilmington (and elsewhere) where thug culture rules. These are the neighborhoods that consistently tolerate high levels of crime and violence. That could never happen if the majority of the residents of those neighborhoods didn’t tacitly allow it to happen. Why do I say that? Because in other neighborhoods where residents don’t tolerate that sort of behavior, crime is down, but in “Thugland” it’s up.

    As “Pink” said (down the page a bit) “There is a disturbing breakdown of moral restraint among certain elements of our community.” That doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There are always contributing factors. Regardless of how many factors there are, it all boils down to a few specific things; this community refuses to take responsibility for itself, and in particular, the parents in those communities refuse to assume the responsibility of effectively raising their own offspring.

    Sooner or later, if this continues to happen, “Thugland” will find itself isolated from the rest of us. Our tolerance for this sort of nonsense will not continue ad infinitum. Goods and services will no longer be available there. “Thugland” will find itself totally isolated and will eventually wind up feeding on itself even more than it does now.

    All of this is preventable. It’s as simple as taking responsibility for what’s consistently going on in the community instead of constantly wailing about being victims and coming up with a gazillion reasons why it’s someone else’s fault. Other neighborhoods do that. So can “Thugland”.

    Hey “Thugland”: It’s time to make a choice. Fish or cut bait. Either suck it up and find some moral fortitude or flush yourselves down your own toilets. The choice is up to you.

  • Pink

    These robberies are going to make delivery drivers refuse to go to certain areas of downtown Wilmington after dark. Robbing a delivery driver would have been unthinkable twenty years ago. Today it seems to be quite common.

    I recall the Chinese delivery man who was shot dead on Queen Street last year. The kids, after killing him, sat down and ate the food, and after enjoying every tidbit, they went back to the car and robbed the corpse.

    There is a disturbing breakdown of moral restraint among certain elements of our community. So many young males have embraced the thug culture celebrated in rap lyrics. I never thought I would live to see the day that robbing, raping, and killing would be considered cool, but “cool” these crimes seem to be in the world of Hip Hop.

  • Sgt Hardy

    ahh yes….hiphop, that devil…hmmm..how many radio stations are owned by young thugs? Wonder who in the world would go and manipulate young minds with the worst lyrics when they could choose songs by smarter writers??? gun, liquor, fashion, jewelry and sex sellers come to mind…the ones who buy the ads from big daddy..

  • Harry Balscak

    Those fine upstanding sons of Obama didn’t get the memo there was a gun buyback at the church last weekend!

  • Rita Book

    A thief has no care for politics. You should think before you speak.

    …also Ben Affleck is batman THANKS ALOT OBAMA.

  • Guest tigercat

    Harry, you are a real piece of crap.Pres Obama had nothing to do with
    the street thugs. I bet you look the other way at crimes (white collar or other types)

  • Guestwho

    You’re a sad little racist man.

  • Winston Smith

    Sadly enough, the commentary to the story really misses the issues facing neighborhoods where the social and economic problems are re-occurring themes. The comment about Obama’s sons is another silly racial comment to infuriate folks which is absolutely irresponsible to say the least. As a younger person several years ago, I had to live in a community where crime was rampant as I had become divorced with several financial burdens and could not afford the rent elsewhere. The people in the community were scared by the random violence and the police were leery of the surroundings. Most of the folks who lived around me were really good people trying to do whatever they could to get away the area, but the reality is you live where you can afford to live. Delivery places wouldn’t come into the neighborhood after dark and for the most part everyone knew why the issue existed. They didn’t want to be robbed.

    The inference of racially based commentary doesn’t solve the issue. Approaching the problem with an air of condescension implies ignorance and a lack of any real knowledge about what the community surrounding these incidents really experiences. I’ve worked in and around the area in question. The assumption that the people who live there support thug culture is just plain ridiculous. Most of these folks are in a constant state of fear. The reluctance to speak with the police is driven by the threat of retribution from the “thugs”.

    It’s very sad that a country which often describes itself as a base of “Christianity” maintains a population which hates itself and propagates hatred towards itself. That’s what’s really killing America. The descent has been happening for a very long time, but it has taken an economic disaster to re-appoint the blame. As usual the weakest people are always to blame from the weakest minds which feel themselves threatened. It’s abject spiritual sickness driven by ignorance. Get off of the color bandwagon and join the human race because you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution.

  • Angewidert

    I’m not part of the problem and I’m not going to feel guilty about that just because it’s politically correct to do so. That’s just a load of fallacious crap. I have no doubt that you mean well, but even though you lived there, it’s time to enter the world of reality and stop making up excuses. Unfortunately, that’s what far too many of the residents of “Thugland” have been doing for far too long and the results have been disastrous. That’s no one’s fault but their own.

    Thought I’d (for the most part) respectfully reply to a couple of your points:

    – The comment about Obama’s sons was totally stupid and inflammatory. You are 100% right.
    – “inference of racially based commentary doesn’t solve the issue” ….. True, but it just can’t be ignored. The elephant in the room is still the elephant in the room.
    – “assumption that the people who live there support thug culture is just plain ridiculous” ….. By doing nothing to change it, the community is tacitly, I’ll say it again, tacitly, supporting thug culture.
    – “Most of these folks are in a constant state of fear” ….. We all are in those neighborhoods but the residents of those neighborhoods live there and it’s up to them to take them back.
    – “The reluctance to speak with the police is driven by the threat of retribution from the “thugs” …..In today’s high-tech world there really are ways to contribute to fighting lawlessness while still remaining nominally anonymous. The alternative is to just let thugs rule the neighborhood. That goes nowhere.
    – “It’s very sad that a country which often describes itself as a base of “Christianity” maintains a population which hates itself” ….. We don’t maintain that. It’s perpetuated by the very same community that is the problem.
    – “it has taken an economic disaster to re-appoint the blame” ….. (No respect here) It’s totally mindless to blame poverty for a complete communal lack of morality. That is just a giant stinking heap of steaming male bovine waste!
    – “As usual the weakest people are always to blame from the weakest minds which feel themselves threatened” ….. Half right. The weakest people who won’t do anything to change their own community. That’s because they can’t find the courage within themselves to act appropriately, so that’s correct. As to the rest of us being the weakest minds: If that were really the case, crime would be up in neighborhoods other than in “Thugville”, and it’s not.
    – It’s abject spiritual sickness driven by ignorance“….. (Again, no respect here) Another compete load of steaming male bovine waste! It’s an abject spiritual and moral weakness driven by the perpetuation of the myth that someone else should always fix your problems for you. That will never, ever work!
    – “Get off of the color bandwagon and join the human race” ….. Excellent point, but probably not as you intended. Stop playing the victim race card and start playing the reality card. If you don’t, nothing in this regard will ever change. It’ll just get worse; really worse.

  • Tracie C

    This is one of the most intelligent comments I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Thank you for showing me there ARE still people with sense.

  • YIFF

    People need some real leadership in these neighborhoods. Grow a backbone!

    Oh we don’t want to look like George Zimmerman, were afraid of the Thugs.

    We want the police to do the job but not to harshly.

    I’m afraid to call the Police too much and look like George Zimmerman.

    It ain’t cool to snitch…..

    What a bunch of weak-minded people we have become in the US…where we have the most rights and freedom and we take it all for granted.

    You may not like the police but regardless I bet you they are 10 times better than the Gangs and Thugs selling drugs, robbing, killing, raping. They are terrorists and you allow them in your neighborhoods.

    I say organize, not as vigilantes but as assertive and organized neighborhood watches that not only snitch but rid their neighborhoods of this evil.

    My gosh do you all read the news people are dieing in Syria, Egypt all over daily into the thousands…dieing fighting for their freedom from brutal oppression. Women and children killed daily by real thugs not wannabes and your gonna allow wannabe thugs push you around and intimidate you.

    The police is not your enemy. The enemy is in your neighborhood PUNKS

    While your crying about fear poor people are dieing standing up to Real Brutal Lawless Armies.

    I’ve lived overseas and I know the criminal gangs there make ours look like YUPPY’s dressed up in Hell’s Angels costumes. Kids carrying AK-47’s roaming the Real Slums. They attack police stations and the Police attack them as well. Prisons that would make ours look like country clubs. Criminal networks that could lock down one the biggest cities in the world Sao Paulo Brazil with literally hundreds of police executed.

    Slums (favelas) in Rio and Sao Paulo are virtual war zones with machine gun fire between the police and rival gangs a regular occurence. The death rates there many times surpass the death rates in war zones in the Middle East.

    Our poorest people here in Wilmington would be considered well off compared to the dirt poor in the favelas and junkyards

    In this country in this city with our resources if you choose to live in a high crime area and scared (or lazy) to do something about it you will be run over.

    Your not in a third world or developing country and not in a war torn country. It’s not a big city. Come on you have more advantages in ridding your neighborhoods from these criminals than you think.

    They’re Punks. They wouldn’t survive a day or an hour with a real gang overseas.

    You keep letting them run over your neighborhoods they will get stronger. The Mexican Cartels are expanding and believe it or not they are quietly in this area and they will turns these wannabes into distributors and give them training and resources like they have done elsewhere. This stuff is documented. Read up on it.

    If not the Cartels another brutal foreign based gang MS13 who are all over the country and throughout North Carolina.

    ….to be continued……………………

  • AfghanHound

    The racial overtones of the “Obama’s Sons” comment is most unfortunate and highly offensive to me.

    I refuse to stoop to racial slurs. We should all be above that.

    Still, I think “Pink” made a legitimate point by saying that the Hip Hop Thug Culture has created in the minds of males– mostly young black males– a criminal mentality. Hip Hop glorifies killing. Read the lyrics. Like “Pink,” I cannot imagine how this non-music, this misogynistic and homophobic non-music has taken over our culture.

    We are paying a huge price for Hip Hop’s popularity by the havoc it releases on our society as a whole. And some people are paying for it with their lives.

    Black leaders must condemn rap. They must attack it vociferously. Rap, I believe, represents the most violent element in our ever-expanding debased and degrading popular culture.

    To put it bluntly, the consequences of Hip Hop are horrific.

  • Harry Balscak

    Obamas “Trayvon could be my son” was alot more offensive to me, by inserting race into a simple self defense case. Don’t see you complaining about that. Was Obamas continued mention of Trayvon Martin a “racial slur?” According to your feeble logic it was!

  • Guesteasy

    STOP all deliveries after dark. TOO bad for the decent folks, but yall need to get off your duffs and get the trash thugs out of you areas.

  • Pick it up!!!!!

    I can picture the outlash of naacp if we decided not to risk our lives and stop delivering to these areas.

  • truthseeker

    These neighborhoods will never change and should be blocked off and no car traffic allowed after dark. You cannot make me believe that the problem is not the raising of hoodlums in the black community. Parents there are nothing but immature, welfare sucking, uneducated, unemployed baby factories. They provide no guidance, no motivation and no leadership. You can have all the gun buyoffs, church leaders having talks for an eternity and nothing changes. The handguns and rifles shown were junk and thugs do not carry these type weapons. Until the black community can learn and practice decent standards, they are doomed to the same type behavior.

  • Tracie C

    ROFLROFLROFL!!! Awesome finisher for this comment Rita! Bravo!

  • Harry Balscak

    Obama said Trayvon could have been his son, he held up a gold teef dope slinging thug as the example of all blacks to follow. Obama infuses race politics into everything he says and does. He set race relations back to the 1950s with his demagoguing, so try your liberal spew on somebody else.


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