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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A motorcycle carrying at least one passenger on the back crashed into the woods just after crossing over the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge Sunday night.

Dispatchers say around 5:30 p.m., several calls came in about a motorcycle that crashed on the Brunswick County side of the bridge after heading out of downtown Wilmington.

Wilmington police, New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputies, and state troopers all responded to the scene, and then called for EMS.

Police say the driver may have been involved in a fight downtown before crashing his bike with one or two passengers on the back.

No word yet on injuries from the crash, or on charges that driver may face.

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  • Guest111

    Yet more proof of the stigma with downtown. Drinking. . bikers have bars downtown, they drive like bats out of hell down there and their motors are so loud in between all the buildings you can’t hear yourself think. Drinking doesn’t mix with anyone on four wheels or two. This is why I love Mayfaire. It’s peaceful, no fights, clean and beautiful and hasn’t been taken over by loud music, bikes or drunks. . . yet.

  • Guest11221

    These folks were involved in an altercation on Market Street near Water Street, then sped off like a bat out of hell. Drinking and bikers do not mix!!

  • Was there

    So from my understanding of the comments, never before or at least only once every few years is there an altercation downtown by someone drinking that gets in a car and speeds off? So non-bikers are fine and upstanding, don’t drink and never cause an issue downtown? Really? Stop with the drama, negative labels and stereotyping. And not a single word about the “bikers” that tried to stop him before he got on the bike or in the middle of the road while he tried to leave. Come back to reality if someone is drinking to excess what he does for a living, if he drives a Saab or dump truck or a bike makes no difference at all.

  • Guest2365

    Why do they not update these stories, you printed the first part, finish it, get updates! may never hear who it was, or why it happened?

  • Brother

    If you were there, did he have his GoPro on his helmet? This is my little brother, which I am assuming it was his GF on the back of the bike. Oh and today is his birthday!


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