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PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A woman and two men are in jail accused of breaking into a Pender County home and stealing medicine.

Pender County Sheriff’s Deputies say they responded last week to a home on US 17 in Hampstead for a an assault and a robbery. The victim said he and a friend at the home were assaulted by numerous subjects, who then stole prescription medications from the house.

Yesterday, a detective arrested Sky Alexis Bailey, 18, of Wilmington, for robbery, first degree kidnapping, assault inflicting serious injury and possession of drug paraphernalia. She is in jail under $300,100 secured bond.

Deputies also arrested Lucas Guy Lowery, 20, of Carolina Beach, who is in the New Hanover County Jail, and Steven Philligan, 21, of Wilmington.

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  • someonerandom

    According to facebook, Sky Bailey had court today….

    she only received house arrest


    What a dern shame

  • guesswhoiam1234

    My friend and I were fighting for our lives. Sky planned the whole thing according to all of her friends you all can say what you want about me but I was minding my own business and she asked if she could come by i have known her two or three years I trusted her obviously and as far as my record goes it has nothing to do with three kids kicking you in the face and ribs and also choking me then pulling a knife out on me when you dont have any idea why I moved here because I didn’t want to live near Philadelphia anymore I just want you all to know I had no idea if any of them were going to stop there is two other people they haven’t picked up either. Also please tell me why the one kid is smiling in his mugshot I only knew sky the other kids got brought for that reason

    • mimi

      Okay I’m gonna open myself up for judgement as well because I know you will…I was in rehab with this beautiful young woman and though I did not know her before this I can say that she is funny sweet and intelligent. Anne I just have 5 tell you a quote I once heard that said feel free to judge people because their sins are different than yours…that’s a sarcastic remark btw just because you have never robbed someone does not make you guiltless…let he who is without sin cast the first stone….anyway yes this robbery was planned and self serving but it is nonetheless a MISTAKE…and we all make them….this was her first charge she does deserve the chance to learn and grow and yes thankfully no one was killed or crippled…and all I really want to say is people are so quick to pass judgement but I am living proof that you can recover and live a productive honest life. I am not in any way trying to minimize what happened that day or the powerful grip of addiction…and guest 2020 my mother was is an amazing woman who raised me with good morals teaching me right from wrong and she practices what she preaches…point is one wrong step can lead you down the wrong path so don’t put your foot in your mouth because one day (not saying it will) but it could just as easily be your child in a situation like this or on drugs no matter how young or old it’s never to late for a person’s life to take a dramatic turn, for better or for worse….I am a firm believer that a person who is not happy with themself is going to be quick to pass judgement on the next person in an attempt to make themself feel and seem like a better person…just remember….judge not lest you be judged in return….just saying….

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