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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — Teachers and principals in Brunswick County will soon see an increase in pay, and employees can also expect a bonus check, according to a release from a spokeswoman with the school system.

District spokeswoman Jessica Swencki says the boost in pay comes after the Brunswick County Board of Education approved the 2013-2014 budget during a retreat held Wednesday.

According to the release, Swencki said “the most noted in the [budget] approval was a revision to the 2013-2014 supplement schedule which provides an increase for teachers, assistant principals, elementary, and middle school principals.” She added that the Board also approved a one-time $1000 bonus for employees.

The release goes on to say that “spending efficiencies are credited for the ability to provide this one time bonus for all full-time employees,” according to finance officer Freyja Cahill. “Part-time employees will receive a pro-rated amount.”

Swencki also included a break-down in how the pay increases will effect teachers who are just beginning their career in the classroom. According to the release, “For a beginning teacher the bonus equates to a 3.2% pay increase.” The release says that number, “combined with the revised supplement schedule rate of 7.7%, a beginning teacher in Brunswick County receives a 10.9% local supplement to the state’s base salary.”

Finally, once the bonus is combined with the supplement schedule, the boost will “equate to a 7% pay increase for an employee making $20,000 per year,” according to the release.

School district Superintendent Edward Pruden says he’s happy to reward such hard workers with the bonus. In the release, Pruden said, “The bonus in no way mitigates the need for significant and permanent increases to teacher salaries. North Carolina is $10,000 behind all border states.”

Board of Education Chairman Charles Miller agreed in the release, adding that the money is worth every penny, in an effort to keep outstanding teachers in the classroom.

According to the release, employees can expect the bonus in November.

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3 Comments on "Brunswick Co. Board of Education approves employee bonus"

2015 years 8 months ago

Can you ask Ms. Swencki did anyone to include administrative staff receive a raise with last few years?? I believe some administrative staff did however non-administrative staff did not. If so, I am sure the reason will be some type of reclassification or something to justify the raised that some people received. Just curious because I heard some rumors!

2015 years 8 months ago

Thank you Dr. Pruden for recognizing our teachers are underpaid. I looked at some of my High School aged sons teachers salaries and was appalled. He has excellent teachers at North Brunswick & they are not compensated fairly for the work they do.

2015 years 8 months ago

Obviously this money became available by making the changes to the start times and savings on transportation costs. While deserved, perhaps some of it should have been earmarked for a before-school programs so that parents can still maintain jobs while ensuring their students do indeed get to school.


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