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RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) — The North Carolina Supreme Court has granted a stay requested by Attorney General Roy Cooper that will keep registered sex offenders from using social media websites.

Cooper plans to appeal a ruling by The North Carolina Court of Appeals on August 20 which struck down North Carolina’s ban on registered sex offenders using sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The court said the ban in NC General Statute 14-202.5 “is not narrowly tailored, is vague, and fails to target the “evil” it is intended to rectify.”

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  • phil

    Roy cooper needs to step down out of office for willfully and knowingly supporting and enforcing unconstitutional laws. He should be arrested and and brought to justice for violating his Oath of office.
    He has willfully and knowingly
    Violated the US Constitution for his own Political gain. Basically he is like trying to say look at me I’m tough on crime. In all reality the laws
    He supports are just punishing people who have already been punished. Sentencing and punishment is supposed to come from the courts. NOT POLITICIANS LOOKING FOR VOTES. Make no mistake people what he gets away with with sex offenders will carry over to other people including perhaps yourself. Look up other unconstitutional laws he
    Supports. One just may effect you now.

  • Traci Valdez-Patton

    How do I help fix it? Sex offender laws now are just out of control…


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