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New 'Tag and Tax Together' program begins Sunday


RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- North Carolina motorists are going to have to pay their vehicle property tax and registration bill at the same time if they want to get their tags.

The new combined tax and tag law is taking effect Sept. 1

Margaret Howell of the North Carolina Department of Transportation says that, under the current system, motorists renew their registration, and a property tax bill for the vehicle follows a few months later.

But that's changing. Under the new law, motorists won't be able to register their vehicles until the taxes are paid.

Howell says counties requested the new law. That's because some motorists were putting off paying property taxes for their vehicles, and counties wanted the bills paid in a timely manner.

North Carolina has about 8.5 million registered vehicles.

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Double Tax?

I have a feeling that we are going to be double taxed. I have already paid my vehicle tax back in March and my tags don't expire till November. We'll see come November.

Sept. 1

I got my Tax and Tag bill a month ago.

Pay both at DMV?

I understand the states point, but your taxes have to be paid before you renew your registration anyway...don't they? If they wanted to increase compliance and make it easier on the citizens of North Carolina they would enable us to pay the taxes AT the DMV when you renew your registration ;) fat chance of that?


As a person who has always paid his bills on time I never had an issue with the registration renewal.

But I have one concern - the registration is a state government function, whereas the taxes are a county function. I assume that there is a computer program at the DMV that automatically directs tax funds to the county and keeps the registration fee for the state - correct?
I get just a little "queezy" when the lines blur between state/county and local governments - especially when it comes to money.
But overall this is a good thing - coupled with DMV Saturday hours. I'd give the McCrory Admin an "A" on this one - however, it hasn't changed my mind (Currently, I will not vote for him again) but this is a good thing.


They will accept Debit

They will accept Debit transactions very soon also at their locations, as I was told by a DMV employee 2 months ago while there on Beh-Niss (business).
Some people will refer to this process as "Swipe and Wipe"...Ha!
Bet you'll still see vehicles on your roads with expired plate stickers any ole way, just like back in the days of Inspection Stickers :-)

That is exactly what this is

That is exactly what this is all about. You pay it all when you renew your plate online or at the tag office. No more tax bills several moinths after renewal that might get lost or forgotten, causing blocked renewals. NC has finally done something that makes sense.