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WPD: Woman attacked with hammer, robbed; witness shoots at suspect


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Wilmington Police say a woman was attacked and robbed as she left work last night on Old Eastwood Road.

WPD spokeswoman Linda Rawley said the woman was leaving a business at 102 Old Eastwood Road around 9:30 p.m. when an unknown black man came up behind her and starting hitting her in the head with a hammer.

Police say a witness heard the noise and yelled to the suspect, who said he had a gun. That's when the witness pulled out his gun and started shooting at the suspect. Then, he called 911.

"So, I run back in and she has a gun here in the office that I used," the caller said to the 911 operator.

The suspect got away with the victim's purse in a small silver Honda SUV parked in the Hampton Inn parking lot and headed south on Old Eastwood Road, police say.

The woman, who's name police are not releasing, was taken to the hospital. There's no word yet on her condition.

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Wow, I am amazed that a

Wow, I am amazed that a woman was attacked and everyone who is pissed off about gun control thinks it's ok to use it to make jokes about banning hammers or getting permits for them. Bunch of people with cold hearts around here!


We need to ban hammers.

A blue call box

If UNCW could annex the entire city, all of us could take advantage of and be protected by the emergency, blue lit call boxes. In the meantime, the women folk can tell the bad guy "its that time of the month", and maybe throw up on his shoes. Urinate on themselves, as a last resort.

This way, crime would be stopped, and the guns can be turned in at the next buy back event.

What kinda Hammer?

Was it a rubber mallet? A sledge hammer? A fisher price toy hammer? Wood mallet for crab legs? All of these make alot of difference as to how it would impact the victim. Drug transaction gone bad? Always more to the story. Sounds fishy.

Hammer buyback

so will there be a hammer buyback program? Can we turn hammers into lowes and home depot for new ones?

NO..No..NO must have a PERMIT to have a hammer...Also, be entered into the Federal DB...

Permit for a hammer

I can see the need for background checks for Power Hammers and maybe even a Sledge Hammer but I don't think a background check is needed for your Cross Pein Pin Hammer or Mallet

Stand yer Ground

That PURSE contained definitive evidence Syria used chemical weapons!


You can't shoot at someone for stealing a purse. Does it suck? Yes, but unless there is the threat of serious bodily harm, rape , or you are within your own domicile, you are liable to criminal charges.

A WACK In the head is pretty

A WACK In the head is pretty serious in my book. I'm sure it could kill ya.

To be fair...

When this person commented, the story did not include the details about the hammer attack. Police did not release that information until 9 a.m. Friday. The original version of the story included limited information from New Hanover County Dispatch about shots fired and a purse snatching.

Stories like this frequently develop over time, and new details are added in as they become available.

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WWAY NewsChannel 3

Well, the moderator could

Well, the moderator could have just not posted our premature comments. :)

He didn't even need to read

He didn't even need to read the article to see that the hammer was involved. It was clearly stated in the headline.

When the article was written.....

When I commented on the article, not only was the headline different, the only thing it said was that a man fired shots at an assailant who stole a purse. Relax people! Of course if I read about the part where the guy is BEATING THE WOMEN IN THE HEAD WITH A HAMMER, I would have responded differently.

Fair enough. I apologize.

Fair enough. I apologize.


don't read to good...does ya?

She was being STRUCK IN THE

She was being STRUCK IN THE HEAD WITH A HAMMER. You can shoot the snot of of someone hitting someone with a hammer!


Did you miss the part where they talked about the POS swinging a hammer at her? That is easily use of deadly force. Completely justified in application of acute lead poisoning.

Did you even read the

Did you even read the article??? swinging a hammer at someone head, threatening that you have a firearm during a robbery are pretty good indicators of reasonable fear of great bodily harm.

And yes in N.C. you can use your firearm in defense of others.

They may have still gotten away with the purse, but that victim might have been dead if someone with a firearm didn't step in and save her.

Are you kidding me!!!!! He

Are you kidding me!!!!! He was hitting her in the head with a hammer. I think that is called bodily harm. getting beat in getting beat in the head with a hammer?

Wilmington is overrun with thugs and homeless zombies. More of the thugs need to be shot dead and the homeless need to be bussed to Florida for the winter.

uhhhhhh.... he was hitting

uhhhhhh.... he was hitting her in the head with a HAMMER..... that would be life or death and well within his bounds to shoot the s.o.b. and I wished he had!

Guestno! WHAT?

He hit her on the head with a hammer!... I'd take my chances. These thugs need to be taken off our streets for GOOD! Low life, good for nothing losers.

Beating someone with a

Beating someone with a hammer doesn't pose the threat of serious bodily harm?

The article said the guy was

The article said the guy was hitting the woman in the head with a hammer. I would call that a threat of serious bodily harm. The shots by the witness caused the attacker to stop & leave the scene.

Did you not read the article?

Did you not read the article?

If a man is hitting a woman

If a man is hitting a woman in the head with a hammer I think that shooting him is justified.

better luck the next time

It's a shame the friend missed the suspect. Better luck next time.

Darn right. Too bad he

Darn right. Too bad he missed!