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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington police are investigating after reports of shots fired early Saturday morning near the 900 block of North 30th Street in the Creekwood community.

Lieutenant Green with the Wilmington PD says officers received the call around 1 A.M. but when they arrived, they found no victim, just a crowd of people, and five shell casings. Police say no one would tell them what happened.

We spoke with one witness, Donald Harper, who says the whole thing was caused by a fight between two women at a party.

“Everybody start running around, and gathering around the crowd, and nobody wants to break it up, so the only way to disperse it, one of the fellows shot up in the air, and that broke it up,” Harper said.

Harper says the man only shot twice into the air, so he believes the rest of the shell casings are from a different incident.

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  • Guestomatic

    Amen to that!

  • truthseeker

    Hmmm, church must not have bought those guns and the thugs must not have been at their gun violence demonstrations. To think that just a few days ago we had to hear the “I have a dream speech”. Yea my dream is that the Creekwood residents get an education, a job, quit having babies out of wedlock and learn to be an asset, not a failure in life!

  • Guest 4253

    1 AM and police found a crowd of people

    Police say no one would tell them what happened

    Harper .. believes the rest of the shell casings are from a different (as in second) incident

    So if that many residents of Creekwood are comfortable living that kind of existence, why are the rest of us comfortable with subsidizing it? If you want to live a socially destructive lifestyle, pay for it yourself.

  • who

    who cares?

  • guesty

    A shooting in creekwood and nobody wants to talk to the police.

  • Guest0101

    Build a huge cage around Creekwood and let them sort it out. Simple and effective


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