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WILMINGTON, NC (AP) — Police say an off-duty Fayetteville Police officer has been charged with driving while impaired in Wilmington.

Wilmington Police said an officer stopped 32-year-old Kevin Smith around 1:10 a.m. Sunday and investigators notified police in Fayetteville as soon as they determined Smith was a law enforcement officer.

Smith has been placed on administrative leave and an internal investigation will also be conducted.

A phone listing for Smith couldn’t be found and it wasn’t known if he had a lawyer.

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  • Guest-o-matic

    Yep, he’s a cop.

    This article says nothing about making his private phone number public, it only states they couldn’t get in touch with him.

    The most important thing is, he’s a cop and more than anyone else, he knows better than to drink and get behind the wheel of an automobile. As a cop he, he took an oath to serve and protect the public. Instead, he decided to put the public in danger! Now, THAT is what we call EPIC STUPIDITY! I personally don’t care if he get’s a lawyer or not, he deserves to be fired as a disgraced officer and lose his license to operate a vehicle on public roadways. What a dolt. Must’ve spent all of his money on liquor and had none left over for a taxi. Maybe he spent too much on liquor and simply exercised his EPIC STUPIDITY in an attempt to drive…only the shadow knows.

  • Wilmington Truth Teller

    3rd: EPIC STUPIDITY is to drive drunk. I’m sure the real cop, who was honoring his badge, is real scared, when he hears about “A Lawyer”.

  • GuestNCNative

    1st: He is a cop. No cop should ever have their private phone numbers made available to the public. There are FAR TOO MANY people calling in truly stupid crap to 9-1-1, and that kind of behavior should NEVER be allowed to get personal by directly contacting a cop.

    2nd: He is a cop. Of course he will be getting an attorney for this. EPIC STUPIDITY to think that he wouldn’t.

  • Tracie C

    …that needs to be said: he is a cop….paid to serve and protect…with his head preferably out of his ass…which didn’t happen here. Then again, he obviously said those same words to himself when he decided to be an ass and drink and drive: “I’m a cop….it doesn’t apply to me”.
    Condolences to all the decent cops who get a bad name due to MORONS like this guy.

  • GuestBSBS

    Cops giving other cops DUI’s. The arresting officer should be losing his badge

  • Guest2020

    I hope you are not serious and that this is just a poor attempt at sarcasm.

  • Wilmington Truth Teller

    On the contrary. The arresting cop, was doing his duty. A person who DWI’s, is a criminal. Would it make any difference if the DWI, that killed your wife, was a cop or not ? Most cops are great, but I believe this Fayetteville cop, was a bad apple. Great job, WPD officer.

  • guesty

    The officer did what he felt was the correct course of action. He obviously couldn’t let him drive away after the stop. Could he have transported him to a motel or called a taxi? Sure, but the officer upheld the law and that is what he is paid to do. If he had let him go and it leaked, can you imagine the heat the officer would have caught, all the cop haters would flood here wanting him fired.

    Being a brother LEO only goes so far.

  • *facepalm*

    ACTUALLY what it says is “A phone listing for Smith couldn’t be found and it wasn’t known if he had a lawyer.” Not being able to get in touch means you have each other’s number but keep missing each other’s calls. Not being able to find a listing means his number is not shared publicly. BOOM.

    I’ll always agree that drinking and driving is epic stupidity. That’s a no brainer, which is why I didn’t say anything about that part of the story. There’s no excuse for ever driving drunk. I was simply pointing out the stupidity coursing through WWAY’s story.


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