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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The North Carolina legislature returns to Raleigh on Tuesday to determine whether it will override Gov. Pat McCrory’s first two vetoes.

Both bills passed the House and Senate by comfortable veto-proof margins in July. While a couple of legislators have suggested they’ll change their minds, GOP leaders in both chambers sound ready to cancel the vetoes of their fellow Republican.

The bills would require government drug testing of some welfare applicants and broaden exceptions for employers obliged to use a federal database to determine whether employees can work in the country.

North Carolina State University professor Andrew Taylor says the vetoes may help portray McCrory as independent from the legislature. The governor says he vetoed the bills in the name of good government, not for political wins and losses.

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  1. truthseeker

    I admit I voted for McCroy but he has proven he is no different than his predecessors. The two aides who received plush State jobs at 80,0000 over more experienced, more knowledgable and more deserving State Employees of promotion should be fired. This was a blatant, intentional reward for helping his campaign. Since in he has hurt thousands of unemployed workers, made political appointments of supporters and showed me he is no different than, Purdue, Edwards, Easley, Hunt and the rest of the crooks. McCory has severely disappointed me and has a lot of unnecessary baggage now to ever receive my vote again!

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