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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Friday morning at Hoggard High School, Governor Pat McCrory announced a new task force as part of the Center for Safer Schools.

The task force will not only focus on security in schools, but student’s mental health as well. It will be comprised of 20 people including students, parents, mental health workers, teachers, and law enforcement.

The Governor says it is his goal to make North Carolina Schools some of the safest places in the state.

“That is our responsibility of everyone, from the Governor all the way down to the parents. It has to be a collaborative effort. We cannot leave it up to the teachers and the principals and the students. We have to help from the outside also,” he said.

McCrory says helping from the outside includes educating parents and encouraging their involvement.

He also stressed the importance of student to student interventions.

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  • big_al_the_terp

    McCrory looks ridiculous standing up there next to true public servants like teachers and police officers that McCrory just robbed in so many ways. If he is serious about making schools safe, why does he and his cronies withhold pay and resources for public education?

  • Guest4396

    Bringing in mental health workers……….this opens all kinds of possibilities. I suppose before long, extremely stringent guidelines will be put into place defining what is “normal” and what is not, and anyone who dares to waver from such guidelines will be considered dangerous. It is so sad that kids are becoming government drones.

  • Guest-o-matic

    Begin enforcing the law. Put and KEEP the ones behind bars that should stay there…forever. Simply enforcing existing law and maintaining sentencing would prevent many of the problems experienced today.

    The problem with “Public Safety” is that, it is applied to law enforcement personnel only as an oath and commitment to their duty. The judges and the DA’s have a different standard of “public safety”, a “flexible” oath and it doesn’t have much to do with the commission of crime or the effect of crime on their victims.

    It’s only another day in the courtroom. I invite anyone to take a single day, go sit in your district superior and federal courtrooms and just listen and watch to what happens in there…

  • Andrea75

    McCrory is right!! Teachers do not have the time to monitor a child’s mental health status. NC has high demand for education to get children ready for their future. I do disagree with him cutting education. Where is the lottery money at?


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