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10 Comments on "New Hanover Co. Commissioner Woody White’s full statement on Berger"

2015 years 9 months ago

for an attorney, White seems to have a complete lack of understanding of judicial process.

He makes certain stipulations for Berger’s return.

What did he miss?

The judge ordered Berger be reinstated.

End of rhetoric.

The Commission can consider his removal in a new hearing. The commission would include Berger.

To do otherwise opens White and his cronies to a contempt action.

He’s a lawyer; he should know the basics.

I wonder if Berger will consider civil action against the dastardly trio

Rick Wilson
2015 years 9 months ago

If Brian Berger is not allowed to rejoin the County Commission immediately, those stopping him should be prosecuted for contempt. The judge’s ruling reinstated him. He is a public official elected by the public, and Woody White and his puppets do not have the right to prevent him from joining the Commission. White is delusional with regard to what power he believes he has………It is Woody White that needs a timeout and to be removed from the County Commission.

2015 years 9 months ago

A civil action would just obfuscate the situation although there is a lot less you have to prove.
My time frame here is:
White and crew decide to try amotion again.
It took 4 months the last time.
That puts us in January 2014 before it gets heard again.
That is an election year, and Berger is up for re-election
I doubt we re-elect Brian
We do for free that which will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars Woody’s way.

Woody’s belligerence is doing way more harm than Brian’s rambling musings are.
This would be a good time for Woody to come to his senses and say let the voters decide.


2015 years 9 months ago

There goes Woody White yet again! Weasel Woody White lecturing anyone on righteousness and ASKING FOR assurances is a bit like a sermon from John Edwards on being a good Husband and Anthony Weiner on morality. White’s past statements and actions clearly are fertile ground for legal actions by EEOC and other Federal/State agenices. White wants assurances(is he joking?) from this Commissioner-
White is full of blarney- where is his apology to all of us for his sleazeball and sick tactics against Bozeman and now Berger. Where is the apology by Wanda Copley and Chris Coudert for not taking any action over the theft of a Commissioner’s personnel information last year.Woody White is a disgrace as a leader and revolting when moralizing.
Woody White’s self serving deceiving statement glosses over his own misconduct which disgust so many of us. Even as republicans we must ensure we stand up to this bully if he carries this farce any further!

Rick Wilson
2015 years 9 months ago

With all that Brian Berger has had to endure during his time as a County Commissioner, what violence has he done to justify Woody White’s fears? I will agree that most of his problems he brought on himself, but the press and Woody White have been guilty of sensationalizing alot of it. Brian Berger has not been a good County Commissioner, but it is up to the electorate to decide if he keeps his job, not Woody White. I believe Woody White has a personal agenda that requires him being able to hand pick another Commissioner to complete. It will now be up to Commissioners Dawson and Wolfe to prove they are not Woody White’s puppets and end this nonsense. Or…….they can continue to follow White on with this witch hunt that will waste more taxpayer money on a dangerous and ill advised action.

Old Guy
2015 years 9 months ago

You got to be kidding me. Woody and the other three cronies have not even considered their chances of reelection at this point. I would just as soon as vote for just about anybody else than these three. Commissioner Barfield voted against the amotion process so that means that when these people vote to go forward the vote will be 3 to 2. Go figure. Woody stop this madness and stop wasting our money and time with your ranting and ravings about Berger. Even Caitlin stated that he couldn’t get the paperwork through until April of 2014. So by the time you waste all of this time and money from the taxpayer Brian will be voted out and your reputation will be ruined as well. You are not thinking straight here. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2015 years 9 months ago

…of the Amotion process! Now hopefully, the citizens of NEW Hanover County can use it against YOU and the other commissioners we feel are providing substandard duty to this county and its taxpayers.

We hope as well, that your total ignorance, irrational decision making and blatant waste of county tax monies will assist with the closure of your law practice. With as many attorneys as we have in this county, it’s always good to find the incompetent ones, so thank you for publicly identifying yourself as one of those.

2015 years 9 months ago

I agree. Woody should be concerned that this could be used against him. I hope the citizens can bring this amotion and not just commissioners.

Brian Berger isn’t the best elected official. Ok, fine, but he was elected by over 30k people, and hasn’t broken any laws that I know of. If he breaks a law, then he can get arrested or someone can take out a restraining order against him. What is going on?

Woody White is concerned that he’s “not doing his job” appropriately? Woody dares tie this to incidence of mass shootings by saying “across the country we’ve watched with horror across the country as people with mental illnesses have done terrible things.” Give me a break! You’re a total bottom feeder, Woody! Why don’t you get some actual ideas for real change instead of acting like Brian is keeping you from doing your job? You’re simply not doing your job, and you’re using Brian as a smoke screen to try to keep people from realizing!

Brian didn’t come into office spending over $100k like you, Woody. That’s pathetic. You bought your way into office, for what reason I don’t know, because you’re not doing anything substantial, and you act like Brian is keeping you from doing something when in reality you have no new ideas! No ideas on how to reform things! Brian’s not keeping you from being effective, you are!

If Brian breaks the law, he’ll be arrested. If he personally threatens someone, a restraining order. But just because you think he’s “not acting normal” is not grounds for removing him from office.

If you continue this witch hunt after this point, I will take a personal interest in seeing if the amotion process can be used against you by the people! :) That’s not something you want, woodrow.

Snarkmeister General
2015 years 9 months ago

Rick, it is interesting that within hours of the first improper amotion proceeding that all of Brian’s information was wiped from the county commission’s website. The court has ruled that at least for the time being that Brian IS a commissioner in this county but his place on the website continues to be described as vacant.

Rick Wilson
2015 years 9 months ago

It is because King White believes he has the authority to make Brian jump thru hoops before fully reinstating him. I hope the judge cites White for contempt.


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