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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Police arrested a man they say pulled a gun on another man just outside New Hanover County’s Probation Office Thursday.

It happened just before 5 p.m. at 721 Market Street. They say a man who was leaving the office went to get into a vehicle when another man confronted him, before running to another car and pulling out a gun

That’s when police say the victim ran into the Probation Office to report the crime and asked for help.

The Wilmington Police Department’s Mobile Field Force was able to find and arrest the suspect in the Creekwood community. They say the man, Martez Bracey, 22, of Wilmington, was already on probation when he was arrested.

Bracey is charged with assault by pointing a gun, 2 counts of breaking and entering into a motor vehicle, and larceny. He is currently in jail under $125,000 bond.

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  • Vog46

    If my search was correct, this man is a convicted felon.
    Why no charge for possession of a gun by a felon?


  • Guest-o-matic

    ..it’s a non-issue. The judges and DA’s neglect to enforce the “Felon in possession of a Firearm” laws everyday. It’s a “plea” thing…a “busy court” day thing…an “It’s Friday” thing, maybe an “I’m tired of hearing about this s**t” sort of thing. It definitely ISN’T about charge, convict and punish appropriately thing at all.

    And people still have doubt about the real reasons behind gun-related crime? Geeez…

  • ken

    The gun buy back is not all he missed. At birth as he approached the Common sense isle he saw some candy and went to it and forgot the common sense.

  • Morty Sussman

    Must be the NRA’s fault.

  • Guest105

    This is why abortion should be optional until age 30.

  • David (small hands) Mann

    They should not allow him or his family to get welfare or public housing anymore, all the “thuggin” would stop over night if that was the rule


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