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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A day after a North Carolina judge restored Brian Berger’s commissioner’s seat chairman Woody White fired back during a news conference.

At the news conference chairman White appeared with commissioners Beth Dawson and Thomas Wolfe to share their views on Judge Gale’s ruling.

Despite the fact that Berger was given his seat back White says he feels the ruling was a victory for the board because it found the Amotion process viable.

White says the board will work together to determine their next move.

“I think we should leave it alone and move on and cut the waste of spending with taxpayer dollars,” said Commissioner Jonathan Barfield.

“As far as Mr. Barfield’s comments last night I considered them ill-measured, unprepared, and it’s obvious he had not read the court order,” said White. “As I said in my statement responsible leaders need to recognize red flags and take action.”

White maintains the entire process has not cost the taxpayers any money but that’s because the lawyer hasn’t sent them the bill.

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  • Guest69000

    I think Woody White should pay for the attorney since he clearly informed us as taxpayers that this fiasco would not cost us anything. It’s obvious from his demeanor that he is Narcissistic and clearly has a temper issue. Perhaps his mental health should be closely examined, as I have dealt with him in both his capacity as a commissioner and attorney. I think Woody should show us he can represent the county based on facts not some backroom hearsay. Mr. Barfield is correct by staying out of the argument. Woody also needs to retain in mind that a citizen can begin the process to have him removed from office also, so he is not immune to the same treatment. Read up on your law there Woody….

  • Guest 10101

    It’s really waaaay beyond sad, it’s pathetic, when the sanest of the NHC Commissioners is Barfield. Barfield, the guy who get direct messages from God about his campaign finances.

  • Rick Wilson

    “White maintains the entire process has not cost the taxpayers any money but that’s because the lawyer hasn’t sent them the bill.” Somehow, this logic by White does not surprise me…….

    What about all the hours the county staff spent on this before White hired an outside attorney? As for the “amotion” process, it was held up by one judge. I still do not believe it will be upheld if it goes thru the appeals process. White is so busy patting himself on the back that he fails to see that most people realize he is trying to spin a loss into a victory. His arrogance is the same thing we saw from Mayor Saffo and Councilman O’Grady during the baseball stadium fiasco…….This is what I/we want, and truth and verifiable facts are not necessary……..

    I believe with everything that has transpired, if Mr. Berger was a violent person or a threat, he would have already done something. If Woody White is “scared” of Brian Berger, he needs to resign from the Commission and go live in a cave with a couple of tanks guarding the entrance……….He can take Commissioners Dawson and Wolfe with him and then maybe we can get some representatives that would do the work for the people……..instead of representatives that try to stack a commission with members that were not elected by the people to do the work for special interest.

    Brian Berger has had his share of problems……but it is up to the voters to decide whether he keeps his job or not. It is not up to Woody White and his two puppets to try a process that violated Mr. Berger’s civil rights and by passes the voters.


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