Community members march to end violence

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Submitted: Sun, 09/08/2013 - 12:49am
Updated: Mon, 09/09/2013 - 12:20pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Drugs, gangs, and violence take the lives of innocent people each year, and Wilmington residents are fed up.

Members of the community marched through some of the local housing projects this weekend to raise awareness about gun violence, and to expose their frustration. They say violence should not represent their communities.

“We are not allowing them to take our streets anymore,” said “Peace for the Port” president Melissa Pinkoski. “We want our streets back.”

Organizers say that many individuals participating in acts of violence are confused.

“They think they are getting love, from somebody else other than where they need it from,” said Monique Simpson. “People gravitate to that.”

They need an outlet…and they can find one through “Peace for the Port,” a non-profit organization that wants to put an end to violence. Members say it is impossible to stop all violence, but there is no shame in trying.

“The people that are doing this, they should be the ones that feel odd or feel strange,” said “Peace for the Port” Vice President Kevin Kong.

Christopher James marched through Wilmington while holding a picture of his father, Gilbert McClammy. McClammy was murdered near his home off of Carolina Beach road in April.

“I guess because they were under the influence of alcohol and drugs, they didn’t have any use for a weapon and felt the need to use it on him,” said James.

James says he misses his father, one of many victims of gun violence in the Port City.

“I just hope Wilmington as a community can get it together.”


  • Erlkoenig says:

    Try manning up and be fathers to your kids. Live in the same house with them and so “no” when needed.

  • Morty Sussman says:

    Thought Obama was going to bring everybody together? Blacks marching in the streets, rioting over this and that, flash mobs, gangs, constant illegal overseas wars, wow, such progress. Oh, and wanting to ban the guns from the law abiding while society crumbles, thats a retro Democrat trick (which also started in the 1960s under Democrats.) It’s just the Summer of Love all over again, nothing has changed one bit except the price of gas and a bag of groceries, if this is Hope and Change then give me Hopelessness and Unchanging! SUCKERS!

  • Vog46 says:

    Please reference apiece of legislation that diminishes gun ownership by law abiding citizens.
    President Obama has expanded gun carry rights to National Parks and Amtrak trains – which is something his Republican predecessors failed to do.

    As far as demonstrators are concerned – good for them. I LOVE seeing it.
    I loved seeing the Tea Party demonstrations and love seeing this as well.
    The more people get fired up the more that vote.
    Good for them and good for us.


  • Vetrena Lendon says:

    It was a very positive effort by the Peace for the Port foundation. I know that their efforts may seem futile now, but it will pay off in the long run. Somebody has to stand up for our city, we have enough people sitting down doing nothing.

  • Debra S. says:

    I am proud of what this organization is trying to do. As a person born and raised in this City it is sad to see our streets and neighborhoods ravaged with crime on a nightly basis. We want our City back from people who have come from other areas and corrupted our people.If everyone who lost someone or knew of someone who lost a loved one to violence the streets should have been full of marchers.

  • Angewidert says:

    “We want our City back from people who have come from other areas and corrupted our people.”

    Yea verily, and “our people” were living a life free of any corruption whatsoever. And they were perfect in every way. And then a great devil came from elsewhere and he brought his minions to corrupt “our people”. And even though they strived mightily, they were unable to resist the evil minions. And they now wallow in sin (which of course is someone else’s fault and not theirs).

    What a crock of nonsense!

  • truthseeker says:

    Another march to hopelessness. The black community will change when? Never, they are the fathers and mothers of the very kids who become hoodlums. Why are these kids on the corners in groups late at night? Why are they not home under the supervision of parents? Why do the parents allow this? Probably because they grew up in the same environment and just do not know better. Sad but true and nothing changes. Just one generation after another living the same life over and over!

  • Guest2508 says:

    Title of group should be Peace for Port CITY, name is a bit misleading and confusing, implies something is up at the Port itself. Perhaps adding City to group name will clarify their purpose and gather more support. Respect and encourage their intent and efforts. Keep it UP!

  • Angry Citizen says:

    The don’t need an outlet, THEY NEED REMOVED FROM SOCIETY!!!

  • This is funny says:

    I think this is good to see the community out and supporting the community. The only problem I see here is your VP. He is not a very good person to have speaking for your cause. You might want to clean up who you have speaking for you before you start cleaning up your streets!

  • Vog46 says:

    What kind of gun legislation actually passed?
    Used your head man
    The country is all about discussion – even with lefties like Fienstein
    The fact is the ONLY legislation that’s important is the ones that pass
    FYI – I’m NOT a dem nor a liberal


  • Morty Sussman says:

    Deny reality and push your own mantra. Guess you missed the proposed Feinstein bill a few months back that would have banned over half the firearms on the market today. Guess you didnt hear about the current legislation to tax ammo 50% and guns 20% to pay for the gang thugs dying in Chicago. Just because these blatant gun grabs aren’t working doesn’t mean they are not a constant threat. Guess you are just a typical leftist. Nice try but your scam won’t work on anybody who isn’t an Obama brainwashed zealot.

  • Morty Sussman says:

    is immaterial, you are not being clear with the FACTS. Obama signed the law allowing guns to be carried in parks and Amtrak because it was inserted as a rider onto credit card regulations he wanted passed in 2009. The reason he went along with that was to dupe people early on that he was not hostile to the 2nd Amendment, when he knew his re election didnt have a chance if he did anything remotely anti gun. Which is why he didnt touch gun control until basically the MINUTE he was re elected, then it was hats off full blown anti gun spew since then. Since late last year Obama has signed EOs that forbid the re importation of “military grade” firearms such as the M1 Garand, a WW2 semi auto collectors item, and has made the transfer of NFA weapons much more difficult. If there wasnt such outrage against the ridiculous Feinstein and other proposals, there would be incredibly onerous gun bans right now. You can “discuss” anything you want, but don’t try to paint Obama as pro 2nd Amendment, pro private property, or pro liberty, cuz it aint the fact, Jack.

  • windy says:

    The majority of gang violence in this area does not target “innocent” victims. There have been only a couple incidents in which innocent people were affected by gang violence. The majority consists of thugs killing other thugs. Let’s get real. Try as we might, this kind of violence will not stop until there are no thugs left. I say let them have at it. The “problem” will eventually take care of itself.

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Community members march to end violence

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Submitted: Sat, 06/01/2013 - 10:44pm
Updated: Mon, 06/03/2013 - 12:45am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Community members took to the streets of the Houston Moore housing complex to stand up to violence.

“People of faith, who believe in the power of prayer have assembled here today, so that we might ask God’s blessings upon these areas where we have an incredible amount of violence, misery, and despair,” explains Wilmington Police Department’s Chaplain, James Jamison Jr.

The ‘Boots on the Ground” program aims to reduce violence and crime in Wilmington. And Jamison says that they have a secret weapon.

“Prayer, we believe, is our trump card,” he says.

They didn’t just pray though, they marched around the complex picking up trash and spreading the word of God.

He explains that “in the book of Joshua, it talks about bringing down the Jericho wall and what they did is they marched around seven times. But they marched around six times silently, and then on the seventh time, they blew the trumpets, and then they began to praise god.”

Thurman Burgess says it’s not the violence that’s the problem though.

“Violence has never been the problem. Violence is a symptom of the problem. Unemployment, education; those are the problems. It’s not violence,” he says.

Burgess says that what these people really need are jobs. He hopes that after seeing this, area businesses will seriously consider hiring people from this area.

“You’ve got people working; they don’t have time for crime. You’ve got people with idle time on their hands, watching foolishness on television; what are they going to do with it? Where is the outlet?,” he adds.

The ‘Boots on the Ground’ group meets the first Saturday of every month to spread the message of love and non-violence. Their next stop is the Creekwood South neighborhood.


  • Wilmington Observer says:

    During the daytime, the “riffraff” is sleeping, after spending the nights hanging out causing the problems we read about in the local media. If this group believes that prayer is the answer, perhaps, they should be out during the night hours, in these neighborhoods rife with trouble.

    Wilmington Observer

  • PublicAvenger says:

    One good way to stop the horrible violence, and crime, would be for the government to stop paying 16 year olds to have out-of wedlock babies.

  • alex says:

    and yet many who march voted for a president who favors gay marriage and late term abortion.. is is just me or is that hypocricy on parade

  • Guest123123 says:

    These folks are not the problem. They are the good law abiding citizens. The ones who are the problem are sleeping while the march is going on.

  • Gramps1945 says:

    I’m sure all the drug-dealing, illegal-gun carrying, thugs, who get welfare checks, and make several thousand tax-free dollars, each month, will immediately stop, when they see these folks, marching and praying. Many of these dope-dealers have already been arrested a half dozen times, and only get a slap on the wrist.

    Sure, we should pray for them. But the only real solution to the violence and drugs…..
    – Drug dealers need to be executed.(Hung In Public)
    – Able bodied people, on welfare, should not be entitled to a penny from the government.

  • Guest of Gramps says:

    Well Gramps, we all need a little prayer. Even those of us who once stood proudly behing our white sheets and rallied for power. Even those of us who are now living comfortably off the injustices that formed this city. While it’s true there should be more harsh penalties for some of these offenses but if we’re going to start hanging people we should start with the ones who own the boats down on wrightsville beach that’s bringing the supplies in? The thugs might have nice cars but they can’t bring the shipment in because the WPD and the sheriffs department is on to the whole “loud music and shiny rims” profile. Will we also hang the blond haired blue eyed surfer boys that are making several thousands of tax-free dollars selling marijuana and various pills on the peers of carolina beach? I think they should get probation…Let’s just keep praying Gramps.

  • droppy says:

    Perhaps these people should spend less time on their biblical rants and more time on furthering their education and/or looking for work, in order to better themselves and their community. Calling on the good Lord to save a cesspool like Houston Moore is nothing but a waste of time.

  • Guestsfndi says:

    Yeah that will work. Least they picked up some trash and did one thing productive.

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