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BOLIVIA, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — The Honorable Ola M. Lewis is pleased to announce the Brunswick County Drug Treatment Program has been awarded a $200,000 grant by the Department of Justice. Thanks to Dr. Carrie S. Menke, who personally wrote the grant proposal, the Bureau of Justice Assistance awarded the Brunswick County Drug Treatment Program with the grant September 6, 2013. The budget period is to begin October 1, 2013 and end September 30, 2015.

The purpose of the Adult Drug Court Grant Program is to provide financial and technical assistance to local courts for the development and integration of effective, evidenced-based substance abuse treatment. The funds will be used to enhance existing treatment court operations, expand treatment court services, and improve the quality of participant services. Additionally, funds will be used to provide educational, vocational, and job training services to our Drug Treatment Court participants.

Judge Lewis is very proud that the treatment court program can continue to serve Brunswick County and our citizens.

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  • LelandGal

    So glad to hear this good news,, Hope that the young people will learn all they can from this before they get in trouble and glad to know there will be help if drugs do mess up their lives.. Big thank you to Judge Lewis.

  • your mom

    what a waste of money

  • Guest2020

    I hope they rehire their much needed Drug Court Coordinator.

  • Guest2020

    Money for drug courts is not a waste of money. Just ask anyone who has gotten clean through the program and have gone on to become productive members of society. Not to mention the money it saves by not simply locking up these people.

  • Guest123456

    I agree with you. Some people would rather see people in the streets, jail or dead before they consider helping them. Kinda sorry life if your only out to care for yourself.


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