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County, Wave Transit reschedule special meeting


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- The New Hanover County Commission and the Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority have rescheduled a special meeting about Wave Transit originally scheduled for this week.

The meeting for commissioners to get an update on the Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority/Wave Transit was originally scheduled for Thursday afternoon. It will now be held Thursday, Oct. 3, at 2p.m. at the New Hanover County Government Center.

A county spokesman said Wave Transit requested the meeting be moved.

Wave is considering cutting three routes because of budget reasons. Leaders have said those cuts could come as soon as Sept. 30.

Earlier this summer the Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority passed a resolution urging New Hanover County to forgive a $133,000 loan. Getting rid of that debt could allow the routes to continue.

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On previous stories

Someone suggested using Vans instead of buses for most routes.
Given the number of riders, I think that is a viable solution if vans are cheaper to buy and operate. Save the full sized vehicles for runs that are more heavily traveled.
Lets face it, Wilmington is a tourist town and tourists tend to bring their own vehicles here, and people living here just don't use public transportation that much.
Go to smaller vehicles AND eliminate routes.


Vans are a no brainer

I suggested it and I still think it's the best compromise solution between no busses at all and some limited service.

It is truly a no brainer.

The bus I saw last weekend .....

..... in CB was actually a smaller bus, so maybe someone got the message. On that route I don't think it's even possible to get a bus that's small enough. The small bus concept is a good idea though.

That route has to go, as well as WAVE Transit's head-in-the-clouds "management" team.

Keep the debt ........Get rid of the routes.

This past weekend (a great weekend for people to go to the beach) I saw the Pleasure Island 301 bus parked by the marina in Carolina Beach a little after 2PM. It was empty, except for the driver, who was sleeping (while being paid I would presume). I've seen the bus a few times on Carolina Beach Rd and there were never more than two or three riders on it.

It would make more economic sense to provide car service vouchers for those few riders, based on the number of proven trips they've taken, than to continue to feed this ravenous white elephant.

Of course, good sense and Wave Transit seem to be diametrically opposed concepts.

It would be interesting to see...

how many routes WAVE would have IF the taxpayer money was taken away. How many routes does WAVE currently run where the fares generated cover the actual operating costs?

The only difference between WAVE and the Convention Center is the CC doesn't have wheels. Both are money-losing governmental boondoggles.

any government project

Name any government run program that is run efficiently within budget.

I've used Bing, Google, and a few other search engines...

looking for "governmental programs efficiently run and within budget"...results..."no results found" :)

Please tell me....

...that you are not surprised.

re: Please tell me...

not at all. Didn't need to do a search for an answer I already knew. When a government official says they're going to cut spending, it simply means they're going to cut the increase over the year before, but the amount spent will be higher than it was...all at our expense.