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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Police are searching for a robber they say snagged a bag of cash from a man outside a Wilmington bank Monday before he took off in a car that was reported stolen out of Leland.

They say it happened around 10:15 a.m. outside of the Wells Fargo Bank in the 4000 block of Market Street when the manager of a Scotchman store was heading inside the bank to deposit money.

According to police, that’s when they say a man walked up behind the victim and pushed him, grabbing the deposit bag before taking off in a burgundy Honda.

Police say the the robber was last seen speeding west on Pricess Place Drive in the car they found out was reported stolen from Leland earlier in the day.

They say the suspect is described as a black male, who’s around 5’10” tall and weighs around 200 lbs. Police say the man was wearing a light blue work shirt with a red and burgundy baseball cap.

Police say the stolen car that the robber was driving was later recovered by officers. There’s no word yet on how much money the man got away with.

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  • guesty

    “Police say the man was wearing a light blue work shirt with a red and burgundy baseball cap.”

    Since he was driving a stolen car and then robbed a guy, the shirt should be called a light blue thief shirt.

  • Vog46

    Thievery is a profession.
    Thuggin is a recreational activity.

    This guy was workin’…….;-)


  • Guest78

    “light blue theft shirt”, I bet you wished they had a delete button for this one.

  • Guest0101

    The suspect description shocked me

  • re flecth

    Narrow minded people like you never experience the width of life. Whites commit crimes just as blacks and the heart of one person can be better than another , so dont judge.

  • Guest78

    I wish they had one for mine, sorry I got your quote wrong (theft-thief), but I’m sure you got my meaning.

  • guesty

    one that steals especially stealthily or secretly; also: one who commits theft or larceny


    He was wearing his thief shirt.

  • beach guy

    Well lets see won’t be bank robbery…robbed him outside of a bank …won’t be armed robbery wasn’t armed this is going to be strong armed robbery. The thief was actually smart(or lucky) about this one if you think about the risk reward aspect. all he has to do now is dump the car wipe it down and keep his mouth shut…. but that won’t happen so he will get caught get put on probation and forced to pay restitution which he won’t because he does not work so then he will rob someone else. it never ends
    But You know if you think about it. It is a weird kind of crime and this guy just did it spur of the moment? or either thought it out well(stolen Car and target). Which means the the perpetrators knew the victims or at least enough about the business to have their banking schedule. This smells like an inside job to me. The timing is too good… I would start checking cell phone records of all the persons that knew this dude was going to the bank to pick up the operating cash. Then cross reference the dialed numbers to the time between when he left and when he was robbed. Or contact the NSA they probably have the conversation recorded.This way You could actually catch this guy without leaving the doughnuts unattended Oh I guess the biggest question to ask is the victim an employee or an owner.. before anyone gets ticked off and starts calling me names I am not accusing anyone just thinking about the scenario as described by the news and doing a little amateur sleuthing

  • Challengetheworld

    Are you injecting race into the comment Vog made just because he made a reference to thugging? If so, then you are the one injecting this as a race issue and not him.

    Apparently you only see thugs as black people. Maybe you are the one with a race issue and not Vog. I believe thugs can be of any race.

    I also believe that stupid people who steal are devoid of morality and it is only a matter of time before bad decisions catch up with the thief. This is also DEVOID of race.

    The only race that you can now socially heckle is white. Everything else is racism…NOW that is a double standard.

    You should probably run some crime statistics and look at the numbers. Maybe you will see a trend too. Maybe that trend will make you think twice before you pull the race card and spend a little more time wondering why the same offenders keep committing the same types of crimes.

  • Guest2020

    Not narrow-minded. Just realistic. Given that the majority of crime is committed by black people, it is reasonable for him not to be surprised that a black person committed the crime.


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