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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — The University of North Carolina Wilmington has maintained its top fifteen ranking as one of the best overall universities in the South as well as its top ten ranking as one of the best public institutions in the South on U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Colleges 2014” regional list, the University announced today.

The news arrives on the heels of rankings from Colleges of Distinction, Washington Monthly and The Princeton Review recognizing UNCW as a top-tier educational institution. Victory Media, known as a premier media resource for military personnel transitioning into civilian life, also announced today that UNCW made their “Military Friendly Schools List” for 2014.

US News & World Report’s regional list is comprised of schools that provide a full range of undergraduate majors and master’s programs in four geographic regions – North, South, Midwest and West.

“UNCW has just welcomed our largest freshman class, with record SAT scores and GPAs, so this honor from US News & World Report is particularly well-timed – in addition to being a point of deep pride for our faculty and students,” said Chancellor Gary L. Miller. “Being singled out by our peers at similar institutions is a great measure of our progress as a public university, and only inspires us to continue to grow as a campus, to offer our students even more meaningful educational experiences, and to seek and retain world-class faculty and staff at every turn.”

For the first time, UNCW has more than 14,000 enrolled students, up 5.7 percent from last year. Incoming freshmen have an average SAT score of 1190 and GPA of 4.06. Additionally, the University has also seen an increase in the number of applicants.

The Princeton Review recognized UNCW as one of the “Best in the Southeast” on their “2014 Best Colleges: Region by Region” list. Washington Monthly’s “Best Bang for the Buck” ranked UNCW within the top twenty and Colleges of Distinction named the University as one of the top public colleges and universities for 2013-14.

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  • Guest2020

    If by meaningful, you are talking about having a lesbian speaker at freshman orientation putting down conservative, white, straight males, then I guess you are offering a more meaningful educational experience.

    If by meaningful, you are talking about telling freshmen that you are okay with underage drinking as long as it doesn’t happen on campus and as long as they don’t get caught by the police, then I guess you are offering a more meaningful educational experience.

    If by meaningful, you are making the freshmen take a whole course to get them assimilated into campus life, instead of letting them focus on their educational goals, then I guess you are offering a more meaningful education.

    If by meaningful, you are talking about paying Arianna Huffington to fly out here in her private jet to talk about conserving energy, then I guess you are offering a more meaningful educational experience.

    That’s just what I know about this year. That doesn’t include your temporary vibrator museum, your “intellectuals” walking around in a costume that represents a six-foot female genatalia. That doesn’t even include last year’s panel on bondage and S&M. That doesn’t include the administrator who sponsored the pro-abortion event just last year. The t-shirts handed out said, “I had an abortion.” Nothing like women boasting that they killed their unborn babies. That same administrator sponsored an event teaching the students how to better appreciate their orgasms. And let’s not forget the professor who had nude pictures of underage girls as an “art” exhibit. Let’s not forget the professor who accused a male colleague of putting tear gas in her office. She was later caught microwaving her mail to rid it of anthrax because she thought someone was out to get her. She became the college’s expert on counter terrorism. How’s that for a meaningful educational experience.

  • Cindy

    My son is in his junior year and loves UNCW. He is growing into an independent young man and has been making plans for his future.
    I read a comment from another person on this sight and wanted people to know that this is a wonderful school. He spoke about the school being pro-abortion when in reality they are about women’s right to choose and upholding roe vs. wade. Another comment about nude photos being pornographic, the college did not allow all the photos to be exhibited but as an art teacher, sometimes a nude is just a nude. This person made other claims and I am sure if you look into ‘what really happened’ you will see that some of the claims were falsely portrayed.
    As I said earlier, my son has had a great, positive experience and has grown immensely during the first 3 years of his college life at UNCW.
    At least take a look at the college and decide for yourself. Do not let one persons narrow view influence a decision to not look at this school of higher learning. We all want our children to learn to think for themselves and in order to do that they need to see many different views. College life should be about seeing and deciding what they want for their own lives.


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