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ONLY ON 3: Victim knew man who shot his foot then stole his shoes


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A Wilmington man is recovering after he says he was shot over a pair of shoes, that now have a bullet hole in them.

Joshua Shackelford, 20, says he was walking in his neighborhood around 3 p.m. yesterday near the 4700 block of Greentree Road. That's when a man in a white car pulled up next to him, and demanded Shackelford's shoes.

"The guy just rolled up with a gun in his hand saying I had his shoes on, so I walked up to him and said these wasn't his shoes," Shackelford said. "He started fussing, I started fussing, and he shot me in the foot and told me to take the shoes off, so I took the shoes off."

Shackelford says his attacker got back in his car and sped off. He says he did not feel any pain at first, so he walked to a friend's house who took him to the hospital. He says that's when the pain started to kick in.

"When I was in the car, I was getting hit by every light, and everyone was driving slow in front of us. That's the only time it hurt," he said.

Shackelford's mother says she was panicked when she first heard the news.

"Scared to death, you know? I didn't know where the bullet had went, so I'm thinking the worst," Ethel Shackelford said.

She says she was relieved when she found out he was only shot in the foot, but she could not understand why.

Shackelford says he knows his attacker and had gotten in a fight with him a year ago. But he says that was water under the bridge... until now.

"We just got in a fight. I beat him up, and he went home. But that was the end of it," Shackelford said.

He says the stolen Nikes were not anything special, especially after a bullet went through one of them and his foot.

"They wasn't too nice," Shackelford said. "They was old and hand-me-down shoes."

Shackelford says luck is against him. He had planned on going out to celebrate his 21st birthday this Friday the 13th, but now doctor's orders have forced to stay home.

Police described the suspect as a black male about 6'1", 250 lbs. Shackelford said he identified his attacker in a photo line-up. A police department spokeswoman said she could not release the suspect's name or photo as the investigation continues.

Shackelford says he just hopes his attacker is caught soon.

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Morty was being Facetious Folks

The statement was lacking serious intent and NOT meant to be taken seriously. Tongue in Cheek, you know.

I was surprised that Smart People took him literally.

Only Morty can say for sure, but I thought he was MOCKING the stupid liberals, whom I still can't believe won in 2012. See,they can take a joke, they put theirs right up there for the world to see and LAUGH at.

???? The lead at 6??????

???? The lead at 6?????? Don't give stupid, ignorant fools the spotlight!! ** and this is coming from a Democrat.......I would think that this is something that the Republicans could agree on with me..

the guy needed...

new shoes for Sunday know, a "holy" pair.

was it a white guy that shot

was it a white guy that shot him in the foot, with a description and a picture we will be able to help you look for your shoe with the hole in it and get it back to you sooner

What everyone fails to

What everyone fails to realize, the reason thugs take shoes is because that is where the drug dealers keep their cash.....

You Are Absolutely Correct

You are absolutely correct. Also, when you see the sneakers thrown over the telephone/power lines, it means that there is a drug dealer nearby. Mark my word, the rival gang is already plotting retaliation. But he's such a good boy right?

The rest of the story

The rest of the story

Nice Crib.

Nice Crib.

Another fool gets his 5 minutes of fame ...

Why are we wasting precious resources and taxpayer dollars trying to find the guy who did this, when the supposed "victim" admits to "beating him up" among other things? This sounds like an issue that these two thugs just need to work out, or maybe Darwin will just take his course. Let law enforcement take care of real issues. And WWAY, please stop putting foolish idiots on TV.

Shot in the foot .... then took the shoes ?

So one of the stolen shoes has a bullet hole in it?

I wonder if that's a style statement in certain neighborhoods or just a dumb way to break in the thief's new shoes.

Must be the shoes!

Gotta be the shoes driving these impoverished youth to crime! That and the NRA! And the Tea Party! And Bush!


too bad you were not the victim!

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NRA, Tea Party and Bush. The GREATEST Words of this century. Way better then the MUSLIM president leading the current bunch of dummies by the balls like yourself.


Hey Morty,

I guess is a coward like the current President OSAMA YOU have. Cant make a stand and states things only to say he didn't say that. Then back track like the coward muslim he is!

Long Walk

Morty, please go take a LONG walk on a Short pier. You are an Idiot.

The things Dummacrats will say.

Good thing the guy wasn't

Good thing the guy wasn't hat shopping!