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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Railroad giant CSX announced Brunswick County’s Mid Atlantic Industrial Park on US 74/76 is now designated a CSX Select Site.

Local leaders hope the move will eventually help bring a major manufacturer and jobs to the area.

A Select Site is a location for manufacturing projects along the CSX network. Leaders say this is just what the county needs to help boost its struggling economy.

CSX introduced the Select Site program in 2012 to better serve customers in their own backyards.

CSX regional vice president Clark Robertson says they picked the Mid Atlantic Industrial Rail Park near the Columbus County line because of the access to ports and freeways.

Brunswick County Economic Development Commission Executive Director Jim Bradshaw says CSX will be able to market the site all over the world, which is something the county could not do a few years ago.

“Continental Tire inspired us to get the infrastructure and the environmental studies underway,” Bradshaw said. “With that we were able to expand that to meet the qualifications of the CSX program. We anticipate this site to be certified by the state of North Carolina by the end of the year.”

The Mid Atlantic Industrial Rail Park is just across 74/76 from the International Logistics Park, which is another site the county has been trying to develop with a large employer.

There is no word yet on what if any potential businesses could be headed our way, but Bradshaw says at least the county is better prepared.

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  • taxpayer

    now that Brunswick County is part of the Myrtle Beach MSA…look at all the economic development announcements. I wonder if the folks in MB will be touting this economic good news like our “economic development” folks would have. Shoot…Saffo, White, Hinnant, and maybe Ricky Meeks would have all over the tv talking about how hard they worked, the meetings they had, and how much taxpayer money they had to give away (incentive) just to lure the companies here.

  • Vog46

    This is the BIG announcement?

    We have 2 announcements in the last day or so, both eerily similar.
    Both say Duke and or CSX have designated sites as major sites to attract POTENTIAL employers. Both have rail, water and road access.
    OK – they had this access before the announcements – so whats teh bruha about? Not one job is coming here yet.

    You know what this reminds me of?
    The Global Transpark. The DEMs thought was the holy grail of industrial development..

    Good grief – are we that bad off that we are expected to get excited about land that is suitable for development?
    C’mon Duke and CSX – get real will yah…………



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