Former Hoggard teacher/coach pleads guilty

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Submitted: Fri, 09/13/2013 - 3:33am
Updated: Fri, 09/13/2013 - 12:35pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A former coach and teacher at Hoggard High School pleaded guilty today to two crimes.

Michael Supak admitted to assault on a female and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. An indictment accused Supak of kissing a 17-year-old girl on school property back in November.

Supak also faced a felony charge of indecent liberties with a student, but that charge was dropped in exchange for his plea.

Supak received a 120-day suspended sentence and 36 months supervised probation.

He quit his job at Hoggard in March.


  • Well Informed says:

    I feel sorry for you, and Supak’s family.

    If there was no evidence, there would be no appeal to a plea, Supak would have gone to court and won! The case was scheduled for October, so taking a plea a whole month early…WOW, he saved his family alot of pain.

    When the grand jury met and SAW the evidence, they ADDED the two charges Supak plead guilty to. Grand jury’s don’t add charges without evidence, you obviously have never served on a grand jury.

    Supak RESIGNED his position without a fight after his suspension…why???

    The text did not state his family was in NY or TX, the text only said it was OK for the victim to come over because his family was not there. Not sure where the location of his family came into play as it is really irrelevant, he invited the child over…period.

    The pricipal had the victims phone in his hand when Supak began texting her the day Supak was arrested…I’m sure if you’d like to reach out to him he could verify that.

    I have 12 pages of tweets from Supak to other students where he gave some very inappropriate nicknames to two of his daughter’s friends, and made other statements no adult should ever make to children. I’d be happy to forward these to you.

    The fact that your daughter is only 2 years younger than the victim…IRRELEVANT! She must not float his boat.

    The victim did not graduate a whole year early, she was a Senior and graduated in January…I mention this to show how UNINFORMED you truly are.

    Yes, I believe swearing on a bible should mean something. I also believe that you are only as good as your word, and if you are telling me that Supak stood before the court and LIED under oath, just shows how truly corrupt he is; you as well for supporting such.

    If the victim were my child, I would bring a civil suit against Supak for damages and let the evidence come out. I would bet you would still support him even after seeing it…stop drinking the Kool-Aid!

  • Scott Pickey says:

    “Well Informed,” would you please email me when you get chance at Thank you.


    Scott Pickey
    WWAY News Director

  • hoggardmom12 says:

    Just an after thought….if the principal was holding the victim’s phone in his hand when Supak allegedly texted her, then why was he suspended with pay? Why did an internal investigation take 30 days to complete…that sounds like concrete evidence to me, yet your word on it was the only time I heard about it. Just curious…maybe you could shed some light on it for me, and by all means, forward me the Tweets that you are talking about. I have never served on a Grand Jury before, but that doesn’t mean that you are making sense…the appeal to a plea? what do you mean? The DA’s office added those charges because they could not convict on the felony charge..No Evidence. And if the DA had sufficient evidence on those added charges, there never would have been a plea offered….DA offices do not offer plea deals when they know they can win a case. They offer them when they know they have a good chance of losing the case due to lack of evidence. If the text messages were actually part of the evidence, that sounds like a victory for the DA’s office, yet they offer a plea…Why did they do that? And how is it that you know of the Principal holding the victim’s phone while a text came in from Supak? There would have been no suspension, just a termination…..That’s an open and shut case. As far as me telling you anything, you don’t write like you are the type of person that anyone tells anything to. I wasn’t in the court room, however spoke to a few people who were. Were you there? Where are you getting your information from? I didn’t say that Mike lied, I said that he did what he needed to do to live his life and move on, and yes for the sake of his family and to not have to go to trial. Sounds crazy if you are innocent, but like I said, I can not comment on what I would have done when faced with such a tragic situation. I believe he resigned because he could no longer work at Hoggard after all of this, not because of his admission of guilt. This is a small town. Nobody forgets and everybody thinks they knows everything. I am not corrupt, and you sound ridiculous for saying so. You do not know me, I am merely supporting a family friend, as you are doing on your end. I read the girl had graduated a year early, so, you are right I was misinformed, like so many other people who read and hear things in the media, and especially in this case. As for those text messages, have you seen them? Or is it what you have heard about? You have yet to comment on that…And you are right again, if something like this did happen, and there was evidence to come out,then why aren’t her parents pursuing a civil case? I don’t drink Kool-Aid.

  • Well Informed says:

    Are you sure you’re not part of the Supak family? You are the one who is ridiculous and making unfounded judgements. Why is your opionion so much more relevant than others? You are in the minority here. Reasonable people can read between the lines and make rational conclusions.

    I’m not the one who started with the NY or TX debate, I’m the one saying that the text didn’t say either, it simply stated the family was not home.

    I’m not angry at all, actually quite the contrary. Your whole position on this matter is laughable.

    Nope, not part of the family, but I have followed this case since the beginning as I too have a child that went to Hoggard and have heard way too much about what has been allowed in Supak’s classroom and home. You can live in denial all you want.

    You are the one who brought up the fact that he has never been inappropriate with your daughter…who cares. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to anyone else. There have been a few remarks as to why he didn’t choose your daugter…don’t be so defensive. Struck a nerve did I?

    Grandstanding…you have done nothing but spout off YOUR opinions; lady, your opinions mean no more than anyone else’s. Just try to base yours on fact and no one would take issue with it. Just because you and Supak’s family say something doesn’t make it true. You already said he was a liar by swearing under oath to something he didn’t do…what a joke.

  • jessica says:

    Anyone with half a brain knows Maximus Veritas is Coach Supak…come on.

    I had Supak as a teacher a few years back, we all saw this coming. I have partied at Coach’s house, where he not only provided the alcohol, but got drunk and passed out in his underwear on the couch.

    I worked at BWW and there were never any accusations from the victim about a manager. I was questioned by the investigator and it was pretty clear he was there on Supak’s behalf.

    Bottom line, the damage to Supak, his family and the victim’s family was done back in November 2012, taking a plea now to save anyone is BS. If there were statements in the defense’s possession, they were probably given by those so quick to defend Supak in the beginning and not worth the paper written on.

    Bottom line here is, HE PLEAD GUILTY! Innocent people don’t! The punishment is about the same either way, so why take the plea? I keep seeing statements about things the victim supposedly said, where is your proof. Sounds like a bunch of people trying their best to make Coach’s case for him.

    If you had Supak as a teacher, you KNOW everything that he was accused of is true, the victim is just the only one with the courage to stand up and say how he is was wrong.

  • Well Informed says:

    Does the word Tenure mean anything to you? Let me explain it, if a teacher has Tenure, which Supak did, it is very difficult for them to lose their job. The board has to make the recommendation, and in the litigious society we live in, great lengths are taken to make sure a tenured teacher is given ample opportunity to take the steps necessary to retain their position. The power to hire or fire does land at the feet of the principals.

    I know about the tweets because I turned them over to the administration. Supak’s twitter and facebook were public until his arrest, anyone could pull them.

    The appeal of a plea, let me see if I can break that one down for you. What would make something attractive to someone, what would “appeal” to them? If Supak had done absolutely nothing inappropriate, why would he take a plea; what would make the plea “appealing” to him. Uhm, maybe the fact that he wouldn’t have to register as a sex offender if he took the plea?…BINGO!

    I was in the courtroom. After the DA read the charges, went over part of what was said in the initial interview with Supak, and touched on a bit of the evidence, the judge asked Supak and his attorney if what was said was TRUE and ACCURATE. They both answered “YES SIR” and then Supak, no mind you, he had already been sworn in, but he was sworn in again and asked if what had just been presented was the truth and he said YES. So I ask you, if you are saying he didn’t do any of it, then aren’t you calling him a liar by doing that in court? The transcript is public record…you can get a copy.

    The plea was offered for the sake of the victim, not the defendant. It was a way to allow this young lady to move on without having to be put through a trial. The punishment, other than having to register as a sex offender, is basically the same. Why would her family want to put her through any more? You ask why her parents aren’t pursuing a civil suit…I don’t know that they aren’t. Maybe, just maybe, they want to move on to.

    If you would like to provide your email address, I would be happy to forward you the tweets I pulled off Supak’s twitter last Summer.

    Supak knows what he did, it really doesn’t matter what you or I think. All I know is that he isn’t allowed on any school grounds for any reason for the next 36 months and I’m going to make it my hobby to make sure he is turned in for probation violation if he does.

  • hoggardmom12 says:

    Thanks so much for putting me in my place. You obviously have all the facts and are so angry about all of it. Maybe you are the girls mother, I don’t know. What I do know is that you are close to it, hence your complete over the top grandstanding. You should have your own talk show and counsel people on how they should feel, and what other people should think. What I said was that others shouldn’t judge. I don’t need your sympathy, nor do the Supaks. They are a strong family and are already working through this. You sound ridiculous, and are way too emotional to be anyone other then a family member of the victim. Maybe that is why you sound so self-righteous over all of this. You are the sick individual making comments like my child not “floating his boat”, etc… you sound disgusting. I made some comments in support of someone that I consider a friend. I do not need your approval or opinion on that. I have never slandered this young girl, nor condone doing it. The weekend in question was regarding New York, not Texas. Get your facts straight. It is Mike’s family that is from Texas, not his wife, and she did not travel there without him with the family. His family lives there, not hers. You do not know what you are talking about.

  • Guest123 says:

    I would like to comment on the weekend that Mike’s entire family were supposed to be in New York. Not only did I read about it in the newspaper, but I was disturbed to read about it throughout the comments in this thread. Half of Mike’s family were in New York, his younger daughter and son remained home. I know this because my daughter spent that weekend with Mike and his kids. She has been friends with the Supaks since she was in the 2nd grade and is currently a 9th grader at Hoggard. That weekend that Mike allegedly tried to “lure” this student to his house, was the weekend of last years hurricane. His wife and older daughter were caught in NYC due to flights being cancelled from the storm, not his entire family. My daughter stayed with them all weekend, and there was no attempt to invite this student to his home.

  • informed234 says:

    It is a nice little fantasy world you have created for yourself Maximus. The victim is not and was never on trial here. And Mr. Supak does not drink? Keep on keeping on in that great little fantasy world you are living in. Guilty as charged and admitted to, end of story.

  • Guest-o-matic says:

    Nobody will spend the time reading your useless personal opinions, not to mention the fact that you can’t spell or compose a sentence, much less a paragraph.

    Join Al Gore in his “Invention of the internet” and “Global Warming”, but learn to write first and have a LOT of money on hand!

  • Friend says:

    I am a close friend of Coach Supak’s older daughter and would just like to point out a few facts. The first being the fact that only Coach Supak’s wife and oldest daughter went to NYC for the weekend of their birthdays. The second being that the other weekend in question Coach Supak’s father from Texas was in town visiting with whom Supak spent all his time. The last fact I would like to point out is that the oldest daughter has an 11 PM curfew and the minute her parents hear of her doing anything remotely inappropriate for a high school student she immediately suffers consequences. Her car is taken and she is grounded from going anywhere. She also has a GPS tracker on her phone so she can never lie to her parents about where she is. Her parents must also talk to a friends parent before she sleeps over anywhere. Does this sound like the kind of parents that would host illegal underage drinking parties at their home?

  • Guest2020 says:

    People who are innocent of these types of crimes do not plead guilty. They fight to protect their reputations. If the prosecution’s case was so flimsy, then he would have fought it. I don’t about you, but I wouldn’t take a guilty plea if I was innocent.

  • Hoggard Alumni says:

    best teacher I’ve ever had because unlike most teachers he cared enough to get to know his students… And I ran cross country with the psychopath, i mean, “victim”.. her baby is pretty cute though

  • hoddargmon12 says:

    To well informed: I have nothing to repent for, nor be ashamed of. It seems you have religious undertones to your statements. Mike put his hand on a bible? Seriously? Is that a true testament as to if someone is telling the truth or not? Maybe it should be, but people do what they need to do to live their lives. Sounds like you are naive and somewhat uninformed. He said what he did because that was part of a plea deal. Not because it was the truth. Because he wanted this over for everybody. You are obviously close to this because you were so furious and offended by my post. Maybe you should step back. The Supaks are not a sick family as you suggest,and my child is only two years younger then the victim in this case. There was/is nothing to report about any inappropriate behavior, I am confident in that. As for the weekend, you don’t know what you are talking about, as he was attentive, and provided appropriate levels of supervision. I could provide you their entire agenda, as we have already been interviewed about it, but it’s really none of your business. It would appear that you buy into everything the “Star” is reporting on? As for the DA and their evidence? What is it that you have actually seen? Because the fact remains that if there was substantial evidence, such as these text messages, then they would not have offered him a plea deal at all, as it would have been an open and shut case. Why didn’t they do that? Because they didn’t have what they needed to convict. Maybe they offered the plea because it what was good for their office. This young woman has caught a lot of attention over this, and I can’t comment because I do not know her, only what I have heard. What I have heard has not been good, that this is histrionic behavior for her, however I fail to see why it would be productive to slander her in the media. She is a new mother and finished high school an entire year early. It is obvious she is moving on and starting a new life. Maybe you should do the same. Thanks for the information you provided that you thought I didn’t know. God Bless

  • Maximus Veritas says:

    After reading the comments on here, I have decided to put my 2 cents in. Maybe it can fill in a few gaps for the misinformed or the just plain angry people on here. I have known Mike for at least 20 years so those of you that throw hate at him can just sit back and read because alot of what I am typing are things he actually said. First of all, he is sometimes reckless, he often opens his mouth and says things or does things before he thinks about them. He also uses humor, sarcasm, and well, he just likes to mess with people’s heads in order to get a rise out of them or to help them in whatever situation their life was presenting. It’s the way he is and will not apologize for that. He is also a very passionate person who cares deeply for not only his family and friends, but most of the students that he had taught. His family means the world to him. There is no other way to put it. I think I may put the rest of this in bullet form so that I can get all the statements and ideas in there.
    Now lets talk about the plea deal. The plea deal was taken for 2 reasons. First, he wanted to save his family from further media attention, yes the trial would have been scheduled to start the next month but that was just the beginning, you would have to pick the jury, get the witnesses ready, subpoena the teachers and principals for character references, etc.(and that list goes on and on) Mr. Supak was advised that the actual trial could go on for another 6 months to a year. He and his family have already lost a year because of this. The second reason the deal was taken was sadly out of fear. This type of accusation generates all types of emotions because of the way the media plays it. Mr. Supak’s exact statement was and I quote “things have not gone my way since day one, I never had a chance, and even the thought of having to register for no reason makes me sick to my stomach, I would not survive. How can I possibly believe that things will turn out ok in court and leave the fate of my life with 12 jurors who may already have preconceived ideas in their heads because of the media, especially after what the investigators did to me that night.”(We will get to the investigators soon enough) He also stated on several occasions, “I used to teach about law, government, and the courts but what we teach is not true, we are taught to trust the police which I did but the stunt the investigators pulled that night made me realize that you really can not put any faith in them. So this is a fact, Mike took the plea deal to save his family further grief and out of fear of the system.
    He is guilty of text messaging all of his students. In today’s age, that is how you get information out to that generation. Most of his texts were either about football, or giving kids info they needed. Did he joke around and text things that he should not have? His response to that question was as follows “Yes I did text her and I did joke around about drinking at my house but my family was home. I thought I was being funny because all the girl ever talked about was getting drunk at parties, having parties at her house, getting drunk after work, so yes I joked around about it and the worst part is she knew it was a joke. I thought it was ironic and I also believed it was funny because I was a grown ass man and this girl drank way more than I did. Since I rarely drink, a 12 pack will sit in my fridge for months. I joked about it because I KNEW I would never drink with her, I would never buy her alcohol like she asked me to, and I actually advised her to stop drinking when I found out she was really pregnant this time.” He went on to say, “I have had football players with drug problems, I have used humor like that in the past because it helps me break barriers in order to help them. His final response to the text messages were “Bottom line, I am in trouble for being a dumbass, texting, even if I thought it was a joke, is what I did wrong.” So Mr. Supak gets the contributing to the delinquincy, not for providing or drinking with this girl, but for joking about it.
    The assault charge was simply added to this case because the DA was afraid that if Mr. Supak only had the contributing charge, it had a very small amount of jail time and he could just sit in jail for a few weeks and be done. The simple assault charge brings the total number of days that he would have to serve to about 120 which would make it a bit more difficult. I have read the accusers 3 different accounts of that day. The strange thing about this is that no actual date was ever determined. This is a he said/she said ordeal and I will try to put it both ways.
    Accuser Statement – Coach invited only her to field house to help with laundry
    Defense Statement verified by over 30 sources-Coach was frustrated about doing laundry by himself so he invited every person in his classroom to help him, it was before school and there were about 25 football players and about 5 girls including the accuser and coach’s daughter
    Accuser statement – she texted coach to ask if he was at field house to sign a senior project paper, she arrived in her car, coach was acting strange, he said something nasty to her and forced a kiss on the back of her neck, she then ran out of field house, jumped in CAR and took off
    Defense Statement – She texted to have paper signed, she showed up on a BICYCLE, when asked, she said her car was getting fixed, she had no paper to sign, she said inappropriate things to coach, he became nervous when she wouldn’t leave so he told her he had somewhere to be so he got in his truck, she left on her BICYCLE. He came back 10 minutes later and resumed his duties. The following Monday, he went to a principal and told her he was worried about the accuser. He did not say anything about her inappropriate words because he did not want her to get in trouble. He never liked when kids were in trouble.
    Since this was a he said/she said accusation, you are taught that character would play a part. So lets talk about character.
    1. Habitual liar, stated pregnancy on several different occasions that turned out to be false
    2. Self proclaimed bipolar schizophrenic(was never proven or disproven) either way it does not help her story.
    3. One year prior to this event, she told students, teachers, and principals that she was dying of cancer but she is still here
    -the 3 statements above were all verified by 100’s of letters from students, teachers, principals and parents
    4. Claimed boss at Buffalo Wild Wings did similar things to her(PI was hired to verify)
    5. When Coach asked her to get him an NFL Draft Day shirt from Buffalo Wild Wings, she stated that after hours she had to get drunk and strip in order to get the t-shirt
    6. Rumored to invite people to her new place of employment to steal things and then would call police on them. Arrests were made but her involvement was not verified
    7. Pregnant at 17 and with child at 18, there are severe questions concerning the child and exactly who the father is
    8. Stated on social media(Twitter) that she was having an affair with a different male teacher)verified around same time as the event
    1. Sometimes became angry and used curse words on the football field
    2. Texted students even though he should not have done that
    3. Sometimes took days off of work so that he could hang out with his son
    4. There was also no denying that the only reason he became a teacher was for the opportunity to coach football.
    Now after all this information, which has been taken from her statements, his statements countless statements of others, you can judge for yourself. What I do know about Mr. Supak is that he absolutely loves his children and his wife and his inability to be restricted from their sporting events is a tragedy in itself because this girl’s accusation has taken away one of his rights, the right to be a father. Speaking of rights, the media, DA, and the investigators took many rights away from the beginning, he never had the luxury of innocent until proven guilty. There is a teacher in jail right now from New Hanover County that was investigated for 6 months before they were arrested. Mr. Supak was investigated for 6 hours. The investigators threatened Mr. Supak that they were going to charge him with having sex with a student even though it was a lie. They came to his home asking for his side of the story, he should have said he wanted an attorney but believing he did nothing wrong, he went with them that night. That is the single, biggest mistake he made. They bombarded him with questions and after several hours of interrogation, they had nothing so then they resorted to dirty tricks. Never being in trouble before, Mr. Supak thought he was doing the right thing by talking to them, instead their dirty tactics caused this entire fiasco to get this big. The investigators were on a witch hunt that included the District Attorney Benjamin David because they had lost a case on a teacher just 7 days prior. Mr. David’s comments in the paper were not just insulting, but they were vindictive and it was his big we got you moment. As a lawyer, his lack of professionalism disgusts me.
    This is very long so closing I will state, the only true victims in this case are Mr. Supak’s family and the accuser’s family who have akll been drug through this for almost a year.

  • fbakalar says:

    You are an idiot. The victims family offered the plea so she could move on with her life. The evidence was heard in court today; Supak confessed back in November and is on video tape doing so. The texts were pulled off the victims phone. The ignorance of some people is just unbelievable!.

  • WilmMan says:

    Plea deals come down from the DA’s Office. The victim’s family may have agreed with it, but they don’t have a say in whether it’s offered or not. Not only that, at no time did Supak admit to anything. If he had, the DA never would have offered a plea deal as it would have been a slam dunk for the them. As far as the so called “evidence” you heard today in court, that is total BS. When a defense accepts a plea deal, the DA states to the Judge the evidence they say they would be trying to prove. That does not mean they are facts like you think it does. There is A LOT to the criminal justice system you need to learn.

  • Guest2020 says:

    The District Attorney doesn’t offer pleas because they don’t think they can convict on the felony. They do it to clear the court docket. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t plead guilty to a crime I did not commit.

    And you said it yourself, his victim was a child. He is the adult. He should have known better.

  • Informed123 says:

    before you call anyone an idiot: The “girl” didn’t offer any deal – the D.A.’s office does that – the girl has no authority to offer a deal. and I don’t know what courtroom you were in, but the judge heard very little admissible evidence The hearing was for sentencing not for hearing evidence.

  • fbakalar says:

    There have been many cases where a judge has rejected a plea agreement, it’s public record, do a search.

    There you go again, attacking the victim. Where’s your evidence that the child did any of the things you are saying? Lets see the proof big man.

    You are just as bad as Supak, probably have a similar fetish as him as well. As they say, birds of a feather.

  • eye4eye601 says:

    Idiot… Saves tax payers $ and let’s the victim move on – Hopefully he is now a registered sex offender…

  • Guestthatrocks says:

    First of all there is no cameras in the school so thats impossible to have on tape. Second of all you’re stupid

  • guesty says:

    fbakalar wrote: “Supak confessed back in November and is on video tape doing so.”

    fbakalar didn’t say anything about cameras in school nor would it make sense for him to confess at school. Try to grasp simple ideas before spouting off.

  • deputy25 says:

    i think the video he is talking about is the taped interview with the defendant.

  • fbalalar says:

    Wilman, you need to educate yourself. Had the judge thought for one second that the victim was not onboard with the plea agreement, he would have rejected the plea agreement and ordered a trial. If you can read, I did not say anything about cameras at school, but they do film the interview at the Sheriff’s station, and in that, Supak admitted he kissed the student, made inappropriate remarks AND admitted to the texts pulled off the phone where he invited the victim to his house while his family was away. In court, SOME, not ALL, of the evidence was presented and neither Supak nor his attorney contested any of it. He is a disgrace to teachers and coaches everywhere, a disgrace as a husband, and a disgrace as a father. He needs some serious therapy, and from the looks of it, you should join him.

  • Wake up says:

    You talk about Supak as if you really know him. Truth be told. NOBODY really knows him not even his own wife and kids. They wouldn’t have ever thought he’d do this stuff. The fact that you or any other human would try and defend this person is just sick. Push him to get drastic HELP yes but not try and defend or talk away all the wrong that he did. So lets break it down to its foundation; lets forget about all of the rest of the stuff that has been said and talked about. Lets just go from one item discussed in open court and confessed to. Supak confessed to trying to get her to his home when his whole family was in Texas. What was he going to do, just talk to her awhile, no no he was going to have his way with her. He is guilty and I’m disappointed that he was not made to stand up for the felony charges and list as a sex offender because he will do it again sometime and somewhere it’s just fact, it’s a sickness. Supak is Susick !!

  • WilmMan says:

    If you knew how to read you would know that I said plea deals come from the DA and that the victim may have agreed with it….when was the last time a plea was offered and accepted but the Judge denied it???

    Yes I know they film interviews,but since there was no trial exactly how do you know what this guy stated during the interview? The only “evidence” that is presented is what the DA says they were going to prove. That doesn’t make their evidence a fact. You are basing your opinion off a girl who has lied about being pregnant to having cancer to having other life threatening medical problems. I don’t know if this guy did what he is being charged of but I do believe everything isn’t as straight for as the DA is trying to make it

  • Informed123 says:

    To echo what has been said – Mike took the plea deal for the sake of his family. His job and passion have been taken from him and most of the damage has been done. I won’t pass judgement on the girl here, that’s between her and her Maker, but Mike was in a no-win situation and took the plea deal to put an end to the ordeal and to save his family from any further unnecessary scrutiny. While he may have shown poor judgement by being in “the wrong place at the wrong time” (in hindsight), the charges were largely baseless (otherwise there wouldn’t have been a plea offered – as previously stated. If the D.A.’s office had solid proof to back up a felony charge there wouldn’t have been any deal). This girl has many problems, as does her family and Mike is far from the first to be affected. I know the man and he has two main passions – his family and coaching. One is now gone and he just wants/needs to get on with life. One must deal with our court system to be able to fully appreciate how broken it actually is. So (everyone) be very careful about passing judgement on subjects you know very little about.

  • Guestysghost says:

    Pleading guilty to a lesser charge to avoid putting your family through a trial and putting hearsay in the hands of a jury to find you guilty of a felony is really far from actually being guilty. If prosecutors thought they had the felony conviction they would not have offered a plea deal. Mike is concerned about what his family is going through more than defending himself. Can’t fault him for that. Regardless of a trial outcome, his job is gone and his passion of being a football coach is not there thanks to a pissed of child so he does his probation and moves on.

  • guesty says:

    I wonder what all his defenders will post now that he is guilty….

  • Rick Wilson says:

    He pleaded guilty. Innocent people do not plead guilty when their careers are on the line. It is time for everyone to quit making the victim the villain…….and quit making excuses for the guilty….

  • Guest2020 says:

    I agree completely.

  • Guest1988 says:

    Well glad to see this POS pervert got some kind of punishment and that the young lady didn’t have to testify, also if you knew the case you would know that he admitted in open court that he did infact kiss this young girl on the neck and say dirty vulgar things to her, and that he tried to get her to his house while his family was in NY. This man continued to go to the School to watch sports and young women before the trial. I am glad his family was there to hear and see what kind of man he truly is!

  • William Southern says:

    You have it right, my friend. If he hadn’t done the things you mentioned that were stated, specifically, in court (trying to get to her to the house while the family was in NY, vulgar comments said to victim, kissing her on the back of her neck), he or his attorney would have contested it. I’d be willing to bet that his family knew nothing of this evidence before court. It blows my mind the level of absolute stupidity (not ignorance – there’s a difference) in our society. Some folks will continue to defend him no matter what the evidence. Stupidity is a disease with no cure.

  • deputy25 says:

    i dont care what anybody says, if i know that i did not do anything wrong, 12 people are going to have to say i did and an appeals court too! i will never ever plead guilty to something i did not do, if so you then become the victim as well.

  • Beach Guy says:

    Look you people are crazy to defend this person when and in what world is it OK for a grown man and a coach/teacher to be swapping spit with an underage girl at work. Where is the self control? In a school no less!
    Lets hear some outrage from some parents of teen age girls for pete’s sake! I do not have any kids but If I caught some thirty something dude in a lip lock with my kid there would be hell to pay no matter what the circumstances.
    It is just wrong in so many ways I cannot believe that some of you would post comments defending this! and then go on to disparage a juvenile and her family.

    As far as the DA’s office taking a plea to a lesser charge if they did not have any evidence they would drop the charges when they offer a plea to a lesser charge it means the the admitted charge is a slam dunk( this is why they plead guilty because they know they are busted) and the greater charge could have gone either way before a jury. So what ever kissy face admitted to you can bet that he did it to keep from going to jail not to save anyone or anything else but his teen age girl kissing behind.

    And as far as this cat’s passions go there is one more you forgot to add and it is obvious what it is.

  • WilmMan says:

    First of all, I was not defending anyone….I was simply stating facts as it pertains to the court system and how someone who made a post didn’t understand the System at all.

    And you are only partially correct when it comes to plea deals. Yes DA’s take plea deals to clear their calendars, but that isn’t the only reason. A LOT of times, the DA’s Office will offer a plea when their evidence isn’t concrete. They hope the person will take the plea for a lesser charge instead of taking a chance with a jury. This way the DA’s Office still gets the win. The Defendant might be guilty of something but not exactly what he is being charged and a plea takes his life out of the jury’s hands where things could get much worse for him.

    As far as this incident itself, the girl was over the age of 16 which makes her a legal adult, legally. What makes this whole thing illegal is that he was a teacher at the same school she attended, even though he was not her teacher. I don’t condone what he did, but if he were not a teacher at all, nothing done would have been illegal.

  • Hoggard Mom says:

    I completely agree with Beach Guy. Since when is it even remotely ok for a grown man (or woman) to put themselves in a position of question involving children and/or teens? Some folks have supported his passion and love for his family and career. Sorry, but in my world, what means the most to you is placed front and center and you would never let anything jeopardize the bond! Unless this coach had been living under a rock his entire life, he knew better than to have kids in his home and allow them to drink alcohol. That in and of itself is wrong for many reasons, not to mention illegal. And if there was touching of ANY kind, well, I don’t even have to say how totally disgusting that is and again, not to mention, illegal!! I have a teen at Hoggard and I’m very close with a few of the football players who have supported him and I can tell you it was common knowledge the alcohol was allowed in his home on a regular basis. He has had ongoing support because he was considered “cool”. This poor girl has obviously had a rough time of it and (now I’m just guessing), was probably searching for attention. Huge red flag to any responsible grown up connected to her. The only thing he should have done was report it and try to get her the help she needed then step way way back. He was the grown up. He was the intelligent family/career man. Again, people out there who are doing the right thing do NOT find themselves in this position. Ever! You want to host parties in your home for teenagers? Fine. Serve soda and pizza and make sure your spouse is present. Otherwise, you become known as a POS pervert, as mentioned in someone’s earlier post. Let’s stop letting these folks get away with harming our kids and start reaching out to the kids who need our attention the most!! Here’s another news flash, when kids feel confident and strong and worthy and loved, they’re not hanging out with grown men or women, searching for attention! Sign me “A mom who is paying attention!”

  • Lauren says:

    Maybe if u don’t know him and don’t know all the details u should keep your comments to yourself :) just sayin and makin a joke “kissy face” isn’t any better, ya sound ignorant.

  • guesty says:

    Innocent people don’t take guilty pleas. He admitted guilt. Reasons don’t matter as to why.

  • In the know says:

    Informed123;more like MIS informed.

    He took the plea to avoid a felony charge and having to file as a pedophile. If Supak cared so much about his family, he would never have done the things HE admitted to, IN COURT, UNDER OATH! Do you really think folks are so naïve to believe that this man took this plea for the sake of his family; what drugs are you on?

    Baseless charges?? He admitted to kissing the student (on video), the texts were retrieved off of his and the victim’s phones, and during the presentation of the evidence, neither he nor his attorney contested any part of what was presented. Usually, someone speaks on behalf of the defendant as to his character…NOTHING!!!!

    As for the victim’s family having issues, what family doesn’t? I don’t know them personally, but I have never heard anyone have a harsh thing to say about them other than the Supak supporters; Supak’s family can’t say that. From what I hear, his daughter is a foul mouth bully who attacks any girl that gets the attention of a boy she may have her eyes on; and yes, that has been reported to the school as well if you’d like to check. Her venue of choice is to blast those girls on Twitter.

    Have you taken a plea before? Are you an attorney? What makes you an expert on how the system works? Sounds like you and Supak were cut from the same cloth. Maybe you should be careful about making judgments.

    I’m curious, if you had a daughter and Supak admitted he kissed her and invited her to his house when his family was out of town, would that be OK? I bet not.

  • INFORMED234 says:

    The truth is that he has been crossing the line for years and anyone who has been around him knows this. The truth is in his mind the rules did not apply to him. The truth is, there are many others who have not come forward. The truth is his phone records were all the evidence that the DA’s office needed. The truth is this plea bargain was offered for the victim, not for HIM the sex offender, yes sex offender. The truth is he still does not believe the rules apply to him and is making a joke about it on facebook. The truth is he confessed to the crime and the DA had a felony case against him. The truth is he manipulates those who he should be protecting. The truth is you do not plead guilty to crimes ever, if you are not guilty. This my friends is the truth.

  • disgusted says:

    Coach Supak was a terrible teacher who relied on movies to teach the children History. He has no business teaching and certainly no business teaching honors courses.I found his teaching methods lacking. My daughter had him three years ago and I recall her telling me some things about his conduct and comments to girls about their clothing. I found this inappropriate and I distrusted him back then. I should have filed a complaint so he didn’t continue this inappropriate behavior. I vowed to have my other daughter removed from his class if she ended up in one of his courses.

    The girl involved in this case was the only one with the courage to stand up to this abuser. I commend her for her strength and I commend her parents as this could not have been very easy for any of them.Do you think they would subject themselves to this for sheer fun? The victim in this case is a child she is not an adult. He used his position of power and took advantage of a child. I am quite sure its not the first time. Its a crime he got a plea and such a short punishment because he will be right back abusing children again. However, a plea was nice for the victim and her family to not have to testify. It was also convenient because Supak knows he is guilty and didn’t want his inappropriate communications with young female students revealed pubically. If he was innocent he would have gone to court and proved his innocence.

    Those of you who support him open your eyes he is not the man you think he is. Perhaps you should read his texts and find out what he did and said to this brave young woman! Lets face it even the poor woman he is married to doesnt know the real Supak or she feels stuck since she has children with him.

  • welll informed says:

    Seriously??? The texts are fact that neither Supak nor his attorney contested, UNDER OATH! The judge asked Supak point blank if he agreed to what had been presented and he said YES. He place his hand on the bible and swore again after the reading that all that was said was truth. You expect us to believe anything that man says. You are actually calling him a liar yourself.

    As for your child being there that weekend; I’m sure they were not under Supak’s attentive eye the entire time. Be thankful that he hasn’t done anything inappropriate to your child; your child hasn’t reached the age he is obviously interested in.

    You are the one without the evidence. You are speaking out of an emotional connection to a sick family.

    I didn’t see you or any of the Supak supporters blasting the media back when this all happened when the victim was the target of the harsh remarks. You should truly be ashamed of yourself.

    Let me ask you this, if Supak confessed to kissing your child on the back of the neck and told her if she was older they could “hook up”, would that be OK…I mean, he is your friend and all.

    YOU should drop to your knees tonight and repent for you are truly one misguided person.

  • hoggardmom12 says:

    My daughter has known the Supak family since she was in the 2nd grade, in fact we consider them her “other” family. She currently attends Hoggard High School. She has spent countless over nights at their home, summers in their pool, gone away with the family on trips, and has never, ever suggested that anything remotely inappropriate has happened. I believe in Mike’s innocence, although not perfect, he is not a pervert, sex offender, or pedophile. Accepting a plea deal was not an admission of his guilt, but a way to steer clear of a trial where his family could be spared the nightmare of it all, and where he wasn’t at the mercy of a jury who would have decided his fate. Realistically, do you think that he would have received a fair trial in a town as small as Wilmington? He has already been convicted in the eyes of the media and most of the community. Innocent people have been sent to jail on circumstantial evidence, and guilty people have been set free. It’s often a crap shoot. Evidence is often not concrete, and many times open to the interpretation of biased individuals. Being a registered sex offender is for life. Our justice system is flawed, and often fails in deciding who is wrong or right. It’s hard to believe that someone who claims innocence would then plead guilty to lesser charges, however I was not faced with this tragedy and find it hard to comment on. It is so easy for others, as I have read, to pass judgement on this man and his family. Mistakes were made, however I fail to see how the media has shown any of us the alleged text messages made between Mike and this student, and who were the actual witnesses in this case? Until text messages are released to the public via the media from the District Attorneys office, I fail to see how people can believe the words of others so easily. It’s really just hearsay. I don’t know what I would have done in this situation, but based on what I have read it’s been easy for others to comment on what they would have done. Passing judgement when the facts are not clearly defined is just slander and gossip. I would also like to make one thing clear. During the alleged weekend that Mike tried to “lure” this student to his house while his “entire” family were in NY is just a plain lie. His younger daughter and son were home, as my daughter spent the weekend with them. It was during the hurricane that we had last year and half of his family were stuck in NY due to the storm and flights being cancelled, so for all of you who insist that that happened, it didn’t. Whats most disturbing is that I read that in the news as well, which proves that what you read in the paper and hear on the television is not always the truth. People should keep their opinions to themselves when they do not know the truth and just want to vent on a subject that they feel angry about. My heart goes out to all involved, including this misguided girl, who is indeed a victim, but not at the hands of Mike.

  • GuestVike says:

    hoggardmom12, I’d like to say that maybe it wasn’t the same weekend. Maybe several people have gotten the dates and some of the facts confused. The issue is still he crossed the line and has dodged a huge live ending event for many. The last point I’d like to make to you and all of the parents is this, a person who would take advantage of someone usually doesn’t do it to good kids with very attentive parents or kids they have known since they were 2 yrs old. They prey on the weak and vulnerable, kids with issues either with themselves, at home or missing parents. Low self esteem would be the rule all the victims would have in common. He took/takes advantage of these types of girls and would never risk getting caught with your type of open kid. Why you ask, because its easier and safer to prey on needy girls not confident girls.

  • More info says:

    Just to be clear……..I believe that anytime during his 36 months of probation if he screws up, especially messing with another teen girl…….. He will be charged again and also have to face the court on the original charge as well. So I’m sure he will be walking the line!! Not to mention………he doesn’t want any part of what will happen to him in prison when they all find out he’s a child sex offender.

  • fbakalar says:

    I agree with most of what you say, but you lose me when you get to the victim coming forward for attention. SERIOUSLY???? As her mother stated in court, “who would have wanted that kind of attention?”

    I watched the victim’s family in court and was quite impressed with the class and dignity they displayed. They didn’t invite a bunch of people to sit there with them, as the mom stated, “we talked of this situation with very few people”; they sat silently and made no attempt to confront any of the Supak family, although Supak’s daughter was making unbecoming facial expressions and was on twitter talking about “hate” before the session even got under way.

    As I listened to the mother of the victim, there was one statement made that none of you have mentioned. The victim’s family gave Supak the chance to keep this from going public back in November. They contacted the school and did not disclose any reason as to why they were making the request, but simply asked that the principal remove Supak as their daughter’s senior project advisor. The mother stated they were not sure what to do because they did not want their daughter to be attacked by those who think this Coach is so great; any of you with students at Hoggard, if you are honest, know that Supak was known for giving away grades and allowing under age drinking to take place at his home. They told their daughter to stay away from him, and that if he contacted her again, to go to the principal. Guess what folks, Supak started texting her again and she took her phone to the principal who was holding her phone when the texts kept coming in. The family never had the chance to decide for themselves what path to take with this situation.

    Shame on any of you who actually stood by this poor excuse of a man. May God have mercy on your souls.

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