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WHA CEO fired after DWI arrest


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Michael Krause is out as CEO of the Wilmington Housing Authority four days after Wilmington Police arrested him for DWI.

The WHA Board met in closed session for nearly two hours this morning to discuss what happened. When they came out, they voted to release Krause from his contract without cause. That contract paid Krause $142,000 base salary plus a $500 per month vehicle allowance.

"This has been a difficult decision, and we as an authority know our obligation to our staff, to the community, to our residents, and that is our number one concern," WHA Board Chair Jeff Hovis read from a prepared statement.

WHA Board members said they had created a media policy that only allowed Hovis to speak on their behalf. He refused several requests from reporters to answer questions.

Under the terms of his contract, Krause will get three months pay, which is $35,500.

The Board named Vernice Hamilton as interim CEO. Hamilton currently serves as WHA's Director of Human Resources.

Police arrested Krause Sunday afternoon after another driver called 911 about a SUV swerving all over Oleander Drive. The other driver followed the SUV to Krause's home on Windemere Road, where a dispatch log shows Krause blew a blood alcohol content of .35 and then .31, which is about four times the legal limit.

Krause, who took over the helm at WHA in 2008, pleaded guilty in January 2010 to a 2009 DWI, where police say he blew a .23 BAC. A judge sentenced Krause in that case to community service and a fine.

Krause also faces a charge of not having an operator license in Sunday's incident. He is due back in court Nov. 26.

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I wonder..

If he will drink to that?

Get Help

Now that you have time on your hands, get help. Work on yourself. Free yourself from the chains that bind you. I'm glad your employer fired you. Maybe this will jolt you into reality. Good luck.

More time to party

Now Mikey can keep the party going until reality sets in.....I am unemployed . Welcome to the Obama economy. There are not many $142,000 per year jobs with a $ 500 car allowance for a chronic drunk driver. Jobs are hard to find for individuals who are law abiding therefore you will probably need some of the same assistance you provided to your former clients. Time to pour another one to drown your self-inflicted sorrows. Luckily, you did not harm anyone except yourself.

His mugshot...

did not appear on the Star News mugshot lineup. Is it because of his formerly high-profile job?

Mug shot

If he made bond before being taken to the jail no mugshot would have been taken.


No! If you get arrested you must be photographed while being processed and you don't get bailed out until ALL processing is done.

well, how is it he got

well, how is it he got caught this time,,,,it took broad day light smashing items on the road and a fellow driver, I am sure he has been doing it for a long time and the board knew he had a drinking problem and the pay is ridiculous for such a individual, a participant of their program would have done better Perhaps the entire place should get an overhaul. Ia m sure they are doing other things not in the public good.

Vehicle Allowance

Why would he get a $500.00 monthly vehicle allowance if he is not licensed to drive on the roads in NC? Was this 500 for taxis back and forth to work?

$148k flushed

Good job Mikey, you just lost one of the best paying government jobs available in Wilmington. Too cheap to use some of that $500 a month car allowance to call a taxi? Or simply too stupid?



Guesty, the answer to your question is obvious.

...And it ain't got nuthin' ta do with bein' too cheap!

Good for the WHA

That is good enough for this idiot. Hope getting out there on the roads endangering peoples lives was worth it to him. Any idiot that gets out there driving under the influence and without license don't deserve to hold a 140 grand job. Personally I think he should have been released long ago, because I would think a person in this position would need to be able to drive to carry out his duties. He was lucky this time, but he could have very easily wrecked and killed some innocent person or family. Good riddance and one less idiot on a job that requires good judgment and obviously this goon lacks this.


He should have been fired for cause. But, I guess 35k is worth it to get him out of town. I am sure this conduct violated the terms of his contract and he deserved no severance.


Where can I send my resume? :)