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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A woman who pleaded guilty this week to a car crash that killed another driver last year in Brunswick County faces new charges in Wilmington.

Anna Kathleen Pierce, 28, pleaded guilty Monday to misdemeanor death by motor vehicle in a crash that killed Sheila Crocker Sorrentino on June 18, 2012. Prosecutors say a judge sentenced Pierce to a 75-day suspended jail sentence, 36 months probation and 18 days active jail sentence.

Immediately after sentencing she was arrested on a warrant for breaking and entering, larceny and conspiracy. An arrest warrant says the charges stem from Pierce allegedly stealing four nail guns with another woman from a Wilmington home in July. Pierce’s co-defendant Jessica Davenport is in the New Hanover County Jail waiting to face a host of charges.

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  • Theresa Smith

    Thank you Guest2020. That was my mom who was killed. This person also tested positive for drugs but they could not prove impairment and the drugs could have been from days prior and still lingering in the blood stream. I plan to do everything in my power to get some limits on metabolites, etc. (similar to alcohol limits) so this doesn’t happen again. The laws need to be changed.

  • Guest2020

    A woman drives recklessly with a wanton disregard for human life, kills another woman, and she gets a slap on the wrist. It’s just not right.

  • Guest999

    How can this be a misdemeanor, when she intentionally drove under the influence? Her young son was also in the car, where are the child endangerment charges? The judge and the DA insulted the victim’s family.

  • Guest28401

    Thank you for participating in this discussion – victims’ and their survivor’s input is valuable and too often overlooked – I am so sorry for your loss.

    Since reporting on this issue has been short on facts, what substances or drug(s) did the driver test positive for? Why were NC’s existing DUI laws not enough to convict this offender? Has the offender expressed remorse or made any statement effecting an apology?

    Thank you for participating, and for any reponse.

  • Guest2020

    You are quite welcome. I am so sorry that you lost your mother. I can’t even imagine the pain of losing your mother and to aggravate the pain by not giving her justice is unforgivable. I will pray for you in your loss and that you have success in your endeavors.


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