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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Police are searching for two suspects after they say a delivery driver was punched in the face and then robbed at gunpoint Thursday night.

It happened just after 10:30 p.m. when they say a driver for Peking Gourmet was delivering food to 1512 Dock Street. Police say when the driver was walking up to the house with the food, he noticed a man sitting on the porch.

That’s when police say the man got up and punched the driver in the face, knocking him to the ground. The driver told police another man then came out of nowhere, pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and demanded money.

Police say the duo robbed the delivery driver of his money and cell phone, and then forced him to walk east on Dock Street. The suspects are described as black males, one of which is heavy set, at around 5’8″ with an afro, wearing a black and white shirt and tan shorts. Police say the suspect with the gun is about 6’1″ and was wearing a blue hoodie.

No word on how much money the two got away with.

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  • You may be safer in Durham based on this crime rate comparison of Wilmington and Durham statistics. These are from 2006, but they do indicate a false belief that Wilmington is not a dangerous place.

    I wonder what today’s stats would say. You can compare any 2 cities at this site also. Wilmington crime rate may surprise you.


  • Guest-o-matic

    …if not multiple times a day!

    Almost like living in Durham!

  • Guest Vader

    I suppose you are making reference to the parasites losing welfare benefits and making up for it by robbing others. If you act like an animal, you will be treated as such. Just a little re-arrangement of your words. Every citizen that can get a carry permit for a handgun should do so. Seems the laws are designed to collect money instead of protecting, so something else needs to be done. These hood rats are totally out of control and something needs to be done. Maybe public punishment in front of the courthouse would be the answer, or perhaps the types of justice that prevailed 60 years ago deserves another look……no problems then.

  • Guest-o-matic

    So you think “lack” of “the Gubbmint support services” is the reason for the increase in crime? You’re so full of it, your eyes are brown! Get of your duffs and go get a job! Get three if you need to! Stop sponging, stop “expecting taxpayer handouts” and take a little responsibility and accountability for yourselves

    “Treat people like animals…”? Let me ‘splain something to you Mr.T: There are real animals out there with more motivation, more self-respect and the ability to help themselves than the lazy, greedy, inept, baby-farming sponges you make reference to!

    Doing a few things for yourself doesn’t include armed robbery, theft and drug dealing! Go get a job like everyone else that helps support you! Your rediculous statements beat absolutely anything I’ve ever read!

  • Mr.T

    Recent actions by our State and Federal legislatures has abruptly change the level of support services in hundreds of our local families and as colder weather approaches things are going to get worse!! Much Worse! Wilmington has plenty of crime already but now many young people that under better circumstances wouldn’t make trouble, will begin to do just that.
    We should all remember that when you treat people like animals that’s what they become. This have vs. have not society that most conservatives support and are attempting to create is going to back fire on all of us.

  • guesty

    The everybody is good and we will support you for life that liberals support has brought about a nation of lazy people unwilling to work and has been backfiring on us for years.

    As a conservative, please tell me how it is my responsibility to take care of you, feed you, clothe you, house you, proved you medical care and a cell phone. What do I get in return other than a smaller paycheck? Are you going to come mow my lawn? Maybe wash my vehicles? I don’t walk into Best Buy and purchase a tv for somebody else to take home. If you want it, work hard for it and don’t look to others to provide for you.

  • Morty Sussman

    denotes the true depravity of the LIBERAL MIND. Obama and his minions have been in power since 2008 yet the conservatives are to blame for the gang thugs running wild? The entitlement society has no blame whatsoever, the sick spew coming from Hollywood takes no blame, the depraved liberal educational system which has created a legion of brain dead hand out low expectation assistance dependent morons isn’t at fault, no, its the conservatives who are trying to stop this train wreck of entitlement spending and debt who are causing gang thugs to rob people.

    There may be no hope at this point with this kind of demented sick depravity coming from the White House down. Why do you think there is such a “Doomsday Prepper” mentality nowadays?

  • ChefnSurf

    … by our resident, off the wall, local leftist phreak. So now you’ve evolved into such an extremist, that even criminal activity is a direct result of conservative political thought? How phreakishly bizarre!

    A couple of thoughts on your phreakish, extremist opinions:

    – “colder weather approaches things are going to get worse!” …Why is that? Because criminals resent paying for their own heat?
    – “young people that under better circumstances wouldn’t make trouble, will begin to do just that” …By better circumstances, do you mean someone else paying for a criminal’s basic needs instead of themselves? Yea, if I was a criminal, that would really tick me off too!
    – ” remember that when you treat people like animals that’s what they become” … You treat people like animals when you feed and water them for free; just like we do farm animals (of course the farm animals still serve a purpose, criminals do not). You treat people like humans when you expect them to take even a modicum of self-interest in their own success.
    – “have not society that most conservatives support and are attempting to create ” … No one is trying to do that. That would objectively not be in the best interest of society. It would be inefficient. To say that someone is “trying” to do that is just a lie (something you’ve always been good at).

    In all the time you’ve been posting, you’ve never, even once, come up with a sensible way to finance any of your leftist agendas. Your solution has always been to just sustain more debt that some other generation will have to pay off.

    You are a phreak. You’re uncomfortable with not subsidizing criminals but you’re just fine with stealing monies from babies who haven’t even been born yet by saddling them with your debts. You also excuse an entire community of not getting their act together like most other areas have. Crime is up in “Thugville”. It’s down in other areas. God forbid that “Thugville’s” residents should assume any moral responsibility for that!

    That is morally reprehensible!

  • Guest0101

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again. The description of the suspects shocks me!

  • Guestfedup

    WHY do they still deliver to these crime ridden, good for nothing areas? These “people” have NOTHING better to do than take from hard working individuals. Us hard working, society contributing folks need to stay out of these cesspools. We’re risking our lives. Stop the deliveries in the hood!!!

  • pink-fish

    WORD! Sick and tired of working hard and busting my butt to support these Losers (with a capital L). The morals and values of our modern day society sucks.

  • antithug

    You said it well!

  • Snarkmeister General

    Mr.T, I appreciate the nobility of your effort to actually describe the reality of the problems with the poor and what it means to be without hope.

  • Mr.T

    You miss the point but why should we be surprised? I’m not talking about gang thugs, we have plenty of them today. I’m talkin about families that are now working two and three jobs part time and can’t make it. They can’t provide their children any social life they can’t keep a sick or old family member warm and fed. They have no doctor, hope you get point? and when one of them comes a knocks down your door you remember who’s at fault.

  • Morty Sussman

    Thought your magic hero Obama had fixed all that was wrong with the world with a 2700 page fantasy called Obamacare? So now the law abiding must be extorted with threats of our doors being broken down because you crazy liberals want more welfare for the street trash? Guess this explains why the liberal maniac scum wants to trash the 2nd Amendment, so we can just be killed so some thugs can have our stuff without a fight, because they are so impoverished and oppressed by us taxpayers.

    Go ahead and kick my door. The coroner can put whatevers left in a little bag. Maybe a couple million more Trayvons and we can return to a polite society?

  • Guest-o-matic

    Snarky, you start teaching your children how important it is to get an education to break the cycle of poverty, not teach them the slithering methods to milk the taxpayer for every dime they can get their hands on. Education is available for everyone now…USE IT!!!

    Then start teaching your children the positive attributes of birth control instead of encouraging them to have one baby after another, all the while knowing they can’t possibly be financially or emotionally responsible for any of those they bear!

    Start teaching your brothers to start being “Fathers” to the children they farm as a hobby, so that those children have a snowballs chance of guidance to become a “productive member of society” in today’s world, rather than seeking free handouts. Put “hope” in their hands, not EBT cards and Section 8 housing.

    Teach your children to attempt to better themselves and work hard for the things they want instead of teaching them to steal, murder and deal drugs to achieve them.

    Your appreciation of T’s statements show that you share his futile ignorance! You have a severely bent misunderstanding of the words “nobility” and “hope”. If you would embrace some of the common sense approaches listed above, that “hope” you speak of would come much easier! That would also assist you with making the multiple mistakes of voting Obama into office to give you “hope”. Make you own hope! Shape your own destiny and most of all…STOP BLAMING OTHERS by being accountable for your OWN actions!

  • GuestMan.

    I thought some of the older posters on here were crazy, but Mort, you have them all beat, hands down.
    As far as health care, only parts of the health care act have been impemented and all of it needs to be.
    The life expectancy of an american is 74.7 years. Nowhere near what countries with single payer systems have. All of the european countries and Canada have life expectancies over 80 years. Even in Mexico the life expectancy is longer than here in the USA.
    The average cost of health care in the most expensive of these countries is barely over $4K a year. In the USA the average cost a person is around $8.5K. Not only are we spending more, we are getting less!
    So before you start talking about healthcare at least know what you are talking about.
    If you are thinking that you are part of a “polite society” look at your posts the last couple of days. You compared people to bears and said we should just let them die because only you should be allowed to decide who is worthy of life and now you are advocating the murder of a couple of a million people.
    That is called genocide and frankly i’m surprised someone with the last name of Sussman who be an advocate of that.
    Find another board to spew your hate.

  • Morty Sussman

    Right out of the Alinksy book, throw some meaningless stats around, cry racist and call it a day. You leftists are so predictable! Society is melting down and your bleeding heart antics are contributing to it. Ignore reality and blame everyone but Obama, his policies, and yourselves. Take you mindless spew to the Oprah board, I will NOT be silenced by the likes of you! Myself and a silent majority of decent people are sick of being overrun by thugs and goons!

  • Snarkmeister General

    Morty, praytell how is the statistic that we in the good ole’ USofA are lagging behind in life expectancy considered meaningless? You RightWingNuts are so predictable. When you are losing an argument you resort to insults and invective. If you could, please satisfy a curiosity of mine. Do pictures of Ann Coulter get you aroused?

  • Guest-o-matic

    …work hard and endure! No, It isn’t easy, but nothing worth having is, or ever has been. Get to work! Hustle up! Do something for yourselves instead of throwing in the towel. NOBODY…I repeat NOBODY with the intention of success ever succumbs to the element of failure, even those that work 3 jobs. They prevail!

    The truly old and sick can get help. Unfortunately, that help is extremely inhibited by those of you that are very capable, yet too lazy, too complacent and lack the accountability to do anything for themselves beside put the blame of their plight on others…the “sucklings” that never stop and are a severe drain on the system. This has occurred for many generations now.

    Time for this to come to an end and move forward.

  • Morty Sussman

    How bout the statistics we are drowning in debt because of liberal Obama policies? How bout the statistic that Obamacare will further crush this nation in entitlement debt? How bout the statistic we spend more on education than any other nation and are behind other nations in math/science? LIBERAL SPENDING is not the answer you tool. Do pictures of Obama with Reggie Love get you aroused?

  • Guest Sick & Tired

    Fantastic post. You hit it right on the head. In this town, people
    have had enough of these thugs. When they start getting dropped dead
    in their tracks with about an ounce of lead, it will decline.

  • Snarkmeister General

    G-o-matic…. you say “get a job”, I ask WHERE?

  • Mr.T

    You have made my day. I just love it when I can play with your melon heads. Thanks and go fly a kite.

  • Guest-o-matic

    …for whatever it “is” that you represent. And by the way…you’re welcome! I “earned the opportunity” to live at the beach and I happen to fly a kite whenever I get the chance! After sunset, you can take your water-head @$$, go back to your front stoop, suck on your crack pipe and dodge bullets again tonight…K?

    Happy Trails!

  • guesty

    So you claim after being called on the carpet and can’t back up your statements. Not surprised to see you take the same stance France did in WWII, the retreat and surrender tactic.

  • Kowalski

    These problems have been around for a long time. Longer than most of us have been alive. The good ol’ days are DEAD and no one cares. The political Blame Game is ridiculous and as usual produces no solutions. It’s not a new conversation, but the finger pointing and posturing is getting old. The off-hand racial garbage is just plain ignorant and displays a real lack of class regardless of the political persuasion. Criminals like to prey on the weak regardless on who the criminals are by the way. Criminals come in every age, color, size with all sorts of backgrounds. Whether its a kid with a gun or a Wall Street banker. I saw this delivery robbery thing happen in Raleigh years ago close to downtown. Basically the delivery places stopped delivering to the neighborhoods which became too dangerous. Sorry, if I owned a similar business, I’d stop the delivery option and probably arm myself with the intent to kill a thief. Eventually there will be no businesses in the area. The rotten housing will be raised, neighborhood gentrified and the poor routed out to another slum to fend for themselves. Doesn’t matter who the president is or will be in the future. Hell, arm the delivery drivers so we have something interesting to watch on the news. We need some good old fashioned shoot outs to make life more robust and bring back the spirit of the wild west. We are all the “Good Guys” these days. Probably in the burbs waiting to be Tread Upon. Isn’t there a vigilante’ looking for a Death Wish moment.

  • Guest-o-matic

    They report all of the crime that happens here. You’ll hear about 10% of it up there. A true cesspool of theft, rape, murder, drugs and violence there, but downtown Wilmington has some very serious issues going on! Gotta get a handle on this!

  • Guest2020

    Either stop the deliveries or arm the drivers. The money to be made is not worth losing a life.

  • Guest2020

    Conservatives make more charitable donations than liberals do. Conservatives don’t have an issue with helping people, they just don’t believe that it is the government’s job to do so.

  • Just AnotherGuest

    – “have not society that most conservatives support and are attempting to create ” … No one is trying to do that. That would objectively not be in the best interest of society. It would be inefficient. To say that someone is “trying” to do that is just a lie.”

    Where have you been? Haves and have nots have existed longer than you or I have been around, and yeah, it is the conservatives that want to keep it that way. Is there really any way to justify a CEO (I’ve got a PRIME example in that knucklehead from WHA that just got busted for DWI) receiving a six figure income for doing very little actual work and only being hired for who they know, yet your average college graduate without the right “connections” can only get a minimum wage, labor intensive job and barely scrape by. Even though that college graduate is working far harder than the CEO, the CEO gets paid more for less work, and often isn’t any more qualified for the position than anyone else. They just get in because of who they know, who their family might have paid off, whose campaign they contributed to, etc. How is this not creating a have and have not society? Wake up.


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