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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Despite promises from the owner, a Wilmington cemetery still needs work.

Calvary Memorial Cemetery owner Jack Krupicka told us the grass would be cut and trash removed by today. But we went by this morning and again this afternoon and found the same conditions.

Family members of people buried in the cemetery tell us the conditions are upsetting.

Update: We stopped by the Calvary Memorial Cemetery on North 11 Street to again Friday evening check on problems there.

Some areas were mowed, but we saw others with long grass and weeds. Graves that look like they had been run over by a tractor and one grave with deep erosion down into the grave.

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2 Comments on "UPDATE: Calvary Memorial Cemetery"

Gwen Robinson
2015 years 10 months ago

I know how you feel. I am truly heartbroken about the way the cemetery is being kept. I have been in touch with several people in our area that may be able to assist in the efforts to get the cemetery back to where it needs to be. I have three family members buried there and I visit often too but my family and I are having to grieve all over again because of this situation. It is truly dishonorable to our loved ones. I know that I am not going to stop fighting until something is done.

Lynda H
2015 years 10 months ago

When I buried my son in Calvary Memorial..the owner told me then that they are the ones the keep the grounds cut and cleaned. That is not so..I go to my son’s grave very often and I have to clean it myself. I pull grass,sweep and even wash the tombstone. All I want is to go over one evening and see all the grass cut and it to look really nice


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