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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Police say a man who agreed to help a woman with directions in Wilmington early Friday then lured her out of her car and pulled a knife on her.

They say it all started just after 2 a.m. near the intersection of 3rd and Dawson Streets when a woman pulled up beside another car and asked a man for directions to Rankin Street.

Police say the man in the car told the woman to follow him to the Wilmington street she was searching for. The man then led the woman to the 1500 block of Queen Street, where he lured her out of the car.

That’s when the would-be robber pulled a knife on her, but police say the woman fought back. They say the man, who was driving a silver KIA SUV, and wearing a red tank top, got away with nothing.

Police say no injuries were reported at the time of the crime.

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  • What kind of a BONEHEAD would stop and ask for directions at 2 am in that neighborhood?

  • Native Wilmingtonian

    Cut a little slack here. If the lady was asking for directions, she: A did not know what neighborhood she was in and, or
    B either is just in Wilmington or hasn’t lived here long.

    Hope this doesn’t permanently taint the city for her. Glad she was not harmed.

  • Guest28401

    The kind of bonehead who was actually trying to buy crack on Rankin street at 2 am, then needed an excuse when the police showed up.

  • Guest3293

    I am sorry that this happened to the lady….but what was she thinking?????? To roll your window down at 2:00 a.m. on 3rd and Dawson to ask for directions, then to top that off by following him and getting out of her car.


  • Guest4396

    She really got herself into that situation, but by no means did that give him a right to pull a knife and try to rob (or worse) her. Too bad she did not have a .45 and have killed the useless scum.

  • antithug

    Deal gone bad, and she needed a reason to say why she was where she was? Could be wrong, just saying.

  • Guest Reply Redux

    My wife said she had a nightmare last night that she was in downtown Wilmington and a man approached her and mugged her. I told her to just remember…even in your dreams, you Still get mugged in Wilmington!!

  • Guest123456

    It does not matter the time of day or night. Almost 8 yesrs ago I packed at the Burgerking as soon as you get into Wilmington. I pulled over at 4:30 pm to make a call and get directions to my friends new home, considering Im from Shallotte I didnt know the area streets to well. I man walked right up to my driver side door and pulled the handle. Thanks to my dad who always said, when in danger get away. I backed it up and got away. looking back the man had a small pocket knife in his hand. Wilmington is horrible.

  • Guest2020

    I have friends from Shallotte who were going to the airport one night. They stopped at that Burger King and heard gunshots. Of course it scared them half to death. They were okay. I’m glad you came out of it okay.

  • Guestlady

    She wouldn’t have had to drive all the way to Rankin St., she could have just went around the corner. Ignorance shines brightest when people are being stereotypical… smh


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